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        Chapter 1: Crossed Webs


        10 years from now...


        Spider-Man, now a 25 year old adult, and still retaining his original costume, is swinging across the New York City skyline. Stopping to rest on the side of a building, he takes a moment to survey the city.


        "New York. It wasn't always like this. I remember a different time, when this city was vibrant, so full of life. That all changed the day Magneto drowned half this city under water, and killed millions all over the world. I barely survived, but because of the Hulk flipping out and attacking a magic freak at Dr. Strange's Mansion, and it blew up. I seriously hate that green giant. It still amazes me to this day that they somehow found away to put Banner down."


        Shooting another web, Spidey pushes off the wall and swings again.


        "Now the city's a freakin' war zone. Everyone's gone. Double agents within S.H.I.E.L.D took over and killed everybody. Tony Stark, Captain America, that Hawkeye psycho, Thor-THE FREAKIN' GOD OF THUNDER, THOR. And-Even though I never really liked that guy-Nick Fury is gone. And so's that crazy blond they got to replace him after that whole parallel Earth thingy."


        Stops to perch on top of a light post.


        "Her, I probably disliked more."


        Swings again until he starts running across the rooftops.


        "And everyone else-Aunt May, Mary Jane, Gwen, Johnny, Bobby, my clone, Jessica Drew-"


        Spidey pauses.


        "...Kitty. They're all gone. All because of the damn Parker Luck. No matter what I do, bad luck always follows me. And I thought the Black Cat was enough bad luck. Every bad guy I faced either unmasked me or somehow found out my name. That joker Mysterio found me out because he went CSI on a blood sample! God, I hate this luck so-"


        Spidey catches a breath.


        "Anyway, the new S.H.I.E.L.D. is now called the Public Eye Patrol. And I thought S.W.O.R.D. was a bad name for a group. Anyway, they're more corrupt than S.H.I.E.L.D. ever was. They don't give a crap about the people. So I'm doing all the Hero stuff. Unluckily, the PEP has me high on their most wanted list, so I have to live in this secret base only Fury knew about. So far, no complaints."


        Spidey pauses again.


        "...So far."

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          I like it. So... OP12 for my Spider Man Fan Fic do you think I should do Spider Pig or something else? Like a Shattered Dimensions just with different Dimensions? Or what? Should I do Ultimate Spiderman... tell me what YOU want me to do

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            Whatever you what to do. Look in your heart. What do you see?

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              A... Aorta and... some fat on it... uhhh.. OH! you mean figuratively. ok.. uh... I see Ultimate Spiderman but, something I'm not seeing...


              I SORTA have it...


              EDIT: Sorry for double post mods [ wow, just wow :roll: ~ lobo ]

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                Man, that's one messed up world, Optimus!

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                  Sinners and Demons Part 2


                  Spidey web swings through a city block.


                  "Sure, the Public Eye does stop the occassiional baddie. But most of the time, they're busy trying to put holes in yours truly. So I pretty much have to keep the crooks from taking the people of New York for everything they've got. And right now....That's not much. Because Alchemax, this "brand new" mega company, is what's in charge of the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Really? A freakin' pharmaceutical company is pulling the strings of the world police? That's just sad."


                  Suddenly flying bikes speed by the spot where spidey's resting


                  "Oh yeah. I forgot. they have Jet Bikes. Me? I don't even have a Spidey-Mobile"


                  "All units, report to the outside of Empire State! Robbery in progress!"


                  "Well, guess that's my cue!"


                  THWIP!! Spidey catches the underside of a passing Hover bus and clings to the bottom.


                  "Wonder what goofball I'm gonna face now..."


                  At the scene of the crime..

                  POW! CRACK! THUD!

                  PEP officer after officer is sent flying or collapsing into a heap at a fast rate.

                  In a matter of seconds, the 30 officers on site are down on the ground, their attacker nowhere to be seen.

                  Until a red and blue blur appears.

                  "Hah! You clowns really think you can handle the Speed Demon??!! Ha! Losers!"


                  Speed Demon, satisfied with his performance, becomes ablur again as he runs towards the Empire State entrance. Spidey, having watched the exchange from across the street, is in awe.


