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        The new movie, you mean?

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          Yeah, the new movie xD. I thought the costume was cool. So ready for Chapter 4? xD

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            Yep, I'm gonna jump in the shower right now, I'll be waiting for it.

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              Phantom: Rebirth.

              Volume 1.

              Chapter 4.


              Jake looks on at the blonde Peter Parker.


              Jake: H-how?


              Spiderman: It's not"¦ exactly what you think.


              Jake: Th-then what?


              Spiderman: I don't have to tell you anything!


              Jake: Well I do have the mask that almost suffocated you. You want me to put it on you again?


              Spiderman: No"¦


              Jake: Then tell me!


              Spiderman: Okay. Fine. So, a while ago, Peter Parker had quite a mess on his hands with"¦ well you call them clones.


              Jake: Clones? Like Star Wars?


              Spiderman: Sort of, imagine they were making the clones, and the clones that Peter was involved with were the ones they messed up on.


              Jake: Oh god. So they made clones of him?


              Spiderman: Yep. They had one perfect clone, but she wasn't exactly perfect. She was a female. After they made her, they supposedly stopped.


              Jake: Oh, but was the rest of her fine?


              Spiderman: Better than fine, they were perfect.


              Jake: So what are you? A messed up clone?


              Spiderman: Quite the contrary.


              Jake: I thought you said the girl clone was the perfect one.


              Spiderman: Yes. She was.


              Jake: And I thought you said they stopped making clones.


              Spiderman: Well, they did. Not a specific person though.


              Jake: Who kept at it?


              Spiderman: So I was born about three months ago, in a prison. One of the security guards hooked Osborn and Doc Ock up with some sciency equipment. Yes I know sciency is not a word. So, anyway, they started working on the PERFECT clone. With Peter's blood and an extra dosage Oz. Soon after, I was born. Osborn hid me in his cell, and called me his son. When I saw him murder my other father from afar, I renounced him as my father. After I saw peter die"¦ I just"¦ I almost broke down, seeing myself die. So I decided, this crime ridden place, can't go without a hero. So, I stepped in, and now I'm Spiderman with a better looking costume.


              Jake: Then what's your name?


              Spiderman: Come on I told you who I am can't you just lay-


              Jake: What. Is. Your. Name?


              Spiderman sighs.


              Spiderman: I named myself Ben Reilly.


              Jake: Okay then. I hope to see you around Ben.


              Jake flips up his hood and limps/runs toward the edge of the building before turning invisible, and turning visible right before he hit's the ground.


              Spiderman waits for an hour before his webbing dissolves.


              Ben: Ugh. Damned kid, he didn't even tell me his name.


              Ben puts on his mask before jumping off the rooftop and swinging away.


              Jake walks down an alley way, reliving memories. The scene switches to a flashback, showing Jake as a little kid.


              Jake: Dad, where's mommy?


              Jake's dad is a blurry image, but you cann tell he was African American, as you can see, Jake turned into a golden brown tan from his mother being Caucasian and his father being African American.


              Jake's Dad: Don't worry. Mommy's only gone for the moment. Now your going to have to stay with the Morales' for the moment okay Jake?


              Jake: But daddy, please don't leave"¦


              Jake's Dad: Don't worry, I'll be back. Love you kid,


              Jake's Dad leaves the scene and Jake snaps out of his flashback.


              Gunshots explode from down the street.


              Jake: Showtime.


              Jake flips his hoodie on and sprints down the street.


              Robber #1: Every dime in the register in the bag. NOW OR I WILL BLOW EVERYONE'S BRAINS OUT!


              Jake: Wow you criminals are almost like a broken record. Get some new material guys.


              Robber #2: AH WHAT THE FU-


              Jake jumps into a handspring stance and kicks Robber #2 with both of his feet, sending him backwards into a refrigerator for beer.


              Jake: Language! This is a family place!


              Robber #1: You're dead Web Head!


              Jake: Sorry, you got me mixed up with a different super hero.


