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           I think there should be and area on the elite where you can go in and download maps or upload created maps like on the pc cod 5.  People still play cod 5 on the pc for one main reason Custom zombie maps.  In modern warfare 3 you can change your classes on elite and send the changes to your console.  What if you can go on elite and click on certain custom zombie maps and send them to your console.  And if you cant do that then maybe find a way to have some place in the call of duty black ops 2 section of the psn store or the xbox store where you can go and directly download maps to your system. The only problem is that you wouldnt really get people hyped over zombie maps in map packs. BUTTTTT i'm sure if you guys found a way to do this then SOO many more people would buy elite just so they could have this feature. just a thing to think about