                  "Great. Another speedster. Well, at least this one isn't the creepy son of Magneto who killed the X-guy with the eye beams. At least I hope not."




                  Meanwhile, inside the University...


                  "Alright, where the hell is the damn thing? Here I am, James Sanders, the fastest man in the world, and I'm running errands for some douche in a lab coat! Looking for some rock in a crappy school....Yeah. This is REALLY how I pictured turning 30. Now where-AH HA!!"


                  There, in the middle of the room, under a glass case, was a Tablet with strange symbols etched onto it. Speed Demon races towaqrds it and lifts the case.


                  "So far-"


                  "So lame?"


                  "What the Fu-"


                  THWIP!! Webbing covers Speed Demon's mouth.


                  "Ah ah ah, language! This is a family place!"


                  "Spi-Spider-Man?!! I thought you were dead!"


                  "Really? Well, you know you should never really listen to what they say on the news."


                  "I'm gonna rip the legs off you!"


                  Speed Demon runs at Spidey, Catching him off guard and elbowing him in the face.


                  "Ouch! That really hurt!"


                  "Won't be the last time!"


                  Demon tries to kick Spidey, but this time Spidey hits him with a web ball, knocking him through a display case.


                  "I hope you realize you're gonna have to pay for that."


                  "You knocked me through it, bug boy!"


                  "But you're the one who broke it, so-"


                  Demon grabs a lot of knifes from a display and hurls them at Spidey at breakneck speed.


                  "I'm gonna cut you up, you eight legged fu-!!"


                  Spidey dodges all of the knifes thanks to his agility and Spider-Sense.


                  "Language! What did we just talk abo-"


                  WHAM! Speed tackles him from behind.


                  "Finally, now to make off with the rock.


                  Just as he gets his hand on it, Spidey grabs the other end.


                  "Seems like alot of trouble just for a piece of rock!"


                  "Tell that to the eight armed freak who paid me to get it for him!"


                  Spidey freezes in place. A horrible realization comes over him.


                  "Did...Did you just say..Eight ar-"


                  At that moment Speed Demon pulls away and the Tablet goes flying. Spidey shoots a web to catch it, at the same time Demon reachs out a hand to grab it, the tablet breaks into dozens of pieces. The fragments begin to glow a light blue, and gradually begin disappearing. until only one piece remains, the one Spidey and Speed Demon are both touching, or holding onto with webbing. Suddenly Speed Demon begins to shake and tremble.


                  SD: Wh-What the hell's going on? Wh-wh-why d-d-d-d-do I fe-fe-feel-

                  Spidey: Oh no. What have we do-


                  But before Spidey can finish, Speed Demon starts running without restraint, Spidey whipping behind him, holding onto the webline for dear life. He spots that they're on a collision course with an oil truck.


                  Spidey: Speedy! Listen to me!! You have to stop! We're gonna cra-


                  Before he can finish, they both vanish in a bright red and blue light. After tht day, Spider-Man was never seen or heard from again. With him gone, there was no one to stop Alchemax from achieving total control of America. And now, True Believers, we go forward in time, to the year....



                  The place: New York City


                  The year:...2099!!!!


                  To be continued.....

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                    Crossed Webs: Part 3


                    "What the-?!"


                    Spidey wakes up to find himself free falling through the air. His Spider-Sense alerts him to incomibg danger and he quickly dodges a flying car.




                    Another one speeds at him. Spdiey twists in mid air to avoid it.




                    Yet another nearly collides with him.




                    Spidey finally lands and takes a moment to get his bearings.


                    "Man, what the hell just happened? One moment I'm chasing that Speed Demon guy, and the next I'm-"


                    Spidey does a double take as he finally gets a load of his surroundings. He's still in New York, that much he knows for certain. But now the city looks like something out of a Science Fiction movie, with flying cars, holographic billboards, and other types of advanced technology all over the place.


                    "Oh my God. Where am I? Is this....Is this the... Future?"


                    Spidey web zips up to the antenna at the top of one of the nearby monorail stations and gets a better view of the area.


                    "How long was I gone?"




