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    Twice The Speed Of Sound *Fan Fiction*

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          Making of a Marvel *Issue 2*

          Why in the world do I even bother wearing high heels? They hurt and I'm tall enough as it is.

          Walking down the hall of her large corporate office Building Carolina couldn't wait to get back to her apartment. Unfortunately she had the task of getting past her co-workers without being noticed. She failed. "Hey 'Lina so when *are* you going to go out with me?" Said her very much annoying co-worker who had grabbed her arm,  "You know Reggie I think I put that date on five million years past never." Brushing his arm away she stepped in the elevator and mashed the button for the top floor. Screw driving down the interstate. I need out. As she got to the roof her cosmic powers transformed the office clothes she was wearing into her Ms. Marvel uniform. "FINALLY! Now lets go kick some gangster tail!" Jumping off the roof she let herself fall for a second before taking off, letting her blood get pumping for the fight she was mentally preparing for. She had to remind herself not to fly too fast, she did have bad guys to catch after all it wouldn't do any good to overshoot them.  Oh mister drug lord Garcia?? Where are you hiding on this lovely evening hmm?? Looping around downtown LA Ms. Marvel heard sirens. "Yes! Action!" Flying above the sky scrapers she soon caught sight of the problem. An 8 foot tall man dressed as an armadillo raced down a crowed street. "Well that's something you don't see everyday..." Flying down fast and hard, Ms. Marvel hit him in the small, or whatever that is, of his back sending him crashing into a shop window. "Who are you?? Some kinda flying Fairy princess?? Get lost!"

          "Aww now you've hurt my feelings, rodent."  She wasn't quite sure but, she came to believe the word "Rodent" Set him off. but she now knew that a dude dressed up as an armadillo can have one heck of a left hook. After peeling herself of the front of a taxi she heard "I hope that hurt MORE than just your feelings!" Seeing the distance that she now had between them she said,  "You know rodent-man you should really make sure some one is knocked out before saying stuff like that. It leaves you wide open."  Right before she charged up her cosmic blasts and shot him in the face. "Now that should only leave 2nd degree burns...they'll treat you in prison." She beckoned watching police officers and flew off before any reporters could show up and ask her questions. Now THAT was fun!




          Why in the world do I even bother doing homework?? It's stupid and I'm smart enough as it is.

          Heather mused in her room, It seemed like all she ever did was do things she already knew how to. Biology, Algebra, Chemistry, Trigonometry, wasn't there any thing else they had to offer?? I mean really she is only eleven but do they have to teach her stuff meant for  5 year olds?! She looked over to her desk and saw that she had a message waiting for her. Looking at the screen she quickly typed in  "What do you want Bobby?? I'm  kinda busy doing nothing."  She wasn't in the mood to talk to her classmate, they always wanted her to do their work. "What did you get for question 5?? I'm stuck."  So that basically means "give me the answer" "Do you want to know how I got it or just the answer??" "....yes?"  "Okay the question is '2x + y = 5' Right?"  "You know what Heather? Just give me the answer I'm sure I can figure the way to get it if I know!" She glared at the screen. "I got a purple flying hippopotamus now if you just want the answer you can ask your parents!"   Disconnecting from her chat window she saw one of her favorite programming applications had an update. "AWESOME!! That'll make it do so much more stuff. I can make my own games!!" heh Screw games I can make my own reality logarithm! Run it by Mr. Fantastic! Maybe he'll listen...this time. An knock came at her door just as the update was loading "Heather?? Time for bed. you can't be staying up too late you know!"  "Mom it's like 8:30!!"  Looking out her window she saw the lights of the city. So beautiful and sparkling, while she was supposed to be asleep the city was just coming alive. How could she waste that?? All she had to do was go out and down the eaves trough. Should be simple. Her parents wouldn't even notice! Besides..there was a 24 hour arcade down the street just begging to be conquered. Let's go Heather! Be a Daredevil for once in your life! Slipping out silently Heather felt like a ninja, it was the best experience of her life! Beating the scores on Asteroids, and Donkey Kong Junior were easy enough. Pac-man was more difficult. 4 Hours later and crawling back into her room Heather had one thought. Now THAT was fun!!

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            i only read the bios... but already it sounds like a Female Version of Herc and Cho

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              I really am not sure what that is.. :P

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                Hercules and AMadeus CHo... u kno... from Marvel... Cho is super Smart... the 8th smartest Guy in marvel... and Herc... is a Funny... Up Attitude... sometimes ridiculed for being a Fool... and They have a Uncle and Nephew type of relationship...

