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    MW3 still disconnecting me from Xbox Live...

      I normally get disconnected 1-2 per MW3 session I play, always when searching for a lobby.Happens since the game came out and only on MW3. I've been onto my ISP + Xbox support about the problem, tried lots of possible fixes, but nobody has a clue.


      I'm laid back enough to not let it bother me too much, just reset the router 'n' stay in the same lobby for as long as I can.


      I thought I'd give the Lone Wolf (TDM) challenge ago last night after not playing for about 2 wks (had to DL the patch and re-DL all maps)


      I managed to get 1.5 games completed in the first 60mins, as I was disconnected 7 times. This time I was angry enough to contact activison support - not expecting much.


      'Have you tried portforwarding?'

      'Yes I have, many times with all ports.'

      'Please go back to ISP + Xbox Live support to see if they can help you any further, as I have already supplied you with more info than my work parameters allow.'

      'But you've only just told me to forward ports...'

      'Thankyou for contacting Activision support.'

      'Are you serious?'

      '............................................................................... ......'


      I'd like to say that conversation was 'in a nutshell', but that was pretty much word4word after I described my problem. A 5yr could have done a 2min web search and found more info. Pished!


      I just wanna get my money's worth, £80 is a lot for one game, even for one that works, but I can't help feeling scammed more than usually lately.


      Has anyone out there been having these sort of disconnecting problems and could maybe help? (I'm o2 in UK)