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      nothing up yet but

      http://www.fanfic.net is where it will be posted

      The first one I thought of was the Iron Patriot

      -not Osborn

      iron man in the 1700s

      what do you think

      will post character bio




      iron patriot part one

      iron patriot part two


          Bio of Peter Parkeir. (Spiderman)

          Name: Peter Parkeir.

          Alias: Spider.

          Powers: Spidey's powers are basically the same except he can't lift ten tons only 5 tons. He moves faster than anyone in his company, he can jump and do acrobatics as well as his Amazing or Ultimate counterpart, he has organic webbing and he has a normal Patriot uniform but, he wears Spider Mask similar to the one Noir had before he wore Black. Spidey's uniform is blue on the sides and red in the front. and blue in the back. Pete uses a gun but, he uses a sword mainly that he made and named the spiders bite and has a poisonous edge.

          Age: 21

          Bio: His life was pretty boring for the fifteen years, the only thing that stood out was when he was 8 he became very acrobatic. When he was dared to go in a cave when he was fifteen a spider that was apart of Ezekial jumped down and bit him on the wrist. His spiritual essence told him he is the latest Spider in a long line of Spiders. He told him about all the things that The Other mentions. He told him that he would be encounter a man named Morlun who would try to kill him. From then on he became The Spider a famous vigilante.

          Weapons: Spider Bite, A Bayonet, and a throwing knife he likes to call the web, cause it always catches people.


          Bio of James "Wolf" Holter (Wolverine).

          Name: James "Wolf" Holter.

          Alias: Wolf.

          Age: 28.

          Powers: Wolverines powers are the same except he uses a bayonet a lot more than he uses claws. More Realistic.

          Bio: James Holter is not a normal person. He has his brother who fights for the british his name is Creed (Sabretooth). Wolvie in the Fic or Comic works a lot with Spidey. Wolverine is named Wolf because he was lost in the wilderness for a month and when they found him he was the leader of the pack. the way he got his claws is because a werewolf who was the former leader of the pack made his steel bones (I'll tell you how he got the steel bones in the first place in a sec) grow claws that have three coming out of his knuckles and one coming out of his wrist. He got the steel because he died. He was tortured by the devil and the devil gave him an option to be an immortal and when he found love she would be killed by Creed and he would have Metal Bones and he would heal at a rapid rate so he could never die.

          Weapons: Bayonet, Sabre, and Studded Knuckle Gloves.


          Bio of Russel Coltea. (Ghostrider)

          Name: Russel Coltea

          Alias: Ghostrider.

          Age: 32.

          Bio: He was a nobody for most of his life. He was always a good man except he became somebody when he became the fastest quick shot in the world. He first entered a competition and he drew his gun and shot perfectly on the target. The speed that he drew his gun was estimated at a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a fifteenth of a second. He proved he was that fast when a gang of bandits rode in and started shooting up the place. He stood there in the road without even moving as they came galloping toward him. If you watched him you wouldn't even see his hand touch his gun but, you heard only one gunshot and when the bandits fell off their horse all of them with a gunshot hole on through their foreheads. From then on he became an assassin and a mercenary for hire. One day when he was on a job to kill an arsonist he became confident and sloppy. He shot the arsonist through the stomach but, he had to bleed out. The arsonist ran towards him and then stabbed the torch on his face. He laughed the whole time and his face was burning off. He shot him through the face and he was down. He was taken to the hospital but, he was going to die. The Devil watched on in Hell and he saw potential in this man so he possessed one of the doctors and fixed his skull. He tricked him to sign a contract that was really for his soul. His skull was engulfed in Metal and he had enhanced abilities. He could also control fire. The devil let him continue his life now as an immortal but, whenever a soul got out of hell he was to destroy it or take it back to hell immediately. Now he lives still, as an assassin and a mercenary for hire.

          Weapons: Always takes his Damned Pistols (Devil Damned them) to battle and sometimes a double barrel shotgun and a rifle. His horse is also a weapon too because it's a skeleton horse that breathes green fire. When all that fails he has fire and when that fails he has his fists. 


          Bio of Karl Walker. (Nightcrawler)

          Name: Karl Walker

          Alias: Nightcrawler

          Age: 36

          Bio: A man, Karl Walker, a son of Prussian immagrants, born in Charlestown SC, differently then any other human, shunned in normal society, forced to become a thief in the streets to survive. Until he met the Lord, then Karl became a devout believer and decided to join the Clergy. There, he learned of his ability to teleport from place to place. Karl worked for the clergy for 15 years. Then at the age of 36, he heard of the Boston Tea Party and the declaration of independence. His life was torn in half, fight for liberty, or remain in the Clergy. Then, his best friend came to him, and in that conversation, he descided to join the continental army, once again he was scorned in the army, but he was approached by General Washington and asked him if he could become a spy for the new nation, codenamed Nightcrawler, he would infiltrate the British under the cover of night, playing key roles in critical American victories such as Trenton, Princeton, and Saratoga.


          (Moon soldier coming soon)


          The rest I'm not sure. Write your bio's for the Super Heroes you want to see and I'll consider it.

          • 2. Re: MARVEL 1700 FANFIC POSSIBLE REBOOT?

            Also can you help me with my Fanfic? I'm creating one to pass the time until Avengers Legion. I'm just thinking up ideas. What do you think?

            • 3. Re: MARVEL 1700 FANFIC POSSIBLE REBOOT?

              I don't know if that would work. How would he fly? Would he use a glider?

              He wouldn't need to fly

              his costume is basically a "tricked" out suit of armor

              maybe tony's ancestor


              thinking about adding spidey but don't know how hed fit

              while passing the time you could help me

              this will take a LOT of people

              who would you like to be in charge of

              BTW shattered worlds was consuming my life

              in other words my mind needs a break from intercompany crossovers

              • 4. Re: MARVEL 1700 FANFIC POSSIBLE REBOOT?

                I can be in charge of Story.

                • 5. Re: MARVEL 1700 FANFIC POSSIBLE REBOOT?

                  I can be in charge of Story.

                  whose story (which marvel character)

                  AND you gotta report in at least every day

                  I cannot do this by myself

                  can you get more people to help

                  • 6. Re: MARVEL 1700 FANFIC POSSIBLE REBOOT?

                    I'd say Spider Man, Wolverine, or Hulk.


                    EDIT: And Yes I can get more people. First tell me which I'd like Wolverine but, I'm flexible. Actually no Hulk.

                    • 7. Re: MARVEL 1700 FANFIC POSSIBLE REBOOT?

                      I'd say Spider Man, Wolverine, or Hulk.


                      i can't believe I forgot Wolverine

                      *smacks self*

                      that would be amazing

                      the heroes will be colonists and the villians will be British

                      just because thats the way it was back then and this story takes place in america

                      i may have a WHAT IF for the british side but i don't know

                      this may end up being like another Superhero Civil War i dont know

                      • 8. Re: MARVEL 1700 FANFIC POSSIBLE REBOOT?

                        Also, maybe you should change it to Marvel 1700. Also maybe it should be in the time of the Revolutionary War. Cause Captain America could be a General for an army who is also a vigilante.

                        • 9. Re: MARVEL 1700 FANFIC POSSIBLE REBOOT?

                          Also, maybe you should change it to Marvel 1700. Also maybe it should be in the time of the Revolutionary War. Cause Captain America could be a General for an army who is also a vigilante.

                          was just about to

                          AND of course I would have a captain america

                          he will be washingtons second in command

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