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    off topic : forum suggestions



      well as a hardcore forum user ( ) i would like to give some suggestions to this forum, or tell what can be improved.


      1 : the pm system, make it easier to see that your having a private message, like in cod, where you get a notification in the top right ( a suggestion )


      2 : the posting, its alot harder with more errors then the blops forum, good days in the blops forum, easy to post and navigate.


      3 : the forum points? whats actually the goal of it? maybe you can make it next time that you unlock new images with your points, thats fun.


      4 : the mods in here, i dont know how the other forums divisions are being checked, but the wii division is not getting any answers, or even updates from the devs or moderators.


      5 : Account registering and linking your console, an option to not link it, since almost all the wii members here are not having there account completed with registering.


      Thats it, if you have any suggestions for this or the blops 2 forum, post it



      Ty for reading,