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    JLA: Surrogate. Chapter 16 Completed!

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          Extra Space

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            Extra Space 1 xD

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              Extra Space 2


              Volume 1: Sex, Parties, and Assassins.


              Volume 2: Endeavors of the Past.


              Volume 3: Batman?


              Volume 4: New Member, New Threats Included.


              Volume 5: Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... flying spaceships invading earth...


              Volume 6: Invasion Part 2.


              Volume 7: The Calming Before the Storm


              Volume 8: The Storm.


              Volume 9: The Purge.


              Volume 10: The Kryptonian Wars.

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                Volume 1.

                Chapter 1.


                Alfed Wayne: I officially announce the grand opening of Metropolis' First National University!


                The crowd of students and staff cheer for their new life at college. We're singling on one student in particular today though. His name is Clark Kent, a handsome young man studying to be a big time journalist. No one calls him Clark though. They call him Chase.


                Chase: Why am I the center of this chapter of the story? It could have something to do with me being a futuristic alien from the Planet Krypton who are currently in a war with the planet Candor. But I think it has more to do with my journalistic studies.


                Kara Kent: Chase, get out of your own little world for a second and come on.


                Kara Kent, the sister to superman. Blonde hair, very beautiful.


                Chase: Oh yeah, and my sister Kara.


                Chase is seen walking up to the front door to the building with Kara, a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, and a hoodie that's colors red. Chase walks inside and he is points out his dorm by an executive director.


                Executive Director: Hey kid!


                Chase: Yeah?


                Executive Director: Watch yourself. You look different from the rest"¦ and not in a good way.


                Chase: Uh.. Thank you I think.


                Chase continues to walk and the Director continues to do her business even after she insults Chase. Chase didn't feel as confident as he did before, in fact he was feeling pretty bad about himself. He looks down his shirt awkwardly. Was he fat? No, he had a full six pack, that wouldn't make sense. He didn't even need glasses anymore, he had"¦ well"¦ I guess you could call it laser eye surgery. Chase had no blemishes, and in fact he looks quite handsome. Although that didn't make him feel better about the day.


                Chase: Hey Kara?


                Kara: Mmhm?


                Chase: Am I ugly?


                Kara: Seriously? Are you some pre teen little girl who was just rejects by her life long crush?


                Chase:"¦ don't need to be such a bi-


                By the time Chase was about to finish Kara was already long gone. Chase sighs and walks up a staircase to a dormitory. He opens the door to his dormitory to find his roommate unpacking on the bed on the left side of the dorm.


                Chase: Oh uh hey.


                Roommate: Hi stranger. You my roommate or are you just inspecting and stuff?


                Chase: Uh"¦ yeah I'm your roommate, my name is Chase Kent. You can call me Chase, Clark sounds too"¦ nerdy I guess.


                Chase extends his hand out and the roommate takes it, shaking it as a greeting.


                Roommate: Call me Barry. My full name is Bernard Allen, but eh, as you said it's a bit nerdy.


                Chase nods before setting his bag down on the bed,  opening it, and starting to unpack. Eventually Chase takes off his hoodie, revealing a very tight sleeveless shirt. While Barry was going to pack away some clothes in his closet, he notices Chase.


                Barry: Dude! Your ripped! Unnaturally. Do you take steroids?


                Chase was quite muscular, in fact he had muscle on just about every part of his body. A six pack lined his stomach and upper waist. Although, at the same time he was lean. One of the many things that make him very good looking.


                Chase: Of course not! God no! I just"¦ work out.


                Chase didn't like to show people his muscularity, they all accused him of taking steroids or some other type of drug.


                Barry: That's awesome! No one will mess with my bodyguard.


                Chase: Bodyguard?


                Barry: Yeah. You were probably going to end up as a bodyguard anyway.


                Chase didn't quite know how to take that.


                Chase: Ehehe"¦


                Barry: That was an insult by the way.


                Chase: Aha"¦ ok"¦ uhm"¦ ok.


                Chase finishes unpacking and sits down. He checks his watch. And starts muttering to himself.


                Chase: Eh"¦ it's getting kind of late, I think I'll probably read for a bit and then go to sleep.


                Barry: Your kidding right? It's like nine!


                Chase: Your point? I have to get ten hours of sleep at least.


                Barry: Oh my god, you are a boy scout. To hell with your innocence. Tonight we are getting you laid!


