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    aa12 : underpowered?



      Well, im a wii player, and we got the shotgun patch a time ago.

      Since the shotgun patch, the aa12 is useless ( since it dindt get the patch )


      Now my question, is the aa12 buffed in xbox?  Since xbox always needs to be patched first to go to the other systems.


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          Nope. It's been completely useless since they fixed that extended mags glitch months ago. The only shotguns they buffed to keep the effect of the glitch were the KSG-12 and USAS-12, they're decent.


          The SPAS-12 did not keep the effect and has been pretty useless since. The Model 1887 never worked with the glitch, and is still equally as useless.


          Infiinity Ward do not seem to care about how underpowered most of the shotguns are.

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            I love all the shottys, especially the AA-12. It looks awesome for one and its fun to use. It has absolutly no range tho and no ammo. So you will find yourself using 6-7 shots of the 8 shot clip to kill people and thats even at close range lol. At close range tho it will kll in 2-3 shot most the time tho but its hard to not accidentaly fire off those extra/unneeded 2 or 3 shots. If someone is more than like 10 feet away your gonna have use a whole clip just to get the kill prolly. But anywhere closer than that its beast cause of its rate of fire, probably unbeatable (if there is such a thing in this game) within 10 feet. If it had more ammo you would see it alot more. Personally im glad it is the way it is because its my favorite gun (along with the PM) and if it had more damage or more ammo it would be so beaslty everyone would use it. To me the challenge makes it more fun and satisfying.

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              The AA12 was NERFED. How does that sound. Like Chairman meow said they removed the emags glitch and gave it no buff. The aa12 is much better off without the update. They refuse to buff it because they are afraid everyone in a ground war match will use it all at the same time and mess up the game. Thats a total excuse so they can do nothing.

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                Its a really lame excuse. Even the pre patch akimbo FMGs were never used to a point were everybody a gwar match all used them at once. The pre-patch aa12 was 12 pellets, I used it all the time and never notice any problem with the frame rate. And you want to know their excuse for not buffing the model?  They said it just needed some "skill" in order to be used. Sounds like something a troll on this forum would say.

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                  I'm just about ready to delete the patches and go play offline spiltscreen just so I can get a taste of pre-patch emags+damage spas again. I feel nostalgic now. (or however you spell it)

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                    All shottys could use a buff really but ive had so many BS deaths using shottys over the past 8 months that I would be pissed if the buffed them now lol. Im use to the BS.

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                      Why did they think the Javelin needed nerfed? Ive never even heard of any Javelin issues.

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                        With the recent buff to the dragunov the aa12 is now officially the worst weapon in mw3.  And is in fact a contender for worst weapon in cod history.  Even when the gun fired 12 pellets it still was not a frequently seen weapon because its range/damage at range was so infinitely bad.  Even with the 12 pellets no one used it. 


                        What I find magical is that all of the shotguns were incredibly weak at launch.  25-5 spas, 6 pellet ksg, 15-5 aa12, and the 6 pellet usas.  Only the 1887 and striker were even useful without emags "glitch" at launch. 


                        The devs want us to believe that they balanced mw3 weapons to be actually balanced.  But instead lets look at what weapons were complained about in mw2.  Shotguns, the ump, and noob tubes.  Mw3 shotguns are terrible at launch (besides striker).  The ump is a 6 bullet kill at range in mw3 even though it is the slowest firing smg.  And noobtubes are almost useless.


                        They balanced mw3 to get rid of the things that were complained about in mw2.  I can't stand the blatant lies they try to feed us regarding weapon balance.

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                            Terrible at launch? They are even worse now.


                            Clown, you question whether the emags glitch was unintentional or not right? Well I don't think it was intentional, BUT, I do believe it influened their balancing of shotguns. During their closed beta testing they try out weapons to see if they work right. They wanted shotguns to blow out of the box but become monsters with damage to prevent them from becoming noob weapons. Sounds good in theory.


                            But what messed them up was the emags glitch. They used shotguns with damage(and certainly emags, its the only useful attachment so why wouldn't it be used) and thought they got the stats perfect. But what they didn't realize was that the damage was actually also coming from emags, not just the damage prof. So basically they tried out shotguns, thought they got them perfect but that was actually because of emags, then they patch emags and now we are left with shotguns that are really weaker then they are supposed to be. Keep in mind the reason why they patched emags was because it was considered a bug and their rules forced them to patch it.

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                                That is a good point about emags glitch in beta testing.  Although I find it hard to believe that they could have missed 50% extra pellets per shot.  It was discovered by the community 2-3 days after launch which is about the same ammount of time it takes to level a shotgun to emags. 

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                                    Damage masked the noticeablitity of the emags glitch. They thought the increased effectiveness was all coming from the damage prof. These guys miss ALOT of things because activision rushes the release of the game and the devs never get time to check things out. Don't forget when the CM901 shot faster would a noob tube, they also missed that, or the lower RoF the mg36 had with the grip.


