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    The USAS is OP

      The USAS is way overpowered is my eyes. It has HUGE range, you have marathon pro with it, and it's automatic! It's like a buffed striker with a slower fire rate. Anyone else agree?

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          All automatic shotguns annoy me a lot.

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            With my connection ALL shotguns suck, infact anything not fully auto sucks too

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              In my opinion, the AA-12 is what shotguns should look like: Minimal range and low ammo.

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                its not that the usas is overpowered, the other shotguns are underpowered. i use the spas and the model 1887 and i dont care what anyone says those shotguns are way underpowered , its not suppose to take like 4 shots to the head at point blank range to kill someone, in real life shotguns are good out to around 40 -50 yards im mw3 there good for about 4feet , they all need to be fixed , they should have more power and more range , and the 1887 should have akimbo like mw2

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                  They should make it like CoD4. Punp action has about 8 bullets, the semi-automatic has 4.

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                    As of your hitmarks, you either have the bad side of lag comp, aim bad, or bad connection.
                    The akimbo was one of the things that ruined MW2 1887.


                    To be honest, the less realistic and more balanced the game is, the better.

                    I like how the KSG is, if you aim it well enough it'll get you a 1 shot kill. Even from range.

                    If you aim like a cluts then you'll get multiple hitmarks. It's a balance of how strong it can be.

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                      If CoD were realistic, well just imagine. No health regen, guns would jam, reloading wouldn't be instant, no one can live a 50 foot drop, buidlings would collapse, you would one life for any gametype. Realism doesn't have too much of a place in CoD.

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                        You're talking about shotguns being like real life, yet you go on to say that akimbo should be on the Model 1887.


                        I sincerely doubt that you can fire an 1887 shotgun with one hand in real life without at least breaking your wrist, never mind loading shells into them with both hands occupied.

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                          Its deffo lag comp screwing me. I play with US based players in the main though, and I can put 4-5 usas bullets into people, bang on target, and they dont drop. I got damage on it once after hearing how it was awesome, and it was exactly the same, people just didnt drop.

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