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    Call Of Duty Elite Emblem solution!!

      so i have figured out how to get the call of duty elite emblem if you have reached a level that has the unlock and havent got nothing what you have to do is 


      1: go on you clan page on callofduty elite

      2: leave the clan (temporarily) inform your clan leader

      3: go on your Xbox/Ps3 go to the main menu of mw3 & come back to the multiplayer screen (make sure your not in the clan)

      4: once you know you not in the clan no more reapply to the clan

      5: when your accepted in the clan. sign out and go to the main menu on mw3

      6: sign back in and go to multiplayer  when you see you can put ya clan title and clan tag itll pop up


      hope this works it worked for me.

      i didnt unlock the rest of the emblems from 2-32 but i think they gonna patch that hopefully

      i just unlock the one for level 37 which is the frog