                    "Spider Sense!"


                    Spidey leaps off just as a missile blows apart the antenna he had just occupied.


                    "All units! Spider-Man has been spotted! Use of lethal force has been authorized!"


                    "The Public Eye again? Well if they remember me, it can't have been too long. Let's go, you lame excuse for S.H.I.E.L.D. clones!"


                    Spidey leaps down and finds himself facing about a dozen PEP agents.


                    "Okay Peppies, let's get cheering!"


                    Spidey bounds forward and decks two at once, then leaps up and kicks two more in the face, knocking them into two more. The next pair he hits with weblines and swings them around, knocking their remaining comrades down.


                    "Well, that was a nice warm-"


                    WHAM!! Spidey is alerted by his Spider-Sense too late as a giant fist smaks him from behind. Spidey looks up to see a PEP SIEGE offficer standing over him, brandishing a giant blade.


                    "Well, aren't you a big fella! did I wake you from your nap?"


                    Spidey gets up and prepares to fight the SIEGE officer when four more jump down from a dropship, along with 20 more PEP agents.


                    "Gulp. Help?"


                    Suddenly, a blue light appears.


                    "That light, I've seen it before, that must be....!!"


                    A fragment of the tablet that Spidey tried to prevent Speed Demon from taking earlier materializes in front of him.


                    "Holy....It's...Like it's...Calling out to me."


                    Without even thinking, Spidey reachs for the fragment, and as he touchs it, he feels a powerful sensation flow through him. When the feeling passes, he becomes aware of his surroundings again and notices that the PEP soldiers are now backing away from him.


                    "I don't think so, fellas. You wanted to play, so...."


                    Spidey throws out his arms and giant flails made out of webbing materialize. Jumping forward, Spidey swings the web maces andknocks the 20 PEP agents off their feet.


                    "Woo-hoo!! Double Header!!"


                    Spidey turns towards the SIEGE soldiers now.


                    "Okay big guys, batter up!!"


                    Spidey whips out his first flail and easily takes down one SIEGE officer, and takes down another with his second mace. 


                    "2 down, 3 to-"


                    Then to Spidey's surprise, time itself seems to slow.


                    "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt thhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeccccckkkkkkkk????????"


                    Spidey watches in awe as a Crimson figure appears out of nowhere and unleashes a barrage of lightning fast attacks on the three remaining SIEGE officers. Spidey notes that the Crimson figure appears to be the only one not affected by the time slow down. In a matter of moments, the remaining sIEGE soldiers are down on the ground, leaving just Spidey and the mystery figure.


                    "Okay pal, you mind telling who you are and how-"


                    Spidey grabs the newcome and turns him around, and gets the shock of his life.


                    "What the heck???"


                    "What the Shock??"


                    The newcomer is dressed completely from head to toe in a Red costume except for part of the mask, arm gauntlets with fins on them, and a massive Torso length Blue Spider Emblem.


                    Newcomer: Who the Shock are you?


                    Spidey: Me? I'm Spider-Man!!! Who the heck are you?!


                    New comer: I'M Spider-Man!!!


                    Spidey: Huh???


                    To be continued...

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                      Yes folks, Ultimate Spider-Man has just come face to face with his own 2099 countepart!

                      But that's not the only SHOCKing part of this arc. Tune in later, I'm gonna go make lunch and then try to post the next part of the story!

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                        So.. is this a kind of  Shattered Dimensions story ?

                          However...  it's awesome :D

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                          Crossed Webs: Part 4


                          Spidey: What do you mean you're Spider-Man??


                          Spidey 2099: I mean I am Spider-Man!


                          But I'm Spider-Man! I was here first!


                          What? What does that even mean? Who are you?


                          I told you, I'm Spider-


                          No, I mean under the mask!


                          Oooooooh no, I'm not falling for that. Too many people already know who I am. You tell me who you are!


                          Shock that noise! I'm not telling you who I am! For all I know, you're an Alchemax spy under there!


                          I'm not with Alchemax! Those basterds killed my Aunt and everyone else I cared about!! I hate them as much as you do!


                          Oh really? That's a new one.


