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    Alliance of Awesomeness Posting area


      this is where the Story will take place

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          As Akarui sailed through space in his ship, he reflected on how he got in this predicament.


          One day ago


          "What the-what are YOU?" Akarui stammered as he stood face-to-face with a black creature that looked like a shadow. The creature lept at him and he tried to block it from his face. Suddenly, in a flash of light a...a key materialized in his grasp? "What the-" Akarui said in disbelief. "Its like that-that boy...Sora. He had one of these. Then, another appeared in his other hand. This one...unlike the pure black one he held in his other hand, was really long and had a strange bird he'd been told of.."A C-Cho-Chocobo? This is interesting." His clothes had changed as well. Then his whole room exploded in those strange creatures. He fought them off and made it downstairs to see a different type of creature...This one was pure white and looked like a jacket. This enemy was much different than the others. But he took it down like the others. Then, he saw a horrible sight. His mother was on the ground..."Mom? Wake up, Mom" She did not answer. "Mom...please, Wake up." Still, nothing. Akarui fought back tears, but they escaped through his eyes. "Mom?....No." He sobbed. She was not going to wake up. He heard an emergency siren, and the world was evacuating. He saw a huge creature rip through the Radient Garden castle. Whatever was happening....it was coming from there and now Akarui had the ability to stop it. He ran towards the castle, destroying enemies along the way. He finally reached a way to get to the castle. And entered. Greeting him was a evil-looking man who had muscles and a evil-looking blade. He leaped at Akarui, gaining the upper hand easily. Just as he was about to deal a final blow, a man with a long blade stopped him....Akarui passes out.


          When he awoke, he was on a ship...all alone.


          Whoever this guy was...he was not going to get away with this. Akarui was going to make sure of it...but first...he needed help.

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            Ezio stalked through the rooftops of Rome, searching for his target. The assassin perched himself on a pole, watching the man he was about to kill. A corrupt man, one who pretended to be a man of God. No matter how corrupt the Roman Catholic Church had become around the time of the Renaissance, there were always worse people. The Templars were everywhere, even in the Church. And the Templars needed to be taken out.


            He waited for his prey to pass underneath him, and then the Assassin sprang into action. Ezio was the main Assassin of the order now. He had to show that he was the very best. The Hidden Blades sprang from the gauntlets on his arms, and he drove them into the back of his targets neck. Although he had succeeded in liberating Rome, there would always be more corrupt and cruel people trying to cause damage. Ezio leaned over his fallen victim, and closed his eyes. "Requiescat en pace." the assassin said, translating into "Rest in peace." People around Ezio screamed and fled. They would run away whenever this happened, but Ezio had overheard many people speaking of the assassin as a hero. He would like to stay that way in the people's eyes.


            As Ezio began to stand up and leave the scene of the murder, the shadows under a pillar began to swell, taking the shape of a small, bug-like monster. "What?" Ezio said out loud as the creature stumbled over to him. It looked at him with its large, round, yellow eyes. Ezio awkwardly stared back. Without warning, the creature jumped upward, lunging at Ezio's heart. With the speed and agility all assassins possess, Ezio leaned back, then did a back-flip away. Whatever this creature was, it was no friend. Ezio took a throwing knife out and threw it at the aggressor. It exploded in a burst of darkness. But just as Ezio thought he was safe, more began to appear out of thin air. Without missing a beat, Ezio pulled out his crossbow of his back, and fired at one. It dissipated, but the others were still surrounding him. He continued to fire into the crowd until he was out of bolts. At that point, e reached for his sword, and swung it at the group, taking out at least three at a time.


            Some brave citizens stood to watch the battle, and one vigilante stepped forward. "We must-a help the assassin! He is Roma's only hope!" he ran forward, and attempted to punch one creature, but the darkness shifted around his fist, appearing completely unharmed. It jumped onto his arm, and crawled up it. It jumped off, and dove into his chest. The man turned pale, as he began to cough. He collapsed to the ground, and a large heart floated out of his body and into the air. Suddenly, darkness overcame the hart, and it became one of the creatures. But it was different from the others. It was taller, had larger claws, and wore some form of helmet. There was also a symbol on its chest, looking like an elongated heart with an X running through it.


