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    Guitar Hero new Forums

      Who is glad to see Activision are carrying on with this great franchise game by giving us a new community site ?

      How will you react to this ?

      Do you still play the game ?

      Would you buy a new game if they brought one out?

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          I will kick this question off with, I'm so happy they have not given up entirely with it.

          I still love and play these games

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              A little point whore... that is what you are mini. I see what you did there Mr. Answer Your Own Question Correct and Get 4 Points!


              But to answer your questions:

              1. I am extremely happy to see an effort is being made to provide those of us still playing GH with a new, functioning community.

              2. My reaction: I am keeping an open mind at this point. Things are great thus far... but a month from now if there are still no moderators on the forum, and links still shoot me off to nowhere... I might start getting frustrated.

              3. Definitely still play the game... a lot.

              4. I would ABSOLUTELY buy a new game if one was made.

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                  1. I am pleased that resources are being directed back into the Guitar Hero brand which shows continued and potentially expanding support.


                  2. Hopeful, that not only will they complete the new GH community, but also enhance the support for score tracking, tournaments, and tour groups.


                  3. I play often, more than I should most likely.


                  $. Without hesitation, I'd pre-order at first announcement.

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                What's up with the points, guys? Do we get a badge if we answer enough questions? Hehe ^^


                To answer you questions;


                1. Definitely! Very happy since I was always so used to having a community, I'm glad to see it's back, and in my opinion it doesn't even look that bad.


                2. My reaction: Trying to figure it all out atm, but it's looking good so far. As said before the black backgroud reminds me of the GH forums way back, and that's a good thing. Don't think I'll really like the connect to Facebook/Twitter feature, but I can imagine other people liking it and you're not forced to connect it, so that's all good. I'm wondering how active this place will get, but time will tell


                3. Lots of things happening, and sadly I haven't played the games in a while. Simply didn't have enough time because I had much work to do or just wasn't able to. But, I almost got summer holidays now, so I will definitely play again. Still having that old "I want to play GH now" feeling whenever I hear a song which was on GH haha.


                4. I think I definitely would. It depends a bit on the songlist, if the majority of the songs are pop I probably won't buy it. But I have loved all Guitar Hero games so far, so this shouldn't really be a problem.

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                  I'm pretty happy a fourm is back... i wonder if they still have all the old ones.. xD

                  that is my reaction.. xD

                  I still play, and would buy a new one on it's release


                  after moving to Xbox i've had to buy a lot of DLC again, luckly some of it goes on sale from time to time