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    Lag indicator

      I have begun to notice a trend when I play the game that I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed or payed attention too. When ever in a lobby and I go to vote for a map I watch to see if the vote tally changes the moment I press A or how long if ever before it changes. When it takes several seconds to change or never changes and the match stats. I find that I am on the bad end of the lag and have a bad game. When ever I hit A and it changes instantly, then I usally end up on the better end of lag and do ok with any weapon chosen even the so called UP weapons that people say need to be buffed so much. At that point I can take a pm-9 and destroy acr or mp-7 players as if they were nothing; since they are on the bad side of lag, there weapon is nothing.


      Which clearly points out that many if not all of the problems that the so called UP weapons have are because of connection, when in a good game they do good. When in a bad game they do bad.


      So lately I have decided that when I vote for a match and it only says I voted for the map but does not show it I leave the lobby; because in all likely hood that match was going to be laggy and in most cases I am correct. For when I stay to see and play for a few moments I find that my observation was true. Which at that point I leave and if I had died any during that I sign out.

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          It could be, I've never really paid attention to it as I don't vote half the time. I do know that this is true for gears of war so it wouldn't surprise me. Though I could always get a better read by switching the camera in spectator mode. However long it takes to switch to another person is how far behind you are. I'm not sure if this holds true in CoD though.

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            Yeah, that's definetely an indicator to me, and a bit of an obvious one. I always try to back out when I see that behaviour because the game will suck more than usual. You're right though, it seems this game is always more about what side of the lag comp you're on, if on the good side you can indeed use any gun successfully. If on the bad side, even the easy to use guns become more more difficult to kill with, relentless frustration.

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              This game is perfect. There is no lag, or problems with lag compensation. Maybe better internet would help you? It is obviously on your end, and not a problem with the game.