            Ezio saw this atrocity, and yelled to the people of Rome, "Everyone, get back! Run to your homes where it is safe!" Ezio whistled, and a crossbow shot through the head of one of the creatures. Two more assassins appeared, garbed in similar clothing to Ezio. "We will help you any way we can, Master Ezio!" one said as she sliced one in half with a knife. Ezio moved ac as he fired his hidden gun at them. But more just kept coming. One assassin was struck down, and the other continued fighting. Ezio's sword stabbed a creature, and it disappeared.


            But no matter how hard they fought, the creatures just kept coming and coming. They swarmed around the assassins, piling on top of them, until all Ezio could see was darkness. All was lost.




            But then, a small light appeared. It grew brighter and brighter until Ezio could see the source of it. In front of him was an elderly man, cloaked in a black robe. He had a grey beard and calm eyes. He seemed like the type of man who had seen his share of conflict throughout life. He and Ezio were floating in a dark void of nothingness. Ezio spoke, "Who are you? Where am I?"


            The man continued to look at Ezio with a great deal of intrigue, and finally said, "You. Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Protector of Italy and leader of the Assassin Order. I have saved you."


            Ezio replied "You did not answer my questions." The man turned his back to Ezio, and began to speak. "My name is not important. But you may call me the Guardian. And as for where you are, you are in the space between worlds."


            Ezio looked at him in confusion. "Space between worlds? What is that supposed to mean?"


            The Guardian continued his monologue. "There are multiple plains of existence, called worlds. Though they may be different in appearance of advancement of technology, they were once one. But they were split, and remained separate for millions of years. But the creatures you encountered, called Heartless, disturbed the world order, and created bridges between worlds. But only to cause their destruction..." he solemnly looked downward.


            "Destruction... is this what happened to my-- to my world?" Ezio was overwhelmed by this flow of information. This was life changing.


            "Yes. Your world, known as "Renaissance Italia" is gone now. The Heartless have devoured its soul, but I have saved you." Ezio's world was gone. Everything he had worked for would amount to nothing. Avenging his family. Working to defeat the Templars. Stopping the Borgia. Liberating Rome. All for nothing. "Me? Why me?"


            "You have a part to play in the future of all worlds. A group will assemble in an attempt to defeat the Heartless, and you will be a member. If you succeed, there is a chance that you can bring back your world, and all the people in it that fell to the Heartless." So there was hope. This made Ezio at ease. "Now you must go." the Guardian said as he raised his arm.


            Ezio was propelled away, and flew through space, coming to a stop at a small ship containing a boy. "Who are you?" Akurai asked.

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              Location: Endsville

              Grim waked up and yawned "My life was so much better with out these kids" He looks around and notices Billy is not in his bed "That idiot kid never wakes up before me" Grim gets on his robe and walks downstairs and notices Billy's mom is not making breakfast "Did i wake up late"  Then he hears a loud voice "You will not defeat the hos" Grim locked out the window and sees Hos Del Godo in the street killing tons of heartless but hopelessly doomed Grim then notices Jack on the roof opposite Laughing at Hos "You are doomed just let them take your heart" Grim decides to Wait it out and see if he can get Jack at a disadvantage because he thought the heartless were Jacks doing Jack then Throws a Bannana peel at Hos'es feet Distracted Hos's slips And Becomes a huge Heartless Grim notices Jack dissapears All of the sudden Grim Blacks out



              But then, a small light appeared. It grew brighter and brighter until Grim could see the source of it. In front of him was an elderly man, cloaked in a black robe. He had a grey beard and calm eyes. He seemed like the type of man who had seen his share of conflict throughout life. He and Grim were floating in a dark void of nothingness. Grim spoke, "Who are you I can tell we are in a alternate plane but which one"


              The man continued to look at Grim with a great deal of intrigue, and finally said, "You The Grim Reaper,Messeanger and bringer of death Sadly in this form Degraded to Two be a  servant to 2 kids I have saved you but Sadly not your masters ." Not thinking Grim jumps up "Wahoo wait what Happened to them" Guardian shakes his head


              Grim replied "You answer me ." The man turned his back to Grim, and began to speak. "My name is not important. But you may call me the Guardian. And as for where you are you are in the space between worlds."