                Chase: What are you some 80's movie character? And what makes you think I haven't done"¦ that yet?


                Barry: Uh"¦ really? When your uncomfortable with saying the word sex then yeah it raises some alarms.


                Chase:"¦shut up.


                Barry: Don't worry man. There's a welcome back party some of the older students are throwing. It will be fun! Beer, women, and dancing. How could it get better?


                Chase: Your like from some TV show I swear.


                Barry: I get that a lot.


                Chase: You even have the "˜I get that a lot' catchphrase!


                Barry: Whooziewhaa?


                Chase:"¦I swear your just messing with me now.


                Barry laughs and gets ready to go. He puts on a red hoodie with a lightning bolt flashed across it. He's already wearing jeans.


                Chase shrugs and grabs his keys from the nightstand.


                Barry: Woah there, your not going like that. In a sleeveless shirt that you just sweat in, and jeans that are so ripped they could fall off at any second. You look like a total douche, go take a shower.


                Barry jerks a thumb toward the shower room next to them. Chase holds up his hands up in a "˜It's alright' type of manner while he grabs some of his nicer clothes and goes to take a shower. After a while, Chase comes back, clean and nice smelling. He is wearing a black long sleeve shirt that show off his muscles but not too much so he isn't embarrassed, jeans, and a tight grey hoodie.


                Barry: Now that's more like it Mr. Kent!


                Chase:"¦don't call me Kent"¦


                Barry: Why? It is your last name isn-


                Chase then clutches Barry's hoodie and lifts him two feet into the air wit hit, very easily.


                Chase: Don't. Call. Me. Kent.


                Barry: Alright Alright man cool!


                Chase let's go of Barry and he falls to the ground. Barry looks up at Chase with cold eyes before standing up, wondering how did Chase do that?


                Barry: I'm going to check the weather before we go incase we need to make like bananas and split.


                Chase: You're impossible...


                TO BE CONTINUED....

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                  Volume 1.

                  Chapter 2.


                  Chase: So"¦ what do you do in parties?


                  Barry and Chase walk up to the sorority building they are holding the party in.


                  Barry: Seriously? Are you really asking me what you do in a party?


                  Chase: Ehehehe"¦. Yeah.


                  Barry: You really are clueless aren't you? Ok fine if it wasn't obvious enough from every movie about a college party which come out at least once a year, drink, dance, drink, flirt, flirt, flirt, if you strike out, dance, driunk some more, flirt"¦ "˜bout it.


                  Chase: Wow"¦ is life some big sitcom?


                  Barry: I like to think of it as a fake reality TV show.


                  Chase: Hm, not a bad way of looking at life.


                  Barry: Not at all if your in my shoes.


                  Chase: I would like to be in your shoes for two hours, one hour of being a cocky smart ass and the other hour is contemplating your own sanity right?


                  Barry: You know it! So what about you huh? Where do you come from?


                  Chase: A small town. Very small.


                  Barry and Chase walk inside the sorority, everyone is talking to some girl, drinking, playing drinking games, dancing, making out on the deck, or socializing by the pool out back. Ah university, don't get better than this.


                  Barry: I am gonna go talk to Iris. "˜Bout time you get a girl smallville.


                  Before Chase could answer, Barry was already long gone. Chase starts to mutter under his breath.


                  Chase: Who's Iris anyway?


                  ????: Hotty of the school.


                  Chase turns around to the sound of the voice to see a beautiful, tanned, black haired, green eyed, and great bodied woman. She was wearing a shirt sleeved shirt with the label Guns N' Roses plastered on it. She was wearing shorty shorts and wristbands"¦. That almost looked like"¦


                  Chase: Hi. Uh"¦ my name is uh Chase Kent. Chase is good though. Uh"¦ yours?


                  ????: My name is Diana.


                  Chase stares wide eyed at her for a moment.


                  Diana: Staring at me is not going to help you get into my pants any faster.


                  Chase: Whaa!? I'm not trying to get into anybodies pants Diana. \I'm not like other huma-I mean other people.


                  Diana: Hm. You passed.


                  Chase: Passed? Your kidding right? Is this whole school just one big TV show?


                  Diana: TV Show. I like the way you think Mr. Kent.


                  Chase almost winces.


                  Chase: Don't call me Kent.


                  Diana smirks at his demand as she pokes him in the chest as a bully would.


                  Diana: Who's going to stop me?

