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    iPod Touch 4G Problems...


      Right, i have been playing guitar hero on my iPod Touch 2G and had no problems, fine. After paying for several packs of DLC, coming to around £6-£8 i was chuffed.


      Seeing my iPod quality deteriorate and superior games being released for the newer devices i decided to shell out £250 for a 32Gb iPod Touch 4G. Big Mistake, in terms of GH anyway.


      The installation of Guitar Hero was fine, granted, but when i went to play the game, while connected to internet (and yes the internet was functioning properly). Launched the game.




      Avatar comes up all fine and dandy, asks me about Warriors of Rock; no thanks. Huh?


      No data collection thing came up this time... Strange. Looking to the top of the screen i see


      "OFFLINE" in bright orange letters, oh great.


      re-started the app, no luck. Re-installed the app, no luck. Cursed and threw a tantrum, no luck.


      Anyone else having this problem?