              Grim looked at him in confusion. "Space between worlds I Had no clue that was possible?"


              The Guardian continued his monologue. "There are multiple plains of existence as you know,  But the creatures you encountered, called Heartless, disturbed the world order, and created bridges between worlds. But only to cause their destruction Your world's Purest Heart Hos Del Gado was infected and Your world was Influged in A Sort Of Bomb Of Heartless Energy And the space between the worlds is Fragmented space which neathier belongs to Eaither world" he solemnly looked downward.


              "Destruction"¦ is this what happened to my-- to my world?" Ezio was overwhelmed by this flow of information. This was life changing.


              "Yes. Your world, known as "Endsville" is gone now. The Heartless have devoured its soul, but I have saved you."Grim's world was gone."Me? Why me?"


              "You have a part to play in the future of all worlds. A group will assemble in an attempt to defeat the Heartless, and you will be a member. If you succeed, there is a chance that you can bring back your world, and all the people in it that fell to the Heartless." So there was hope. This made Grim at ease. "Now you must go." the Guardian said as he raised his arm.


              Grim was propelled away, and flew through space, coming to a stop at a small ship containing a boy. "Another one!" Akurai asked.

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                Meanwhile, across the multiverse, in a parallel New York City, a ninja-like warrior in black dressed similar to the Amazing Spider-Man strides across the deck of a massive flying ship towards a man with 4 long metal arms and covered in a living red fluid. It's over Octavius!! Prepare to feel the wrath of the Spiderider!! The red monster Spiderider called Octavius rushes towards him on his tentacles. RAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spiderider and Monster-Ock begin a duel to the death, with Spiderider teleporting across the Helicarrier, battering Monster-Ock with Hellfire powered punches, kicks, webbing, and breath, followed by cutting into him with sharp jagged swords shaped like Spider legs.After inflicting many wounds upon Octavius, Spiderider hurls a blade shaped like a small spider leg, screaming, GET OVER HERE!!!! pulling Monster-Ock toward him and unleashing a deadly uppercut that lifts him over the side of the Helicarrier, which is already falling toward the ground. spiderider jumps off, and lands on his already airborne hellcycle, driving off debris from the Helicarrier, and lands on the ground moments later, prepared to finish of Octavius, when he sees strange Heart shaped creatures attacking Octavius,  causing his Heart to come out of his body and take on a shape similar to the creatures. What are these creatures? Mephisto never said anything about creatres like these!! Drawing his swords, Spiderider rushes at the creatures only to be enveloped in darkness. When the darkness vanishes, Spiderider finds himself on another shipWhere am I?! What happened?! And who are you people?!

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                  Alpha 1st personality Alpha second personality

                  Alpha stood, overlooking the legions of Heartless.

                  Tools, nothing more. They blindly throw themselves at the enemy.

                  Yet they are easily manipulated by a superior mind.

                  And easily used to crush all opposition in their way.

                  Weak alone, strong in numbers.

                  We can use their hordes to take over the world.

                  No just the world, the universe.

                  For once I can agree with you.

                  Shall we begin planning?

                  Why plan when you can just conquer?

                  If you run blindly in the enemy would crush us.

                  No one could stand up to me, why worry?

                  Hold your tongue you blithering idiot.

                  Like I care what you think.

                  And Alpha stood there, arguing with himself for a long time.