              Jake jumps towards the wall, pushes himself off and kicks Robber #1's head into the cash register.


              Jake: Your change is $6.95. Have a nice day in Jail Sir.


              Robber #3: Whoa, Danny! Johan!!


              Jake: Johan!? Oh my god, give me a second.


              Jake starts laughing, and Robber #3 takes out his pistol and clumsily shoots at Jake who turns invisible.


              Jake: Really? Do you think that I would come in here and stop a robbery with no super powers? I'm not Batman you know.


              Robber #3: You're a freaking Phantom!!! GAH! GET AWAY FROM ME!!


              Jake: Phantom eh? I kind of like that.


              Jake crunches his fist into Robber #3's neck, and he passes out. Jake turns visible again. The polkice and news team arrive at the scene.


              Jake: Officers! Thank god you're here! These guys tried to rob the place. I was able to stop them, but I think you will need to-


              Police Officer: Hands in the air!


              Jake: Are you serious? Are you freaking serious?!!


              Police Officer: We will drop you mutie!!


              News Reporter: As we can see, the mutant is resisting arrest.


              Jake: Oh this is just bogus!


              Jake turns invisible, and flips backwards, grabbing onto the lamp post and pulling himself upwards.


              Police Officer: Where did he go?!?


              Jake: In your nightmares, sorry I have just always wanted to say that.


              Jake jumps to the roof of the corner store and becomes visible only to flip the camera off. Jake sprints to the end of the rooftop. The scene switches to the X-Mansion where a young brunette is watching the news cast.


              Brunette: Hey Mr. X. I think we have a new recruit on our hands.


              To Be Continued"

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                Good chapter. So, are we gonna see Spider-Woman at some point? And I'm guessing that was Shadowcat at the end. :P

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                  Yes we are. Spider Woman will be appearing, but Black Cat will appear a lot more in the first arc. AndDammit Op stop finding me out xD

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                    Stop making it so easy to figure them out. :P

                    Good to hear.

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                      Phantom: Rebirth.

                      Volume 1.

                      Chapter 5.


                      Jake: Miles come here for a second.


                      Miles finishes eating dinner, puts his plates in the kitchen, and walks over to Jake's room.


                      Miles: Yeah?


                      Jake: Take a look at this.


                      Jake shows off his black mask with glowing white neon glass for the eye slits.


                      Miles: Pretty cool, do you have some other stuff?


                      Jake: Yeah, I spent most of the money I have.


                      Jake shows Miles his grey tight shirt. The bracers are black, and the gloves have spikes on them. Jake puts on his costume to show him. Jake is wearing jeans, a grey and black tight shirt, and a tight black hoodie.


                      Miles: Damn that's cool.


                      Jake: I know right? I'm going out on patrol tonight.


                      Miles: Have fun. Don't get killed.


                      Jake: I'll try not to.


                      Miles walks to his room and Jake closes his door. Jake puts on his costume and climbs out of his window. The scene fats forwards to Jake, perched on the top of a building.


                      Jake: This is so awesome.


                      Jake is making his voice sound rough and deep so no one will recognize him. Just then Jake hears gunshots down in the street below. Police Officers and Gang Members are going at it.


                      Jake: Awesome.


                      Jake jumps off the rooftop, turns invisible, and just before he hit's the ground, he turns visible again. Jake sprints into the middle of the battle, and vaults off a car, kicking a gang member straight in the head.


                      Jake: Usually when you see a guy in a costume, it means you want to run.


                      The gang members all turn their guns on him.


                      Jake: Shizz.


                      Jake, on accident, suddenly disappears in a flash of luminescent silver smoke.


                      Jake: Teleportation. Nice.


                      Jake smirks before teleporting behind a gang member, turning him around and using him as a human shield as Jake disarms him and uses his gun to shoot the gang members in non fatal places. Jake steps on the gang leader's chest.


                      Jake: Tell your friends about what happened here today, there is a new superhero in town. Got it?