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                    Continued from last Post


                    Just before Chase could do anything he heard a small shout from outside. Chase turned around and swiftly made his way to the pool side, Diana watching him from the doorframe. A woman, quite cute, was being pulled by some drunk guy. Probably forcefully trying to get into her pants. Chase acted on instinct, pulling the hand off of the woman so she could get away.


                    Drunken Partier: Wh-whaaa?!? WHA'S THIS? Superman is coming to save the princess from the dragon oooooo.


                    Chase cringes at being called Superman. This wasn't something he thought of himself as. Chase's eyes begin to glow yellow.


                    Chase: I think you should put the drinks down, and walk away.


                    Chase's eyes turn from a glowing yellow to a menacing dark red.


                    Chase: Right. Now.


                    Drunken Partier: Oh scary contact lenses. Big freaking deal.


                    Meanwhile on the balcony of the sorority, Barry is lip locking with Iris. Tongues and lips met as they mashed together. As the kiss progressed, thunder crackled over head. Barry, being a dunce, grabbed the railing behind Iris, but Iris herself wasn't coming in contact with the railing just yet. A lightning bolt shot down into the railing, causing the vibrations and electricity of the lightning bolt coursed through him cuasing him to break free of the kiss and let go of the railing but at the time it was too late. The electricity from the bolt was already coursing through him.


                    Barry: GYAAAAA!


                    Chase, noticing Barry's scream, restrained himself from jumping the distance from the ground to the balcony. Chase did in fact, jump over Diana in a single small bound, although no one was paying attention to it. Diana noticed it. And was quite interested.


                    Chase: BARRY!!


                    Chase slid on his knees towards Barry and snapped his finger lightly in front of his face. Barry looked at each snap. He wasn't even unconscious. Chase knew what he had to do, reluctant to do it, he had to be a hero today.


                    Chase: I'll take him to the hospital. Don't worry, I have a fast car, I can get there quickly.


                    Chase picked up Barry as if a real superhero would, by the upper back and the backs of the knees. Chase nodded at Iris.


                    Chase: I'll have him back to you in a jiff Ma'am.


                    The next thing you know, Chase bounded down the staircase, and broke through  the door. Chase had to do something that he hadn't thought of doing in a very long time. Using his special abilities. Chase closed his eyes and concentrated. Chase started to listen to every conversation in the district, and a single phrase stood out. E.R. On 4th and 4th. Bingo.


                    Chase: Don't worry Barry, I'll save you.


                    Chase crouches low. He had tears well up in his eyes of using this abilities, and they weren't happy tears. Tears of regret and guilt. Chase nods before launching himself into the air, at the speed of at least one hundred miles per hour. Chase apparently had known his father to fly at the speeds of mach 5. So this wasn't very fast. Chase boomed across Metropolis and eventually found 4th and 4th where he landed on the ground and rushed into the hospital.


                    Chase: THIS MAN NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION!


                    The doctors and nurses all looked at him with puzzled faces before noticing the soot covered Barry in his arms. The medical staff rolled out a gurney for Barry and plopped him on top of it. As they rushed him away into the depths of the hospital, an old doctor walks up to Chase and places a hand on his muscled shoulder.


                    Old Doctor: You are a hero young man. A regular Superman, that's what you are.


                    The Doctor walks to where they rolled off Barry, and Chase, while he is not looking, cringes. Chase knew he meant well, but there are things that he can never forgive himself for. This night will be one of them. Chase has disgraced Jonathan and Martha Kent this day by using his abilities. Abilities he promised never to use again.


                    ????: Okay your going to explain to me why you can fly right now.


                    Chase: Diana"¦ how did you get here so fast?


                    Diana: Maybe we're not so different Kent. How about this, I will explain my situation and you explain yours at dinner tomorrow, pick me up at six?


                    Chase: Uh"¦ sure. Why not?


                    Diana: Good, and if you stand me up, I will personally rip your balls off.


                    Chase: K see ya tomorrow.


                    Diana walks out of the hospital and it got Chase thinking.


                    Chase: Was I just asked out?


                    TO BE CONTINUED

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                      I think I'd hate to stand up Wonder Woman. :P Great job.

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                        Thanks Optimus! I wouldn't want to stand up Wonder Woman either xD. So, we got more today, B:S #4 and JLA #3 coming up.

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                          Great, I might have to delay 154 until later tonight or tomorrow, I'm hearing thunder outside and I don't wanna risk the electricity going out while I'm working.

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