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                    Akarui waited on the ship heading for somewhere he did not know, alone until suddenly a man in a white and red suit appeared before his eyes "Who are you?" he asked. Ezio leaped at Akarui, brandishing a blade "Who are you? Do you work for the Templars?" Ezio questioned a puzzled Akarui, who answered "Who?" Ezio explained who he was and what befell his world, how the heartless invaded it and took everything he held dear. "And what of you, boy?" Akurui explained how his mother was killed by a man who controlled the heartless. As the two were talking, another showed up. This was a fearsome skeleton in a black robe. Akarui was fearful of the skeleton, and Ezio drew his blade. "You, undead creature. Go back to the underworld before I send you there" Suddenly, two more people showed up with Keyblades. "Hey, they have got swords like mine" Akauri stated. Grim, Ezio, Akarui, Jax, Dansen, stood and exchanged greetings, some of friendship, others of hatred. Suddenly, a ninja in a black mask appeared "Who goes there? Explain yourselves or face the might of the Spider-rider." Spider-rider looked at the strange individuals. Just as the tensions were about to rise and cause fighting, a man in a black robe appeared. "Hello, I am the Guardian, some of you know me already, some do not. All of you are the survivors of your homeworlds. The one responsible for their destruction is named Kurai, and he has unleashed these creatures called heartless, nobodies, and even creatures he designed himself, called the Soulless. Each of you together hold the key to the fate of all worlds. Good luck" And with that, he vanished in a puff of smoke. "You have arrived at your destination, World: Cybertron. Home of gigantic transforming robots. Kurai is planning on stealing a mystical artifact called the Allspark in order to give the heartless, nobodies, and soulless this ability." the computer beeped. It knew more than they did! "Your mission is to make sure that Kurai, who gave the Decepticons, the evil robots his heartless,nobodies and soulless doesn't get the Allspark. Good luck"

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                      "Hey, where did Sansan go?"


                      Jax noticed as the group was cruising through the roads inbetween, as they began shooting at the swarming ships.


                      "What are these cannons? I've never seen cannons shoot at this speed!"


                      "They're called machine guns, they're basically super-cannons"


                      "Interesting. Very intriguing."


                      Grim just sat at the coffee table, sipping tea with Dansen, who also didn't say anything.


                      "Oh well, she'll turn up soon."  He said as he made his way to the ship's Mirage arena. A place where you can fight your enemies without the real danger of it all. Quite amazing how they managed to make a place classified as its own world and fit it into the ship.


                      "You dealt with his ship yes?"


                      Dansen's Nobody ran into the room happily. Laughing at the face the three made as they got sucked out into space.


                      "I'll take that as a yes. Now, go and find out where Sansan got sent Xanden. Then take that sword of hers. Its essential."

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                        Ultra Rabbid turns himself on to see a ship floating over head and foolows it

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                          The ship landed automatically and Akarui, Ezio, Spider-rider, Jaxen, Dansen, and Grim exited the ship to a futuristic, robotic world.

                          "What is this place?" Akarui wondered.

                          "What in the world is all these shiny devices?" Ezio wondered.

                          As the group took in the sights a huge face appeared on a huge tv screen. "Rejoice citizens of Iacon, your new leader, Megatron has arrived. Defy me and face immediate termination. Join the Decepticons and be part of a brilliant new beginning.


                          "Megatron, a unknown ship of an unknown origin has been detected near the Decagon" the robotically-toned Soundwave droned.

                          "Keep an eye on them Soundwave, nothing can come between me and the Dark Energon Harvester Starscream has informed me about. Heartless, Nobodies, Soulless, greet our guests."


                          Out of a puff of black smoke, mysterious creatures appear in front of the heroes.

                          "GET OVER HERE, NOW" Spider-rider shouted as he rammed his Spiderleg blade into one of the creatures causing it to explode. Ezio slashed quickly at the Nobodies with a concealed blade. Grim attacked several heartless with his scythe. Akarui, Jaxen and Dansen attacked the large groups of Souless with their keyblades, cutting them down.


                          "The intruders are destroying our army with ruthless effiency, Lord Megatron." Soundwave reported.

                          "Send in Brawl's troops." Megatron commanded.


                          "Is that all you GOT?" Spider-rider shouted at the sky after all the enemies were cut down.

                          Suddenly a Decepticon Brute appeared, brandishing huge axes.

                          "Surrender" he said to the group.

                          "Surrender this" Spider-rider growled as he attempted to attack the Brutes. He got quickly knocked back.

                          "We can't attack these things, their armor is too tough." Akarui stated.

                          "What do you propose we do then?" Ezio inquired.

                          In a blur of light, a small car rammed at the brute, transforming into a robot, backflipping over him with grace and slashing his Energon Pack with a sword coming from his arm, causing the brute to explode in sparks.

