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    Hardcore Domination

      OK guys here is a new one. I was playing earlier with some friends when we completely skunked the other team at Hardcore dom. Literally the final score was 200-0. If I hadn't been there I wouldn't believe it. Anyone else have something like this without boosting/ cheating? Still don't know how it really happened.....

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          Did it once with some friends on Sea Town. Two words - Split screeners

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              I did it on fallen.


              Sometimes people refuse to cap flags (which does not make sense to not cap the base flag). Some of the team rushed A (but we were already there), we left 2 people to cap B and none of their team capped C (I think a couple were waiting for us to come).


              We figured that was their strategy and we clipped them and capped C and we have 2 at each flag.  Once we had air support they left and then it was a revolving door of players until it was 200-0 (it was also HC Dom)