                                    And for laughs check out the 44. magnums page on the improve section in elite. It will recommend that you use the model 1887 with a red dot sight.

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                                        LOL true.  I guess anyway the devs want to say it happened its clear that the intent was to weaken the shotgun class.

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                                            If they were forced to fix the emags glitch due to their rules then why are they not forced to fix the LMG with thermal (no recoil) glitch?

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                                                I don't know if that is a glitch or if the removal of gun kick is a function of the thermal scope to help improve automatic fire.  Either way it doen't matter.  If you read the title update thread people were asking for a pump shotgun buff above what emags gave them.  The only shotgun that was ever complained about in the TU thread was the striker. 


                                                This community complains about long range performance (mw2 1887's brokimbo'd) and spamability (mw2 aa12, mw3 stiker)  we can avoid both of these and still get a usefull buff to pump shotguns.


                                                We have come up with numbers for the pumps that give them back the 2 pellet kill they need for reliability but does not increase the reliable one shot kill range on the 1887 and spas at all.  Only the ksg will see any increase in effective one shot kill range and that will only be .65 meters.  Considering the ksg can only one shot kill 1.5 meters shorter than the spas and 1887 this goes to balance the pumps even more.

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                                      Well I understand totally the whole need for a shotgun buff thing. The thing that erks me about it is, if they buff them, all the people that ever said something along the lines of "dude you use a shotty, you have no skill" will be able to pick up a naked shotty (post buff) and have almost a shotty with Damage and then think their good because they can get a few kills with it..Or anyone that said "oh you want to use a shotty, well i wil pull out my shotty" but then lacked to ability to do so, will now have essentially a naked KSG or Model with Damage.


                                      And then if they decide to start really using shottys they will be fortunate enough to avoid the thousands of BS deaths that I had to deal with. My issues against the buff are mainly because of my competetive side. If they do buff shottys I think they should buff just the damage prof and even range maybe?


                                      If the devs listen to my hard headed opinion about whether or not to buff the shottys then I apologize. Im sure most shotty users would love a buff. I will say that shottys are inconsistent even within a 10 feet range. I really should turn my theater on and record some of the insane nonkills that should have been kills. Its very frustrating to shoot someone in the back several times, center body mass when they are prone only to have them get up, turn and kill you. I dont even want to get into shooting a head glitcher several times from point blank and not getting the kill. Ive had things happen with shottys that I seriously just cant explain.


                                      I take satisfaction in the devs themselves saying that the shottys take skill to use the way they are. So when someone runs their mouth, there is proof from the people who make the game, that the person talking sht dont even know what their talking about so they look even more stupid.

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                                          Compared too the shotguns on BF3 i think another buff could be just fine

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                                            I already get 1-2 messages a day complaining about me using a shotgun.  People complain about anything regardless of how effective it is.


                                            They would only have "damage" strength shots for less than 400 inches on the pumps with our buffs.  And if the pumps currently take skill to use with damage why wouldn't a pump shotgun that only has "damage" for 400 inches take any less skill.  It wouldn't, it would take more.


                                            Shotguns right now do not work properly.  They must be changed.  Making a base pump shotgun take 4/8 is rediculous.  That is not a reliable cqc tool.  Remeber the damage on the base versions of these pumps drops very low at range.  The only range where base shotguns with my buffs would be effective weapons would be before the damage drop.  Essentially giving all the pumps the range of the aa12 because one shot kills from further than that is unlikely.  And I still get bs deaths with damage.  Until damage is unlocked these new shotgunners will still get hitmarkers.  3/8 is not reliable enough, that is the whole point.


                                            I don't care if people think they are too strong.  They always have and always will until they use them for themselves.  I don't care if the devs say the shotguns take skill either.  No one plays this game to please the developers. 


                                            Shotguns have been a 2 pellet kill since cod 2.  And even in mw3 we had the spas with emags and damage no one complains about the 2 pellet kill...ever.  No I'm serious.  Never has the 2 pellet kill on shotguns been a feature that has been complained about in cod.  Its always been high damage at range (mw2 1887's) and spamability (mw2 aa12 and mw3 striker) that the community complains about.  We have come up with numbers that give us the 2 pellet kill with damage but do not extend the one shot kill range on either the spas or 1887.  Only the ksg will see any increase in one shot kill range.  And that increase will only be .65 meters and that will be with the range proficiency so you won't get the 2 pellet kill and that increase at the same time.


                                            We have really though this through.  We know what we are asking for is fair and will be accepted by the community.  This is unacceptable.



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                                            yes widly underpowered after the shotgun patch the ksg and usas are the best and they nerfed the spas which is now a terrible shotty