                          Suddenly, a red and blue trucklike figure appeared behind the group, along with a yellow compact car, and two others. They all transform as well.

                          "Good work Overpower,now to save Zeta Prime." the red and blue truck robot called Optimus looked at the small group of heroes. "You are all valiant fighters,so we have encountered a problem. Our forces are currently unable to stop a Decepticon threat using those creatures that you have fought off bravely. I am Optimus, this is Ratchet, Bumblebee and Ironhide, and that is Overpower, he will be in charge of protecting you from the Decepticons. We must reach the Decagon and save Zeta, Autobots, transform and roll out." And with that, Optimus left, transforming back into his truck form.

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                            Ezio and the others got into their ship to follow the fast-moving Autobots. Ezio looked around and examined his new allies. He barely knew them, and his mind began analyzing them.


                            He looked at Akurai. This boy was too young. Too inexperienced. Of course, Ezio himself had started his career as an assassin and his vendetta against the Borgia when he was about his age, decades ago. His weapon is extremely powerful, and Ezio could tell he wasn't sure exactly how to use it.


                            His gaze shifted to the Grim Reaper himself. Strange that the embodiment of death would be fighting for a cause to preserve life in the universe. As an assassin, Ezio knew that death was necessary for the world to function, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Grim is obviously not evil, but he's not the most pleasant of allies. He acts intimidating, but at times, he's aloof, and even cowardly. One only knows what he's been through. But Ezio could not shake the feeling that Grim had his own plans in this...


                            The blazing presence of Spider-Rider was next to enter Ezio's mind. Ezio... did not like him. That may be an understatement. He takes far too much pleasure in killing and violence. He is reckless and does not seem like the type to create a strategy or listen to orders. Ezio's Order of Assassins strictly follow rules, and never revel in murder. Ezio could foresee future problems with this one.


                            Jaxen sat before Ezio. Ezio knew very little about him or Dansen. They were very quiet and reserved so far, but on the battlefield they were effective and strategical. Ezio thought they had potential.


                            But as the most experienced (as far as he knows) warrior in the group, Ezio felt a responsibility to his teammates. To protect them and ensure they do not fall. He would mold this group of ragtag warriors into an effective fighting unit like his Assassins.


                            The ship continued to follow the Autobots. A strange, robotic rabbit hopped slowly behind them, curious as to what was going on.




                            The dark and ominous hallways of Arkham Asylum were filled with violence and blood as a man only known as the Joker strutted through, releasing prisoners to fight off the guards.


                            "Joker? How did you even get out?" Two Face asked as he sat in the corner of his cell, the door swinging open.


                            "Well, Harvey, let's just say it involved a flashdrive, a strip of bacon, and the ability to wiggle my ears." Two Face glanced cynically at the Clown Prince of Crime, "And I know we've had our differences in the past, but could you help Scarecrow, Zsasz, and Mad Hatter hold off the guards while I find Harley? I have a plan..." the Joker laughed.


                            Two Face held up a coin, "I'll help," then flipped it to revealed a scarred side, "or you close my cell door and walk away..." Joker smiled as Two Face flipped the coin and the unscarred side showed up. "I'll help. I'll even get the heavy hitters like Ivy, Freeze, and Croc for you."


                            Before Joker could leave, Two Face asked "What's your plan?" Joker laughed and replied, "Let's just say I'm taking Harley somewhere nice. A whole new world for us to enjoy."


                            Joker opened Harley Quinn's cell door, and she leaped up and hugged him "Yeah! Thanks, Mr. J!"


                            "Now, Harley, run and get our usual clothes from the prisoner storage area and get out of here! But first, I want to see the bat..."


                            As if on queue, Batman burst through the window of the Asylum and tackled Joker. "This is over Joker!" he said.


                            "Oh, silly little bat! You couldn't be more wrong!" he chuckled maniacally as Heartless appeared around Batman. Harley ran up to Joker, who snapped his fingers, and the two of them disappeared into darkness.


                            "Damn!" Batman yelled.




                            "Hahahahahaha! Hope I'm not late!" the Joker said as he and Harley greeted other villainous figures in a poorly-lit room.