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                  Um.. Not up on the new comics. So.. I didn't take that from them that's for sure. :lol:

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                    i didnt say u did... i jus said it sounds like a Female version of Herc and Cho... that is all...

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                      Making Of A Marvel *Issue 3*



                      I Took down my first super villian...How cool is that?? I mean yeah he had a rodent costume on but still it works! Carolina swooped in between skyscrapers on her way to work. Flying to work is her consequence of jumping off the top of the office building, but its not much of a cost. Carolina can't find a better feeling than flying at top speed just a few meters off of the ground. She got that from her mother, of that she was certain. That feeling of freedom, the sheer exhiliration of speed, all but vanished when she saw what has happening in downtown LA. A building was about to give way on a street that was crowed with pedestrians, There was only minutes before the entire building colapsed right on top of them all and no one seemed to notice the building was sagging. She didn't think about how if she helped that she would be late for work, or if there even was enough time to get there and save the people or not. She just acted. Instinct is a funny thing. At times when you need it most it will either save your life instantly or kill you just as fast. When Carolina's instinct takes over she becomes Ms. Marvel, and all Ms. Marvel ever wants to do is save lives. Time to go to work. Getting the people out of the way isn't the hard part. Going fast enough to save them and not break their backs on the other hand is another matter entirely. Adrenaline surged through Ms. Marvel's veins, time blurred, the only sound she could hear was white noise. She didn't feel the bricks from the building above her start to fall on her shoulders, she didn't feel the burning of her lungs, she didn't feel anything at all. But she didn't have to feel.

                      She saw.

                      She only had 3 people left to move out of the crumbling structure's way before her mission would be complete. But ain't fate a kicker sometimes?? The building started to lean rather than sag. The bricks started to fall off like dust. She was out of time.


                      ~Ten Minutes Ago


                      I totally just rebelled against my parents for the first time.. How Cool is that!? I mean sneaking out is one thing but not getting caught AND beating the high score on Asteroids...that's another thing entirely. Walking around downtown LA with her parents was not one of the things Heather enjoyed on the other hand.  Whenever they did this "Afternoon out" they always ended up shopping for shoes, or shirts. Heather would rather be arm deep in a circut board than shop for clothes. What was so interesting in fibers anyways?? Seriously Get her a plaid hoodie and some jeans and she would be good for a year, At LEAST! But her parents would always roll their eyes when she pointed that out. "Dad..why did wh have to park so far away? We've been walking for 5 blocks." "Walking is good for you!! We need excersise anyways right?" Said her father lamely, her mother felt the need to interject "AND your father doesn't want a scratch on his BMW." Walking in and out of stores all afternoon was utterly boring to Heather. She couldn't help but let her mind wander, looking at all the buildings. But she wasn't window shopping, no that would be something a normal girl would do. Heather was looking at the building structure, support beams, foundations. Foundations.. ohmygosh! Ohmygosh!! "OHMYGOSH!!" "Heather what on--"  "Mom there's no time We need to get out of here now! EVERYONE RUN!!!" People looked around bewildered at the girl telling them to run for their lives. "Heather you are making a scene!!" "Kids these days." But Heather was no longer making the scene, a super hero was. She had never seen a super hero before. She thought they were all in New York or some other place. The hero flew so fast you had to sqint just so you could make out the blur of movement. She knew what was going to happen, just like Heather. She was getting people out of the way. We need to get out of here.. NOW




                      "Mom, Dad Run!!! We need to get out of here MOVE!" Heather tried desperately to get them to move but she, being an 11 year old and her parents being twice her wieght, only manage to move them a few feet. "This is no time to be shell shocked!!" The hero was making ground with the crowd around her. But she hadn't gotten to the center where Heather and her parents were at. All around people were either running frantically or staring up at the crumbling building. Soon all that were left were the Miles family. The Hero turned just as the builing was starting to fall. It seemed like everything was in slow motion. Ms. Marvel moved just a little and Heather's mom was torn away and half way down the block. She never noticed until her Father shook her free and said "Go Heather...please. Theres no time." Tears streamed down Heather's face as she clung to her father and looked as the building came plummeting towards them. She braced herself, There was no way any thing could save them now. But that didn't stop her from whispering "Save us.."


                      She didn't see this time, it was all red. But she sure wasn't going to quit now. She could worry about bones lives were depending on her all she did was fly. Like a bullet from a gun, Ms Marvel flew under the toppling building, she prayed that she should be fast enough. God...please let me save them. Please

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