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    Challenge Gamers Anonymous - PS3 - UK

      Hi, my clan plays mainly modern warfare 3, however when we get bored we play blackops for a bit of a change and in preperation for blackops 2. However the public lobbies are so awful that we are looking for a few clans to just have friendly matches against in private matches.


      We are pretty open to what we play although we tend to stick to tdm and domination in public lobbies so I guess they are prefered.


      My whole clan is from the United Kingdom so we only really wanna play clans from the United kingdom or from around Europe to try and reduce lag and time differences. We play any time after 20:30 gmt most evenings however Tuesdays are by far the easiest day for us to play. If needed we can play a little later on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.


      Add me on ps3 if you want to talk about it (PSN - Spank2103) or goto www.gamers-anonymous.co.uk or www.thisiscod.net and contact me there