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                              Jaxen spun his head around the room, thinking either someone was judging him,or a robotic bunny was stalking us. He has weird feelings like that. He turned is head to his tea, when the silence was finally broken. "I have a question for all of you," Dansen said, "Do you even know what it is your fighting. Your just running into combat headfirst for no reason, you can't even touch them."

                              "Actually, the Guardian enchanted our weapons." Ezio replied.

                              Jax sighed and mockingly asked: "Okay, then whats the name of our enemy?"

                              The team went silent, and then one reply sprouted. "The Heartless."

                              Everyone's eyes turned to a young man who comes out the back hatch, with a robot rabbit in his arms.

                              "We're also fighting Nobodies."

                              "What the heck!"

                              "How'd he get in here?"

                              "I'll have fun gutting him!"

                              He sighed and told them his story as the Rabbit ran around the room, investigating.

                              "So," Akurai said in response to the story. "you're world was destoyed by you Nobody. I-I'm sorry... We would have helped if we had known..."

                              "We couldn't have and you know it, boy!" Spider-Rider exclaimed. "I couldn't even save them from Alchemax..." He finished grimmly.


                              "Kame... hame... HA!" The boy, Garmen, shot a Kamehameha at Dansen as they trained to pass time. He didn't go all out though, because that would probably kill everyone in a 5 mile radius. Yeash? As Garmen was shot at the window, Jax turned to Ezio out side of the training room, watching the fight.

                              "Why don't you go in and train with them?"

                              Ezio sighed. "You guess make just a me feel like I'm a weakling, I never could do those amazing powers God blessed you men with."

                              Despite Ezio's moping Jax smiled and turned to him. "Two words. Power. Appropriation. You're probably the strongest man in your world, and so are we. Thus, we have equal powers from the start. So you can fight without being wiped from existence like most people who fight us."

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                                "The foolish Zeta Prime tried to stop me," Megatron growled. "With him out of the way those pathetic Autobots will be leaderless and my Decepticons will pick them off one by one."


                                "Our newest recruits have caused the Autobots many problems," Soundwave commented "This world shall soon be completely yours, Lord Megatron. The only thing that stands in our way is the remaining Autobot fools and the mysterious otherworlders that have infiltrated our world."


                                "Those fools are of no importance to me. The Autobots are the only thing that stand in the way of the Dark Energon."

                                -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------


                                After learning Spider-rider's story, the ship was totally silent. Most of the people decided to go to sleep. Some stayed awake to steer the ship. However, a huge boom woke everyone up.


                                "What the-" Spider-rider yelled


                                "We took a hit" Someone said, cutting him off "We got to bring this ship down NOW."


                                The ship crash-landed on the Cybertronian streets.


                                "Great..now how are we gonna get off this planet?" someone grumbled.


                                "We got company, guys." Akarui stated as millions of Shadow Heartless and Dusk Nobodies lined the streets.  


                                "Get over here" Spider-rider shouted as he jumped into the fray, cutting down several enemies with dual-wielded spider-leg swords. Ezio was next as he took his crossbow and, using metal he saw along the streets, started cutting down the seemingly endless number of enemies. Akarui,Dansen,Jaxen, and Garmen worked together, ripping through the waves of enemies. Grim used his scythe to cut down the army of enemies. After the last enemy fell, a spinning drill-like Decepticon landed. Suddenly, debris from a missile shot cut off any chance for an assist from Overpower. The drill-like Decepticon transformed into a robotic figure with a whip-like drill, who then shot at the group with a Magma cannon, causing them to duck and cover.


                                "Mwahahahaa Bwahahaha, You will fall to the might of Overlord, as will all who oppose us." Overlord fired relentlessly at the group, laughing at their peril.


                                "We aren't going down without a fight." Akarui said, wielding both Keyblades.


                                "Did you not say we cannot hurt their armor?" Ezio inquired.


                                Garmen decided the time to act was now. He shot a Kamehameha wave at the Robot, causing a hole to be shot through it. Akarui realized, their swords wouldn't be able to hurt them, but other weapons could.


                                "Jaxen, Dansen, use the key" In unison all three used a special move to cut the giant robot's strength.


