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        If they charged 10 MSP there would still be people complaining about why the maps arent free

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          caxaugstainxbud wrote:


          you dont know that the content is not done right? and for both collection its was $40 already. calm down.


          Yep... and do the math.


          Even if they release 2 more map packs at 1200 MSP...

          ... people who bought Elite at full price...


          ... will have paid more.


          Getting the maps early was not a benefit.

          Getting them cheaper was the only thing left.






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            Way to go Activision kicking us Elite subscribers in the groin when we were already down.


            I understand when game companies don't live up to promises made I some how own all 3 Fables. But to take the one thing that Elite subscribers had is really a spit in the face. So if there is the 4 DLC content collection at 15 dollars a piece this deal still makes subscribing to Elite more expensive (15x4=60-15= 45) assuming you haven't already bought the packs. Plus what happens when they do it again with pack 3 and 4?


            Yes Elite is a bait and switch but come on do you really have to do this to your loyal costumers ? Maybe it is time for us to stop feeding the machine so it can remember who help made it what it is today (Hey guys I bought Super Pitfall as a kid).


            But don't worry guys here is one of the three things that going to happen because of this:

            1. Nothing we just have to suck it up and take it like men.

            2. We get more Double XP/ A Prestige Token (really only a small notch about doing nothing but at least they can say "Oh we do care")

            3. The pull the deal and nobody is happy and it make it look like Microsoft is really the jerk.


            Thanks Activision for dumping on your fan base. Thanks Beachhead for an incomplete broken product. Thanks Infinity Ward for the lack of community support and face off maps which are either incomplete map projects or your attempt to get us to play more private game matches.


            Good Luck Treyarch and we'll see you in 5 months.

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              add- clan ops are based on completing objectives that dont require teamwork, in fact quite the opposite.

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                CowboySr wrote:


                add- clan ops are based on completing objectives that dont require teamwork, in fact quite the opposite.

                and force you you to play domination in the most cack handed and wierd way possible

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                  Yes the highest place teams agree in the lobby that they will capture a flag and rotate counter clockwise-no killing guys!!!

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                    Treyarch is tied-up with Activision just as much as IW is, so I don't forsee much of a change. In fact, I see things at best staying the same, at worst getting bad... really bad.

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                      Wait.. how much was Elite again?  What does this price drop represent in savings vs. buying elite from the start?


                      Do DLC buyers get their stats tracked and clan ops as well or is that Elite only?


                      Are we b*tching about $10 here? (all other issues aside... )

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                        I know one thing i wont be buying elite or any DLC next year unless its only zombies maps.


                        MP DLC is a joke right now its impossible to play as its laggy as hell, no one moves and if they do they crouch walk with assassin, dead silence and blind eye everywhere and its full of sweaty try hards who take the game far too seriously.


                        I wish they would charge an extra $5 - $10 for the game in the first place and everyone who has the game gets the maps free throughout the year all at the same time meaning a better connection, cheaper for the majority of people and a variety of casual players and try hards in every lobby.

                        Even with this method activision wouldnt lose anything or much at all and may even gain considering most people i speak to wont be buying either elite or map packs at all for the next COD as the last two COD have sold 25+ million each so adding an extra $10 on each sold would give them a nice extra $250 million as at the moment they are only netting $80 million from elite as they have only 2 million subscribers and last i heard they wont even sell 10 million maps packs for MW3 at $15 so at best thats another $150 million = $230 million total which is $20 million less than they would of hand with the method i would like to see which would not only give them around the same money but a better running game and more happy customers.

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                          This just shows how much of a failure Elite is. Many people now look like fools when their argument on buying elite was to save money.  Personally I think they should of stuck with the original dlc drops from past CODs. Pretty sure they wouldn't drop the price on that model till the next game came out.

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