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    Alliance of Awesomeness Rpg discussion and character submissions thread



      Every character in fiction belongs to a seperate universe. Barriers were placed to separate these universes so order would be kept inside them. Everyone inside their respected universes were unaware of the other universes. This went pretty well until the evil creatures known as Heartlesses emerged. Using special pathways, these creatures broke through the barriers and flooded each world with darkness. The heartless thrived on the darkness, and each worlds' villains discovered them, using them to take control of each world.

      A NEW HERO

      In Radiant Garden, a world teeming with beauty, the Keyblade picks a new master named Akarui, a boy with a pure heart, yet not enough fighting experience. The heartless completely overwhelm everyone in Radiant Garden, and Akarui is sent away from his home, forced out by the overwhelming heartless. Packing up in a mysterious vessel he journey's through space.


      Meanwhile, in Marvel 616, the Avengers, consisting of an Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-man, Wolverine, and Deadpool (of all people) are fighting a Masters Of Evil, who are using the heartless to rule the world. Also, in DC the JLA are doing the same, as with everywhere else. Massive battles are waged. Chaos is erupting and new heroes emerge.

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          the rules for character submissions

          you can create your own character (must fit a created company, ex: Marvel,DC,Bungie,etc)

          try to keep it clean, please

          submit like this

          Name:(ex Jack Skellington)

          Homeworld, company: (ex Halloweentown, Disney)

          what is your character: (human, superhuman, android, creature)

          origin (character's backstory):

          appearance: (how they look)

          allegiance: (hero or villain)

          powers,equipment, weapons:


          {that good guys}

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            name: kurai (christiankids character)

            homeworld: Radiant Garden, Kingdom Heartsverse

            Origin: A mysterious individual who thinks that if Kingdom Hearts would be destroyed, life would return to normal. In order to destroy Kingdom Hearts, he floods it with the Heartless. He attempts to create a 100% obedient heartless by conducting experiments on them. The result is the monstrocity called the soulless, who seek people's souls to take.

            Personality: Very mysterious

            appearance: Brown-haired,tall, muscular man with a suit and tie.

            Weapons: a mysterious sword called the Darkblade, capable of summoning soulless.

            what is he?: Human

            alliance: evil



            Name:Jack  (game masters character)

            Homeworld:Endsville Cartoon networkverse

            What is your chrachter:Immortal headless person with pumpkin head

            Origin:Prankster from medievil era killed then tricked death into makeing him immortal many years later he comes back and sets havic on endsville After The events of revenge of the spider queen the villians assemble a board of lead by boogey when the heartless invade jack manages to survive the invasion and is recruited by millificant

            Apperance:Medievil era white coat and jack o lanntern for a head


            powers:Immortal summon pumpkin creatures fire breath

            Weapon:His Dangerous sack of pranks

            Personality:Obbsessed with pranks avengefull and does not put up with stupidity


            Name:Alpha (kracken lords character)

            Universe: Megaman X

            Species: Reploid

            Alliance: Evil

            Gender: Technically neither, but designed on a human male.

            Appearance: Has a human face with green eyes like many Reploids. Has a retractable faceplate for protection. Is equipped with durable combat armor that still allows excellent speed and agility. Has a jewel on his helmet that changes from red in his first personality to blue in the second one. Has a mostly red color scheme with blue accents.

            Personality: Has a split personality due to a program glitch. The first personality is a blood thirsty battle warrior who desires overt conquest. The second personality is a conniving coward who desires conquest through manipulation. The two personalities are conscientiously aware of each other. They hate each other, but manage to work together when needed.

            History: Alpha was constructed to be a Maverick Hunter who could serve both combat and strategy purposes. He quickly became one of the highest ranked Maverick Hunters in the world. He was hailed as what Sigma could have been. Unfortunately, like Sigma, he too became corrupted. Upon becoming Maverick his personality split into two pieces. Both sides now see the Heartless as a tool for conquest, and thus work with them.

            Overlord (Ck character)

            Homeworld: Cybertron

            Company: Transformers/Hasbro


            Origin: A robot who hates optimus prime and his autobots, and joined up with Megatron to eradicate Prime. He commands Robo-heartless clones who does his bidding.

            Appearance,Powers and weaponry:A moderately-sized transformer who transforms into a Lotus Exige. He commands Roboheartless,nobodies and Soulless to do his bidding, He has a MagmaCannon and a Guided Rocket Launcher


            Personality: Very brash and full of himself. He does not say why he hates Prime, but it may have had to do with when he was younger.

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              like jarvis' that is just a piece of the story

              it will go like a movie

              that is the opening scene.

              I have thought about it and am going to fastforward to where any character can be in

              gimme a minute to change the first post abit

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                ill put up my character 2morrow since its really late and ive got finals tommorow

                its early release though so i should be on earlier (1 pm maybe) then no more school!!!

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                  Came up with a temporary title, I don't like it so I will come up with a better one ASAP

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