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        A patch for the bad pop-in. I'm playing on the PS3 version and I'm getting bad pop-in.


        A patch that gives me my Hero Trophy, I beat the game on Hero and only got a trophy for Human.

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          I meant i don't understand where the guy said that you shot left webs with the left trigger because as you said it was only the right trigger to shoot webs.

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            I confused a button, sorry. The point I was making remains the same though.

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              • This game definitely needs to have continuous crime after 100% completion. That is a given and I don't know how it was overlooked. It makes for a deterrence from seeing and completing all of the content just to continue being Spider-man (saving citizens and capturing criminals) under the same save.


              • I would love it if Beenox would incorporate more super-villains from Spider-man's Rogues Gallery into random encounters throughout the city--outside the main story arch. Doesn't have to be anything major --though episodic stories would be appreciated. Perhaps they could be implemented via DLC packs in the future.


              • One minor gripe I have is that most of the alternate suits are black and white; please, add more variety.


              • And of course, please continue to support this game with technical support and bug fixes. As the poster above mentioned, in this day-and-age we should not be seeing pop-ins in the environment. Greater draw distance is great when it looks appealing, but if it hinders immersion then that's unacceptable.


              • If there's one thing that really needs to be tweaked in this game, it's the control the player has over web swinging. If I hold R2, I ought to be able to continue gripping the web without automatically jumping off it; that's what the jump button is for, I shouldn't be forced off my own web as Spider-man (currently, I feel like I'm in auto-pilot mode). Furthermore, I should be able to run off walls or other structures when I swing toward and contact them so long as I hold R2 (I feel this would really enhance open world combat and add a new dynamic to traversing the buildings). Lastly, if I press R2 and then motion upward while holding still I ought to be able to climb up Spidey's web. Web Rush just isn't enough, I feel if these tweaks were made it'd really round out that feeling of being Spider-man and master of his domain.
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                I just made an account today because I really want to be heard on this. I really like this game BUT I hate that crimes are not infinite I also dislike that Seekers will stop respawning and now I cant take any pictures of them for 100%. I am requesting this just like the other users here for continuous crimes and more costumes and (random boss encounters in the open world if possible).

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                  Are you on PS3 or Xbox? I'm on Xbox and I've never had texture popping or enemy popping

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                    All Spider-Fans want is :


                    - Unlimited random Crimes in the city ( THE MUST )

                    - Peter Parker skin and more colorful suits like in Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time ( why not by using these game's saves ).


                    The first request shouldn't be hard to make, it was in Spider-Man 2, why shouldn't it be in The Amazing Spider-Man ?


                    Anyway you did a great job on this game, but THESE are the only things you need to add in this game for us !


                    Thnaks in advance !

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                      ok, after playing the game now, its fun & all, & i now realize the scope involved with completeting everything in game. however, i've already read a couple horror story threads, pertaining to the autosaving feature malfunctioning, meaning youve got to start allllll over again.


                      therefore, would it be too much to request an actual manual saving option, preferrably with multiple save slots, to safeguard against the potential loss of data, in the worst case scenario of the lone autosave option failing, without warning?


                      almost every other free roam game on earth has this, & i simply cannot believe it wasnt implemented from the get-go.


                      thats not unreasonable, right?


                      i mean sure you could go and take that autosave & copy it to a separate storage device, then just delete/ overwrite it , god forbid something does happen...


                      but what about the photos you take, all requiring separate slots of storage on your hard drive? we have to make copies of those as well?


                      thanks. its alot of fun so far, but what if?

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                          Yay I'm not alone on random boss encounters. Although I don't care if you use new villans or not you can just reuse those cross species in the game. Its harder than a peter parker dlc but please beenox if you can.:)

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