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      Good morning,


      First i am sorry if this is not the correct place to put this topic, but this is my first time in this forum.

      Anyway in this saturday i bought the COLLECTION 1 & 2 MAP PACK FOR PS3 in 50% of discount for MW3 in Playsation3, but i regret that decision because this game only have the options to play the maps of collection 2 only, if i want to play the maps of collection 1 i must be lucky to play radom mixed with original maps.

      This a little disrespect by consumers like me, so i pay 13.98€ for 2 items and i only can play one without lucky radom.

      Why?! MW3 producers dont put the opinion to play only DLC maps, because i spent my money i dont play a SINGLE MAP OF MAP PACK COLLECTION 1, this is unfair i spent a lot o money i dint enjoy the maps i bought

      Please MW3 TEAM make i update to fix that, many friends told me you do this for all games of call of duty, but at least show some respect for people like me you bought this week the maps at 50% of discout and this is the first time we are enjoying this maps, AT LEAST PUT THE OPINION TO PLAY THE MAPS OF COLLECTION 1 & 2 FOR 1 FOR 1 or 2 MOUNT, IT'S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO FOR US.


      PS: Sorry for  my bad english, but i am portuguese guy.

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          Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! Not a single reply for Moderation or any member of MW3 staff... Continue like that... For me this is the 1º time i bought DLC from you guys and for sure the last one!!!

          ELITE...that is garbage to steel us more €.

          You only fool me once!

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            Stop complaining!! At least you bought them for half price. We are the ones that have lost out!!! We paid for crappy elite because we thought it would save money. Instead we get to play clan ops where everyone boosts, we don't get the maps any sooner, and maps for a playlist we have no interest in playing....... so quit whining and be happy with your half price maps!!!!!!!!!

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                And to the OP:


                This is obviously your 1st COD because that is how DLC has worked for a while now (a DLC playlist sporting the latest maps, and the previous are mixed with the larger collection).


                As well, if you had done any searches at all, you would have seen people complaining about the exact opposite: Most people want to be able to play their downloaded maps along side the regular collection, instead of only being able to play them in moshpit style playlists they do not want)


                Again... the OP should be happy that he got the maps at a discount.

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                Unbelievable that people get a 50% discount and they still moan.


                What about us Elite players who paid for this thinking we would save money and clearly we haven't. We're the ones who have been kicked in the teeth by the corporate greed of Activsion.

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                  No one put gun's in your heads guys, and say "BUY CALL OF DUTY ELITE SERVIÇE FOR 50€ NOW OR YOU WILL DIE".

                  Only people you dont know to waste their money, and wants offers fast, and some of you by pure vanity (oh yeah i have cod elite), buy that things at high cost. The Cod Elite reminds PlayStation Plus when arraived in Europe... Almost the same serviçe and of course the SAME PROBLEMS.

                  Just for the record i play all call of duty games for ps3 since cod4, check my account if you doubt guy's, this is the first time a buy a DLC for Call of Duty game series, because i like MW3, and of course i save 50% of money, otherwise i will not buy this maps for sure, because i like my money and i'm not ritch.

                  In conclusion i am happy with the maps, i just sad because i must have luck to play them that all, i dont care about elite users and their problems...

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                      Although you do make a good point about the failing of elite and the problems of the users who purchased it, you opened the door.


                      And obviously from the responses, nobody cares about your (supposed) issues either.


                      Not being rude; just saying.

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                        Nobody held a gun to my head to buy Elite and the only reason I purchased it was to save money on the map packs when released. How is that wasting money? It would have worked out we would have saved roughly £10 but not now.


                        Obviously now I and many others have been shafted by Activision. To be honest none of us really care about your problems either and by the way, don't expect a refund on them because purchases made on the PSN store are non-refundable.

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                        Im pi$$ed off that non premium elite get offered half price DLC whilst i paid full price for elite.

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                          How is this the "MW3 Team's" fault? It's been like this since the first CoD multiplayer came out. Why/how is it that you are surprised by this?


                          And by the way, yes no one forced us Elite members to purchase the service, but no one forced you to buy the discounted map packs either so who's really at fault here?


                          You don't care about Elite users and their problems? Well, we obviously don't give two sh*ts about your "problem", if you can even call it that. Last time I checked saving 50% on something a majority of players have already paid full price for is NOT a problem.