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    PP and Random Crime DLC Petition

      Sign this ONLY if you would like them to add a Comic Red/Blue suit, Peter Parker skin and to update the game so that there are random crimes (with no limit).


      If you DO NOT want these things, or want OTHER things: DO NOT POST. There are plenty of other threads to discuss other things or to share why you wouldn't want it. It's just a topic for people who DO.


      This isn't a debate or discussion, only a Petition for these things. The devs are actually aware of the boards and will see or hear about this from the mods/admin. If we can show that enough people want these things in THIS game, then we have a better chance of getting them.


      You may explain why you want it or what specifics of the PP skin or random crimes, if you'd like, but keep it short.


      All you've got to say is what I'm about to say as the very first petitioner:





      [ MODERATOR UPDATE: As we've mentioned later in the thread, the developers have been made aware of this petition and will continue to watch this space. For various reasons, the studio will not be able to comment at this time on whether there will be any content updates to ASM. However, if any updates or changes are announced, we'll post them on this site's community blog and on Facebook.com/HeroHQ. Thanks again for your feedback and keep posting!

      ~Newslad ]


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