                          Look, just, just tell me. What year is this?


                          The year? Have you been sleeping under a monorail station? It's 2099!!


                          Whathewhooziewha 2099??!! Are you freaking kidding me?! I'm 80 years in the future?!


                          Uhhhhh, say what?


                          "Halt Spider-Man!"


                          Awwww, Shock!


                          Let's continue this somewhere else!


                          "I hear that, new guy!"


                          "I'M the first Spider-Man! YOU'RE the new guy!"


                          Both Spideys continue to bicker as they make their escape from the Public Eye.


                          "Sooo, really, who are you? I mean who are you really?"


                          "Alright I'll tell you. I'm Peter Parker. 90 years ago, when I was 15, I was bitten by a pider that was juiced up with this super soldier drug called OZ. It's what gave me my powers. After my uncle was killed by a burglar that I could've stopped earlier, I became Spider-Man and learned a valuable lesson: With Great Power-"


                          "Comes Great duds. I'm jealous."


                          Spidey just looks at the other Spidey with a blank stare.


                          "Anyway. So who the heck are you? Really."


                          "Little ol' me? I'm Miguel O'Hara, I actually work for Alchemax-"




                          Peter tackles Miguel in mid air and tries to hit him.


                          "Are you Shocking crazy?! You're gonna get us kil-"


                          Their free fall happens to take them on a collision course with a PEP dropship.


                          "Holy shi-"


                          Suddenly time slows down again, and and Miguel pulls them out of the way of the dropship.


                          "What just happened?!"


                          "That's what I'd like to call Accelerated Vision. It lets me slow time down so I can get the drop on Alchemax and the Public Eye. It's been like this ever since I picked up that rock...."


                          "Does this rock have a blue glow and soe weird symbols on it?"


                          The two Spideys finally touch down safely.


                          "Yep, wanna see?"


                          Miguel pulls out the fragment.


                          "It also makes me a Shock of a lot faster. How did you know?"


                          "That's how I got here. Back in 2019, I was fighting this guy called Speed Demon, who can run pretty fast, and he was trying to steal this Tablet-"


                          "You broke the Tablet, didn't you?"


                          "Wasn't so much a breaking, as a total destruction."


                          "Shock me."


                          "Sorry about earlier, you were saying?"


                          "Oh yeah. I work for Alchemax, but I didn't approve of their methods, so I tried to leave. But then my boss Tyler Stone, the company president, revealed that he had been slipping the employees Rapture, a dangerously addictive drug. If I trie dto leave, the Public eye would Shock my ass full of holes."


                          "Thanks, that's a nice image."


                          "Anyway, I tried to undergo an extremely dangerous gene splicing experiment to rid my body of the Rapture, but Kron Stone, That's Tyler's son, don't like him now, didn't like him in high school, when he was still human..."


                          "Sounds alot like Flash Thompson to me. God, I'm glad he never lived to have kids."


                          "Yeah, well, at least this Flash of yours didn't Shock up a dangerous lab experiment that got your body spliced with the genes of a Spider!"


                          "Ouch, that had to hurt."


                          "Well, on the plus side, I got all these cool powers, retractable talons, I can see in the dark.."


                          "Pff, showoff."


                          "So I've been fighting Alchemax from within for a few months now."


                          "Kinda reminding me of the time my clone Spider-Woman infiltrated Roxxon as Doctor Julia Carpen-"




                          Both Spideys get knocked aside by a large Black monster.


                          "What the hell is that?!"


                          "Remember when I said that I didn't like Kron when he was human?"


                          "I thought you were joking!!"


                          "Well I wasn't! He ticked off the Punisher and then some Black Goo took over his bo-"


                          "There's a PUNISHER in this future? Are you Shocking kidding me?!!"


                          "Hey, that's my line!"


                          "Wait, Black goo? You mean he's bonded to the suit?! He's the new VENOM?!"


                          "....Pretty much, yeah."


                          Venom2099: NO MORE TALKING!!! MUST EAT!!! MUST FEED!!!!!!!!!!


                          "Oh boy, this is not gonna end well."


                          "...I hate the future!!"


                          To be continued...

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