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    Spider-man: Shadows of Night (fancomic) Update 10/17!

      Spider-man: Shadows of Night is a dark depiction of the Spider-man mythos, re-imagined in a brand new universe where Spider-man is more brutal and darker than ever.


      Over in the Spider-man Fancomics thread(now closed) in the summer of 2010, CackleoftheGreenGoblin and I decided to convert his amazing fanfic one shot "Breaking Point" into a fancomic. After it being very successful and since both of us enjoyed it so much, we are now making a whole Shadows of Night fancomic series. In the wait for the next issue I'll be posting character concept art and other goodies.  :)



      So give it a read, and please leave a comment here, or directly on a page on the website (just hit the comment button), and be sure to leave your username in the title of your comment so we know who you are.  We always appreciate constructive criticism, so feel free to voice your opinion on something.


      Writer- CackleoftheGreenGoblin

      Artist- DarkKnight95



      SoN #1

      SoN #2

      SoN #3

      SoN #4


      Concept Art

      Spidey Costume

      Spidey Costume Colored

      Aunt may

      The Burglar

      Mac Gargan


      Felcia Hardy

      Norman Osborn and Curt Connors

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