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    Calling the part of the community thats left

      Hi everybody, its me just saying that when you join someone thats annoying you (common example = FMG9 akimbo) don't just ragequit and let them win, and let them continue destroying your game! Go out there and make THEM ragequit. It is quite entertaining to watch maybe 2-3 people ragequit a game. Get out a rocket launcher and away you go.




      *infinitlag saving internet space*


      Different subject


      Please Treyarch, I plead and MOST of the COD community, work on balancing the guns. It is one of the only thing that has wrecked the past 2-3 COD games. Infinityward failed really hard this game, you guys didn't do the best job on BO but PLEASE balance the guns in the next COD.