                      Gang leader: I-I got it j-j-just don't kill me please.


                      Jake: Yeah I don't kill.


                      Jake kicks the Gang Leader's temple, knocking him out.


                      Police Officers: Hands in the air Mutie!!


                      Jake: Come on! I just saved you guys!


                      Police Officer: I said, HANDS IN THE AIR!


                      Jake: Screw this.


                      Jake disappears in a flash of silver smoke and ten feet above the rooftop he was on before.


                      Jake: OH CRAP!


                      Jake falls to the ground.


                      Jake: I need to work on my trajectory.


                      Jake stands up, and hears footsteps. Jake spins around to see The Black Cat.


                      Jake: Ugh, not you again.


                      Black Cat: I just wanted to talk.


                      Jake: I don't know if I like your idea of talking.


                      Black Cat: I was intrigued by our last encounter. I wanted to learn more about you.


                      Jake: Yeah, uh, our last encounter you beat the crap out of Spiderman and caused me to get hit by a car.


                      Black Cat: And you are telling me it wasn't fun?


                      Jake: Uh yeah.


                      Black Cat throws a punch and Jake dodges.


                      Black Cat: Still fast I see.


                      Jake: Still a jewel thief I see.


                      Black Cat slashes as his feet but he easily flips over the slice and sweeps her legs out from her.


                      Jake: Are you bipolar? I swear, one second you are saying you were intrigued by me, the next you're trying to slice my legs in half.


                      Black Cat: I'm just having a little fun.


                      Jake: My idea of fun, is watching a ball game and eating some snacks.


                      Black Cat: You are starting to bore me Ghost.


                      Black Cat pushes Jake down onto the rooftop, crawls on top of him and starts beating the living hell out of him.


                      Jake: Ungh"¦ is it weird that I am a little turned on by you crawling on top of me?


                      Black Cat: Are you now?


                      Jake kicks Black Cat off of him and rolls backwards onto his feet.


                      Jake: Yeah a little, but you spoiled by punching me in the face repeatedly.


                      Jake attempts to roundhouse kick Black Cat but she blocks it and counters with a kick of her own, in Jake's cubes.


                      Jake: ARGH!


                      Black Cat: I like my men to make a little noise.


                      Jake: I don't like women who try to kill me.


                      Black Cat: Who said I was trying to kill you?


                      Jake throws one punch which is caught by Black Cat and another which is caught by Black Cat.


                      Black Cat: Are you trained at all?


                      Jake bares his teeth at her but she just puts him in a clinch. Black Cat runs her tongue up his cheek.


                      Jake: You are the weirdest girl I have ever met.


                      Jake is flipped over onto his back and kicked in the chest.


                      Jake: Ow"¦


                      Jake grabs her foot and teleports above the rooftop, ten feet.


                      Jake: HA!


                      Black Cat quickly switches positions, and puts her knees to Jake's chest, who is under Black Cat now.


                      Jake: Shi-


                      Jake crashes down onto the rooftop, and Black Cat lands knee first into Jake.


                      Jake: PLUGHH!!


                      Jake coughs up blood onto the rooftop.


                      Black Cat: Hmmm.


                      The Black Cat takes his mask and is about to pull it off when she decides to kiss him instead. Jake, semi-conscious, can't do anything.


                      Jake: Mmph.


                      The Black Cat, break the kiss, pulling his bottom lip down with her teeth.


                      Black Cat: Not bad Ghost.


                      The Black Cat jumps off the rooftop and to the next rooftop.


                      Jake: *****.


                      Jake pushes himself off the ground and onto his knees.


                      Jake: Ugh"¦ I need to go home, gah"¦


                      Jake limps towards the end of the rooftop and teleports away.


                      Black Cat: I hope we see more of each other, Ghost.


                      To Be Continued"

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                        What a tease. :P

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                          xD xD. Who is this new Black Cat? The answer is revealed in the next chapter xD

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