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    The Brown Recluse *CURRENTLY REVISING*



      Issue 1: Birth of a Recluse

      It was afternoon in New York City, and Jodin Vonne was being chased by the local gang. Around his neighborhood that particular gang had taken almost complete control. Jodin also made the mistake of ticking off their leader, a real bully named Robert Kingsley, possibly related to the original Hobgoblin, Rogerick Kingsley. He turned back to see if he had lost them. Unfortunately when he turned to look, he didn't see an obstacle in his way until it was too late. Jodin tripped and fell on the ground, giving the gang enough time to catch up with him. A burly member of the gang picked him up roughly and slammed Jodin's back against the wall of the nearby building holding him against it. A white, medium build, boy in sagging pants with a baseball cap on and a red t-shirt with racist slurs and curse words printed in the center walked over to Jodin.


      "Well....looks like we will finally get to chat about old times, eh Jo?" He grabs a crowbar from one of the gang members, each one of them smiling wickedly


      "You should have kept your nose out of our business, kid." One laughed.


      "You're dead meat, brah" Another chimed in.


      Jodin struggled to escape the grasp of the burly gang member as Robert came at him with the crowbar.


      "You got a lucky shot in last time. Its not gonna happen again. Say goodnight, Jodie!"


      Jodin stomped as hard as he could on the burly guys foot, then kicked him in the knee. The burly gang member he released his grasp, squealing in pain on Jodin to allow Jodin to get free. Ducking and Dodging the gang he ran away. He ran faster and farther than he ever thought possible.


      "Man, what a ******, always running away." He turned to the burly gang member "And you, ya moron! You let him get away!"


      "Sorry, Man" A deep voice said "I have really bad knees! Football Injury."


      Robert smacked him with the crowbar.




      "Want us to go after him?" One of the gang members asked.




      "Wuh? Why?"


      A smile crept across Roberts face,


      "I'm having way too much fun scaring the ****** outta the kid. I'll get him, eventually. But for now, I'll have the mental image of him underneath his


      bed, shaking with fear while cuddling his teddy bear in pure fear of me! Ha Ha, what a wimp!"


      The Gang Laughed in unison.


      Jodin escaped into the darkness of an alleyway far from the mocking laughter of the gang, running toward his apartment. Soon he felt the adrenaline rush wearing off. He grabbed on to the side of a building, in between two trash cans to catch his breath. It turns out he had stuck his hand straight into a spiderweb, where the spider in the web instantly bit him. Jodin quickly threw the spider off and studied the bite. Surprisingly, he didn't feel much pain from the bite at all. He quickly rushed home, planning to research the bite in order to treat it. However, as soon as he made to the edge of the alleyway, he began to feel very strange. The world felt like it was spinning and Jodin felt himself losing consciousness. He passed out shortly after.


      When he awoke, it was very dark outside. He contemplated going to the hospital to get the bite checked out, but decided to wait until he actually knew if it was a dangerous bite or not himself. Also, going to the hospital was very expensive and he didn't have the money for it. There was also some sort of feeling that came over him, reassuring him that nothing was wrong. He quickly got to his apartment, moving much faster than before, but without really feeling any fatigue or anything. There was still that calming feeling that passed over him, telling him that everything would be fine. He entered his apartment building, got to his apartment and went in. He turned on the TV, but his mother wasn't home yet. She worked extremely long hours for a pharmaceutical company named AlcheMax. Unfortunately, the pay wasn't that good because of some sort of union infighting. However, they were able to afford an apartment building that was nicely constructed and well-furnished. Jodin, truthfully never found out what his mother actually did at AlcheMax. When he got to the bathroom he went to check out his wound. He was shocked to see the bite had already began healing itself! He thought that it would take a while longer. He yawned and sat on the couch, flipping through channels, totally procrastinating doing the research on the bite. After a while he decided to go to his room and get some sleep,


      If it doesn't hurt, it shouldn't be that bad, right? Jodin thought as he dozed off.



      Jodin woke up much easier than he had ever before, plus he felt like something was telling him to get up. He was shocked when he found out he woke up before the alarm. His shock only increased when he realized how refreshed and free from fatigue he felt this morning. The only thing that was pestering him was a nagging hunger in his stomach. He decided to eat first instead of getting dressed, unlike normal. He rushed to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal. However, as he finished eating, the nagging hunger was not satiated. He was still hungry. He shrugged it off as just a normal sign of getting older. He wondered why it was happening at 18, though. He turned around and sighed. His mother did not come home that night. He grabbed his backpack and went outside, ready to take on the day.


      To be continued

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