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    Snipers Have No Place In Call Of Duty

      I think that Snipers should either be eliminated from Call of Duty or they should have their own game mode where they only snipe themselves.  First of all, why is it that everyone is sniping now?  It seems like every game I go into half my team is trying to snipe.  And all they do is mess up the fairness of the game.  If I'm going mano a mano with someone on the other team, I shouldn't then be sniped by someone on the other side of the map that I can't even see.  People complain about camping but what is the difference between camping and sniping?  You get killed by someone you don't know is there in both, so why is one ok and the other isn't?  If snipers are going to be left in the game they should at least add some realism.  I was playing in a match this morning and I was about to go around this guy and flank him and then stab him in the back, when all of the sudden I got shot by a sniper and it ruined my stealth kill.  I watched the killcam and the guy was aiming right at me.  In real life there's no way that bullet would have hit me.  There would have been bullet drop and he would have missed.  And then I would have heard that he was trying to shoot me and I would have snuck around to his hiding spot and killed him while he was lying down.  But because the game allows snipers and snipers with no realism at that, my 3 kill streak was ruined.  Luckily I was running support though.

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          1. Re: Snipers Have No Place In Call Of Duty

          Just read the title and I can say that you sir are a Grade "A" idiot.

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            Vote for the sniper only/no sniper playlist in the poll thread then.


            I dont use them but variety of weapons is good.

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              I'm fine with snipers in the game, they are actually easier to avoid then the corner camper as snipers usually have a place on every map they set up at, so thats on you to avoid those open/longsite areas.  Plus it is part of combat.  But it would be good for them to have their own mode.  More of the problem to me is Quickscoping.  Saying anything in COD is based on realism is a joke.  But at the least this aspect of it, using a sniper rifle as a shotgun, should really be taken out.....its possible physically but not to the degree of accuracy as in COD.  Like you, it makes me upset because bad players are out there trying to QS, and as you say hurts team play.  Make better maps for snipers, give them their own game mode(QS mode would fun for them I'm sure) and maybe if they make run n gun type maps the Sniper rifle should not be allowed on those particular maps. 

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                4. Re: Snipers Have No Place In Call Of Duty

                Allow me to translate for the OP. *Ahem* "I got killed by a sniper! Waaaah! Take them out of the game! Waaaah!."

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                  5. Re: Snipers Have No Place In Call Of Duty

                  Maybe you're just part of the problem

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                    6. Re: Snipers Have No Place In Call Of Duty

                    We all get killed by snipers and saying it doesn't upset you is just being dishonest

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                      7. Re: Snipers Have No Place In Call Of Duty

                      Snipers are far from a problem my friend. They are part of warfare and a part of COD. Get used to them or stop playing because they are not going anywhere.

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                        8. Re: Snipers Have No Place In Call Of Duty

                        a snipers job is to be hidden and 1 bullet 1 kill and if you know you havent been spotted then fine remain in that high traffic area and out of sight but if you feel the enemy is catching on where you are at then yeah get that kill and move to a new spot. but your thread shows that you do not know what a sniper's job really is i gave 1 example and if you research about snipers you will find out alot more. but because a sniper shot you and ruined you getting a kill is part of the game thats the same thing as if some one was running and seen you about to kill there team member and killed you first so .....  i hope one day to come acrossed you and snipe you and here you rage at me and then maybe you would like to have a legit sniper run on your team, im not saying im pro cause im not.



                        camping is a guy chillin L triggered in the corner of a wall with his shotty smg or assualt rifle waiting for you to walk in front of him with out you seeing him due to your lack of looking


                        sniping is some one sitting in a concealed position trying to align that perfect 1 shot kill


                        people will say it is the same thing but in reality it is completely different and people will believe what they want and wont see it if they think they are right.

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                          9. Re: Snipers Have No Place In Call Of Duty

                          Snipers only/no snipers is winning the poll with 42%!!!

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