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    New Marvel game to be announced at SDCC!


      The title says it all.  Gamerant has an article up that says High Moon Studios and Activision will be at Marvel's video game panel to make an announcement.  Could it finally be  MUA3 or just another Spidey game?

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          High Moon?  They made Transformers: War for Cybertron, and they're finishing up Fall of Cybertron right now.  Far as I know, third-person shooters are their area of expertise, so a Marvel game doesn't make a lot of sense for them unless it's like a Punisher game or something.  And either a MUA3 or another Spidey game really doesn't fit them.

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            Up until MUA2 Vicarious Visions had largely done handheld games and ports, so I wouldn't necessarily be shocked if Activision gave High Moon the keys to MUA or some other legend styled game.

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              I guess it's always possible, though I'm not so sure I really want High Moon working on this game.  They did good with War for Cybertron, but it'd be nice if they'd give it to a company that has some experience working on that type of game.  Course, this is Activision we're talking about.  I guess I got no idea what to expect, though.  Except that I really wouldn't expect it to be another Spider-Man game, since they've said that Beenox is gonna develop all their Spider-Man games, and that was only a couple years ago that they decided that, so I don't think they'd switch that so quickly.

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                Yeah, I'm thinking less and less it's a new Spidey game, since they just released the movie tie-in a week or two ago.  Announcing another Spidey game now is a little premature.  I really don't think it'd be a new Punisher game.  I think the best bet would be on MUA, X-Men, or Avengers.  Those are the hot properties, though they just released X-Men Destiny last fall so I think it's down to MUA or Avengers.

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                  I don't think it'd ever be a Punisher game, either.  That's just where the studio's strengths would make sense.  And no one ever accused video game publishers of making sense!  I would expect something Avengers-related to keep raking in the cash after the movie, though they already do have that Kinect game, I guess.  You'd think a real, non-Kinect game would make more money, though.  I really don't expect a game titled MUA3, though, that's for sure.  If they do make one, they'd probably give it some kind of Avengers title, to connect it to the movie a little more.

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                    Avengers Alliance is already taken though, haha.  I think it could be MUA, it's not like people won't know the Avengers are in.  When they made the jump from X-Men Legends to MUA, they didn't try to fit an X into the title after all.  I'm sure Cap and Iron Man would be front and center on the box art anyway (behind Spidey, of course).  And there's a lot of co-op third person games (even a bunch of first person coop games) so I don't think they're really going outside their box too much.  It may not be the exact Legends formula MUA1 and 2 used, but I don't think that's a bad thing.  VV tried to spice things up with the fusions in MUA2 and that kinda hurt them in the end cause it limited the roster.

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                      Never underestimate the lengths they'll go to to remind you who is in a show or game.  Look at the new EMH intro, where they feel the need to point out that Iron Man, Cap, Thor, and Hulk are all in the show.  They wanna make sure you know THIS IS THE AVENGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  You know?  But there's a big difference between the shooters that High Moon is used to, and a game where you're punching supervillains in the face.  I feel like they would take totally different skillsets to design (though I don't exactly have any experience with it, obviously).

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                        True, though a game and a cartoon are two different beasts.  Not to mention MUA would have other big name characters like Wolverine and Spider-Man, so it's not just depending on the Avengers name, which is still pretty new to the mainstream audience.  Most people having never heard much about them until the last couple years compared to the decades they've known about the X-Men and Spider-Man.  I don't think it'd be totally different.  Different maybe, but Dead Rising 2 is a third person coop game where you get switch between using melee weapons/your fists and guns and archery bows.  They have experience working with licensed properties too, which I think can be helpful to them in making a Marvel game.  Hopefully they won't make the type of Robo-Fury mistakes that VV did since they're used to making games for a big fanbase.

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                          Well, there's a new X-Men cartoon coming soon on Disney XD. There's also a new Iron Man cartoon and Avengers Assemble (more based on the movie than Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes).


                          I'd say it's between X-Men, Iron Man (only if SEGA has lost the gaming license), or maybe Avengers.

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