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        Thanks a lot man! I really like the support :)

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          If you're still on, 154 is up. I'm gonna try to work on the next chapter now.

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            The Phantom: Rebirth.

            Volume 1.

            Chapter 2.


            Mrs. Tollie: Mr. Ryder, would you like to answer the question?


            Jake at this moment was kind of spaced out.


            Mrs. Tollie: Jake!


            Jake: Huh? Oh uh yeah sure.


            Mrs. Tollie: In your opinion, what is the most profound moment in history?


            Jake:"¦The death of Spiderman.


            Mrs. Tollie: That was a sad moment, but I have to disa-


            Jake: Disagree? Really? This man saved us and the world so many times that its hard to count. Who is gonna take his place now huh? There's no one who can"¦ and anyone who can is too scared to.


            As Jake finishes up the last of his explanation, him and Miles share a glance.


            Mrs. Tollie: Well"¦ good explanation Mr. Ryder.


            Jake: Yeah yeah.


            Jake and Miles are seen at lunch, at the same table.


            Jake: You know I was right.


            Miles: What are you talking about?


            Jake: Well, about you being too scared to be Spiderman.


            Miles: I tried remember? I jumped too far, and smashed into a windshield of a car.


            Jake: So? I'm still going to try and help as much as I can even though I was shot.


            Miles: I still think your crazy.


            Jake: I still think you're a little science nerd who can't bear the thought of actually helping the world.


            Miles: Shut up!


            Jake: What are you going to do huh? Punch me? Your too scared to! And you know it.


            Miles stares daggers at Jake for a moment before going back to his food.


            Jake: I'm going to get in contact with X-Men.


            Miles: Heh sure you will.


            Jake: What is that supposed to mean?


            Miles: I might be scared, but your too ambitious.


            Jake: What?


            Miles: You want to be a hero. That's not a bad thing, but you have to take calculated steps first.


            Jake: Eh"¦ math is definitely not my specialty.


            Miles: That is why you need to think this over.


            Jake: Are you saying I can't do it?


            Miles: I'm saying that you should slow down a little.


            Jake: Are you serious? When I was 7, and I was still turning invisible at random times, and going through all that, I couldn't think of anything better to do rather than being a hero. I've planned to be a hero for ten years. I was always too scared to do anything, and then Spiderman showed up. He was my idol the person that I could always look to if I needed. Then when he died, and I found out he was my age, I was pissed. I was pissed that the world couldn't stand up and change and this kid had to do it for them. No one did anything after he died Miles! The world went on. But when I saw that car hit that bank last night, I couldn't stand waiting another minute of no one doing anything. I had to do it for them. That's when I realized, that's what Spiderman felt. I know I'm supposed to be a hero. If your so much in your own world Miles, that you can't even see that the world is filled with more bad guys than good, then maybe shouldn't be a hero.


            Miles: Jake"¦


            Jake: Yeah I'm done.


            Jake takes his tray to the garbage can, cleans it off, and stacks it on top of the other trays. Jake storms out of the lunch room.


            Jake: Gah. Sometimes"¦


            Miles sighs.


            Miles: He's right"¦. As much as I am scared"¦ the world isn't saving itself"¦ and I gotta do something about that.


            The scene fast forwards to the end of school. Jake is walking down the sidewalk.


            ????: Mr. Ryder.


            Jake spins around to see a young man wearing sunglasses and a suit, his hair was snow white.


            Jake: Yes? That's me.


            ????: I have been informed that you are an unregistered mutant.


            Jake: Me? Who's asking, and matter of fact, who are you?


            ????: Agent Davids. I am a member of SHIELD.


            Jake: Well that's not true.


            Agent Davids: And how can you be sure of that?


            Jake: First of all, the man who raised me until the age of 15 was Nick Fury. So I'm not an idiot. Where are you from"¦ really?


            Agent Davids: Well Mr. Ryder, apparently I have underestimated you.


            Jake: Apparently you have.


            Agent Davids lashes out at Jake with a gloved hand. Jake dodges easily.


            Jake: Woah woah. Hands off the merchandise.


            Agent Davids slams his fist into Jake, giving Jake no time to react. Jake slams into the brick wall of the alley.


            Jake: Ow"¦ how did you move that fa-


            Jake tried to finish but barely dodged another punch.


            Jake: That was-


            Jake back flips to avoid a kick.


            Jake: HEY! Let me finish my one liners before attacking!


            As Jake lands, he is kicked in the stomach, and his head is slammed against the dumpster next to them, and the back of his head was slammed into the brick wall. Agent Davids held Jake up before throwing him down the alley into a ladder.


            Jake: Ungh"¦


            Jake crawled to his feet and threw a punch, only for his elbow to be struck, and his arm to be numbed from the elbow down.


            Jake: OW!


            Jake backed away.


            Jake: I guess this is the e-


            As Agent Davids took his first step toward Jake, a red and blue figure's feet slammed into Agent Davids, causing him to roll to the ground.


            Red and Blue Figure: Get behind me!!!


            The Red and Blue Figure back flipped in front of Jake. He wasn't much taller than Jake, in fact they were about the same size. As Jake got a good look at him, he noticed a webbing pattern that would fade out as it neared the waist.


            Red and Blue Figure: Your praying on kids? Honestly Pedo Bear, get a real job.


            Agent Davids: Spiderman? I thought you were deceased?


            Spiderman: Supposedly, Peter Parker is dead.


            Jake: Then who are you?


            Spiderman: You could call me a side project.


            The supposed Spiderman punches Agent Davids into the wall before grabbing Jake and shooting a web across the street and swinging away on it.


            To Be Continued"

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              Bad SHIELD agent! Bad!