                                "You'll see me again, and next time, I will kill you all" Overlord decided to flee, transforming into a drill-like plane and taking off into the sky.


                                Suddenly, with a loud boom, Overpower came bursting through the debris.


                                "We are close to the Decagon, stay alert for anything." Overpower said.

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                                  The team of decided to head out to Decagon, the city of ten sided shapes- er, the Transformer's city. As they walked, flew, and drove through the broken and scared world, they wanted to be more of a team.

                                  Dansen, of course, had to be the non-conformist. He just stood, as if there was something he was upset about, but no one noticed or cared.


                                  "So Akarui, I never got to see your keyblade up close, mind if I take a look?" At that, Garmen decided he would walk with the rest, landing next to Jax with Ultra-Rabbid cradled in his arms.


                                  Akarui shrugged and summoned the Kingdom Key. Jax sighed and explained.


                                  "So, you haven't even gotten your own keyblade yet?"


                                  "Well," Akarui started, smirking. At that moment with a flash ofen it crashj light and golden feathers, the chocobo blade appeared and also the change of clothes did too.


                                  "Holy $#!%-!" The bad language sprung everyone's attention, especially Dansen, who knew he NEVER ever cursed. Ever. Ezio took his head away from fixing his broken arrows, knowing that he needed to reuse ALL of his arrows. Spider-Rider didn't seem shaken, he kept he kept preparing (ie gutting) and pig that was in the ship's refrigerator when it crashed, on top of Overpower.


                                  "Synch-blade 'eh? So the kid has something up his sleeve, last time I saw that was when we were hired to kill-" Jax's hand clasped onto his mouth. He didn't want them hearing this. Not this time.


                                  "Hired? So your assassins as well?" Ezio asked, putting down the "duct tape."


                                  "Not really, when you've been traveling the worlds since you were seven to help an old man-"


                                  "I was 29 god dammit!" Dansen interrupted.


                                  Jax continued. "You need to pay for gas and food. We learned that in feudal Japan. Remember Dan?"


                                  "Don't. Remind me." He answered.


                                  "So yeah, we've been around doing this 11 years. We were going to return when that stupid Nobody came along."


                                  Camping on rubble in the outskirts of Decagon. The group were munching on the ham that Spider prepared while Grim was forced to set the tents. While Garmen was feeding his "pet" Ultra-Rabbid, he heard a bang. And you won't guess what happened next. A heartless. A huge fleet of-jet, tank, and soldier like heartless. And in the middle, the Heartless of a transformer.


                                  Grim quickly chopped down a couple with a slice, when a heartless slashed off his cloak, revealing his tee-shirt and jeans. Ignoring his 'nudity,' he sent a hell-wave, engulfing many.


                                  Garmen boosted in the air, breaking the sound barrier. With rapid-fire ki blasts, they fell with ease. The rest took up the battle in ground, struggling with the tanks transforming from humanoids to tanks. Akarui was about to attack the biggest one, when a huge inferno burned it to the ground.

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                                    Why not squash the pathetic Autobots right now? Do you have some plan for them with this "Dark Energon"? Perhaps I could help you with it?" Remarked Alpha's more cunning and cowardly side to none other than Megatron himself.


                                    "You remind me all too much of that fool Starscream, why should I not scrap you and convert your parts into ammunition puny android?"


                                    "He merely wishes to join forces with you to aid both our goals." Spoke Alpha's brutal and war hungry side.


                                    "What could you possibly offer me that I can not take myself?"


                                    Alpha's scheming side took command once again, "I have access to a dark and powerful androids know as "Mavericks." Their supreme powers could easily help you collect the Dark Energon you crave."


                                    "Perhaps we have a deal Alpha, but I want you to prove to me what these Mavericks can do." remarked Megatron.


                                    "Very well Lord Megatron, I'm sure you'll be pleased." Said Alpha's cunning side right before his war hungry side took over. "MAVERICKS, ATTACK!"


                                    A legion of the more gigantic Maverick robots appeared and started fighting the Autobots. The Autobots fought valiantly, but were too unprepared for this new foe and were forced to retreat.


                                    "I belive we have a deal Alpha, yeeesssss." Concluded Megatron.