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    Vocal accuracy in the VH game and other GH games?



      I have been curious about one thing with GH:VH. I don't have any other GH games and got the VH game because I am a BIG fan of Roth era VH. When I fired up the game I tried out the vocals and sang some of the classics. Now, I'm not a good singer or hell an OK singer at all and while I always wished I had a voice like Bruce Dickinson or Steve Perry, I know I can at least sing VH music somewhat ok compared to Iron Maiden and Journey who have almost inhuman like singers. Anyhow, so I sang a few songs and was able to keep my vocals almost perfectly along the visual line that you are supposed to use as a guide. I then said let me try it on the hardest setting and I was near perfect again each time. Timing my singing to the actual songs was the only issue and that gets better as you keep practicing and get your timing down. So, even on the hardest difficulty the game was saying I was doing really good. This is when I became skeptical. Is the GH program really that accurate or is there some sort of catch? is what I kept asking myself. Was I really singing in key/pitch and sounding as accurate as the program showed, or is GH just a game and it really doesn't know if you are singing in the proper note/key, etc... I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. If it is accurate then I am even more confused with my singing or inability to sing as when doing karaoke, or with a band, I can have a hard time singing in key, but when doing it in GH according to the program I'm doing very well. Is it actually that I can sing and having that visual bar somehow visually helps me keep my voice in key compared to singing live and having to hear myself without a visual assistant showing me if I'm off high or low compared to the actual notes to be sung?


      well, thats my question. Is GH truly accurate when gauging a persons vocals when singing a song, or does it not even really test for that and perhaps just grades you on being able to sing at the right time with the original singer? One thing that does make me think that it actually does give you an accurate grading of your singing ability is that I tried Painkiller by Judas Priest and got booed off stage in record time. LOL No way I can scream out those notes at that range.


      I hope someone here can answer my questions on GH and its accuracy at grading vocals.