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                xD xD. Well, see, Agent Davids isn't actually a SHIELD Agent. He used to be, but a mission went wrong. You will learn way more about him in volume 3. Agent Davids becomes one of Jake's biggest villains, like, Doc Ock to Spiderman. So the questions you have to ask yourself, why is Agent Davids out to get Jake? And What exactly can he do?

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                  IDK, I'll just wait for more info to trickle out. :P

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                    xD xD. So are you ready for the next chapter? Well of course you are xD

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                      Phantom: Rebirth.

                      Volume 1.

                      Chapter 3.


                      Spiderman drops Jake onto a rooftop and lands next to him. The sky starts to get dark.


                      Jake: Your costume is a little different than Spiderman's, but it's still in bad taste Miles.


                      Spiderman: My name is not Miles.


                      Jake: You don't have to act like a different person  around me Miles.


                      Spiderman: Dude, my name is NOT Miles.


                      Jake: Your voice"¦ it doesn't sound like Miles'.


                      Spiderman: Cause I am NOT Miles.


                      Jake: Then who are you?


                      Spiderman: Your just going to be straight up and ask me huh?


                      Jake: Uh yeah.


                      Spiderman: Well, I haven't really decided yet.


                      Jake: Eh?


                      Spiderman: Long story. I saw you doing some acrobatics that didn't seem possible for a human. You a mutant?


                      Jake: Uh yeah I am.


                      Spiderman: Do I know you from somewhere?


                      Jake: No. I don't have a persona as of yet.


                      Spiderman: Hm, can I see some of your abilities or talents?


                      Jake: I'd"¦ rather not show them.


                      Just then an alarm goes off at the museum nearby.


                      Spiderman: I got to go help. You gonna come?


                      Jake: Uh"¦ I don't know. The last time I tried this"¦ it didn't really work the way I planned.


                      Spiderman: Come on. You can't let a simple cat burglar get you down.


                      ????: I wouldn't say simple.


                      Spiderman and Jake both turn to the sound of a female voice. A woman with long and flowing white hair, a black suit with a fur belt, her hair propped up to make it look like cat ears, and green glowing goggles is perched on the rooftop above them.


                      Spiderman: The Black Cat"¦


                      Jake: You know this girl?


                      Black Cat: I might be a Black Cat, but I'm not the Black Cat you met before Spider.


                      Jake: So you are the real Spiderman.


                      Spiderman: It's very complicated.


                      Jake flips up his hood and zips up his hoodie.


                      Black Cat: Awww, now I can't see your face. I was enjoying the view.


                      Jake: Normally I would be flattered, but since it seems that bag you have is a bag full of artifacts correct?


                      Black Cat: Mmmhm.


                      Jake: So"¦ we have to chase after you right?


                      Black Cat was already running down the rooftop.


                      Jake: Crap.


                      Spiderman slings a web and Jake uses a step up grab to pull himself to the next rooftop.


                      Spiderman: You got some moves there kid, you take gymnastics?


                      Jake: I used to. I still remember everything though.


                      Spiderman swings toward the Black Cat who jumps easily to the next rooftop. Jake sprints and dives to the next rooftop, making it, but just barely.


                      Spiderman: You got to get like spring shoes or something.


                      Jake: Yeah cause everyone knows I can just go to my local J.C. Penny to get some spring shoes.


                      Spiderman: Just a suggestion.


                      Jake rolled his eyes before sliding under a pipe and vaulting over a ledge. Jake thought the building ahead of him was closer, and Jake was currently falling to his death to the street below.


                      Jake: GYAAAAA!!


                      Jake turns invisible and falls through the street and into the sewer waters.


                      Jake: Ugh"¦ I can phase through stuff. Cooooollll.


                      Jake jumps up to a sewer pipe and pulls himself up and onto the streets.


                      Jake: In the middle of a street in New York not a good situat-


                      A car slams into Jake, causing him to fly into the air, and into a lamp post.


                      Jake: UNGH!! That hurt like a mother fu-


                      Jake is webbed and pulled up onto the rooftop.


                      Jake: ARGH! I was just hit by a car! Could you show some restraint Spid-


                      Jake was about to say Spiderman when he saw the Black Cat with Spiderman's web shooters. Spiderman is webbed up against the ground and knocked out in the background.


                      Jake: How the hell"¦?


                      Black Cat: He crossed a Black Cat, seven years bad luck. As for you"¦ well there is something a little different about you.


                      The Black Cat pulls Jake toward her and just as their lips are about to meet, Black Cat lets him drop to the floor.


                      Black Cat: When you take a shower, we'll talk,


                      The Black Cat jumps over the side, but when Jake looks over, she vanishes.


                      Jake; Such a cliché outro.


                      Jake falls back, exhausted.


                      Jake: I wonder if I'm ever going to meet her again.


                      Jake rolls his eyes at the thought. A curious intention boils up inside him as he sniffs himself.


                      Jake: Yeesh. I really do need a shower.


                      Jake hears a gasp for air and looks at the supposed Spiderman.


                      Jake: Eh?


                      Spiderman: Th-the mask, it's suffocating me"¦ urgh"¦'


                      Jake scrambles over to Spiderman.


                      Jake: Don't worry.


                      Jake rips off Spiderman's mask with much effort. 


                      Jake: Oh my god.


                      Jake looks at the blonde Peter Parker with complete curiosity.


                      Jake: You are Spiderman"¦


                      To Be Continued"

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                        Ben Reilly! Except hes a Black guy in the ultimate universe, but I suppose his name could be given to a clone. :P

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                          Dammit! Op found me out again xD. But yeah, it's Ben Reilly xD. Oh and his Spiderman costume is the one from the movie xD

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