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    Songs that should have been in GH Metallica


      Just my opinion ...but, GH Metallica has a lot of awesome songs from the band, but it is missing some epic tunes! 

      OK first,

      Ride the Lightning-from the album Ride the Lightning= There are SO many references to this song (Or the album) and yet, it isn't there. I feel like its an epic track, and one of Metallica's greatest songs. It has a great bass and amazing guitar, and the drums are awesome too. I hope someday they will release this song as downloadable content, and I am dissapointed it is not in the original setlist. 


      Leper Messiah-from the Album Master of Puppets= One of my favorite songs, it has a very fun and awesome guitar track, and is basically a perfect GH track. It is quite amazing and should have been in the setlist from the beggining. The drums are pretty good, and so is the bass. It may not have the greatest musical feeling, but who cares, its an amazing song that any Metallica fan would love


      The Day that Never Comes-from the album Death Magnetic= I suppose  this is a song any Metallica fan that loved "The Unforgiven" or "Fade to Black" really likes  . This is another of my favorite songs from metallica, and is quite enjoyable to play. This is a great song that really should have been in the game.


      Again, this is just my opinion, maybe if you really liked these songs but was also dissapointed of their missing presence in the game, someday we will get them in the game as downloadable content.  What is a song from Metallica you think should have also been in GH Metallica?