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    4 Things from BLOPS that I hope return in BLOPS2.

      (1) Combat record. The combat record was very detailed and you could look at any players combat record. I liked the combat record better than the current elite. I doubt this will return because Activision will want to push elite sales.


      (2) Score per minute (SPM) leaderboards. They arent perfect but I think SPM leaderboards are a better indicator of a players skill and play style. Better than K/D ratio or W/L ratio. The current leaderboards are terrible. If player (A) has 100 days played and player (B) has 15 days played, player A will be higher on the kills leaderboard. Who cares doesn't mean he is better. Player B has a chance on the SPM leaderboard.


      (3) Headquarters   IWs version of headquarters is terrible and boring. 3arch had it right in BLOPS. If 4 players are in the capture box and capture the HQ then all 4 players should get points for it. Not the first one in. Everyone gets points for caping a flag in domination why not in headquarters? The guys I run with and I all switched to domination in MW3 because of this. We all prefer HQ more though.


      (4) The showing of objective stats after the match. Don't just show kills and deaths. Show caps, defends, plants, defuses. Again 3arch had this right. These stats show who camped for kills and did nothing to help their team. I love the guy that goes 30-2 and brags about how good he is but lost the match. My best match of headquarters was a 40-10 game with 4 caps and 20 defends. I still have it in my file share.


      If Treyarch brings these 4 things back, the game will easily be better than MW3 in my eyes.