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    A teaser trailer/game pitch

      For a game I'd like to see be made, though it probably never would. (But regardless, it was still incredibly fun to write this.)




      [Unspecified city corner in NYC]

      A man in a hoodie is seen running through a crowd of people, with a squad of Spec Ops on his tail. As they draw closer, he frantically pushes people aside and hooks into an alleyway. He continues to run deeper into the alley, and finds an unlatched door. He kicks it open and slips in.


      [Developer title screen shows] (I'd hope it'd be Radical Entertainment)


      [Inside unspecified building]


      He ascends a staircase to the second floor. He finds a lab room and hides behind equipment. Leaning on his back and breathing quickly.


      VA: They have been hunting me for years.


      Cuts to the Spec Ops finding the disturbed door and entering the building.


      VA (in a sorrowful tone): They have taken everything I hold dear.


      It shows him take a small picture of him and a woman from his pocket and look at it longfully.


      The Spec Ops ascend the stair case into the second floor. The man hears them and puts away the photo and continues forward.


      VA: They consider me a monster, but they are the ones who are corrupt.


      A tank pulls up aside the building as civilians flee, and a man emerges from the top with a large ocular device. He points it at the building, and the building is blanketed by a beam. The camera goes into the device and shows us an 'x-ray' of the building, and pinpoints the man.


      VA: All I've ever wanted to do was better mankind through science. But it all went wrong.


      The man says as he finds himself in a dead end. The Spec Ops catch up to him and surround him. Despair is on his face.


      VA: Now they call me the most dangerous man in the world.


      He attacks one of the Spec Ops, ironically lasts four seconds against the Spec Op's CQC training, and is then knocked to the ground by the butt of his rifle.


      They surround the man and one of the Spec Ops activates his helmet communicator.


      Spec Ops Leader: Subject subdued, bring in containment, asap!


      The camera lowers to show the man's face. His eyes open, they are green. And a smirk forms on his face.


      VA: And they're right.


      Camera cuts to the man in the tank, observing the room. A Spec Ops soldier is sent flying through the brick wall of the building (and is pretty much as mangled as you'd expect a person to be when thrown through a brick wall). The man in the tank is startled and drops the scanning device as gunfire, inhuman shouting and sounds of destruction are heard. He picks up the device and scans again. Nothing is visible as smoke and fire in the building is obstructing the device's view. Then another loud, inhuman shout is heard, crashing sounds are heard going up the building. And then the crashing sounds come back down rapidly, and a giant explosion of debris and smoke fills in the entire city block.


      The smoke clears, and the building is all but demolished. It's exposed, twisted pillars and framework then start shifting, and the building starts coming down.


      The camera shifts to an elevated view, showing the building toppling over, crushing the tank and the top of it colliding into the parallel building, resulting in even more destruction.


      The camera shifts to base of the demolished building, and among the smoke and debris, a large figure is seen emerging from a crouched pose.

      It turns, the smoke clears, and we see that is the Hulk. He is massive, his veins glowing green with gamma radiation. He is pissed. You can see just by looking at his eyes that this is the most powerful he's ever been, and may ever will be.


      Banner's VA (in a grim tone): They've ruined my life. All because they want the Hulk. They want his power.


      The camera cuts to a futuristic helicopter approaching the building. The camera goes to it's side, showing a Stark Industries label.

      Hulk looks up to the helicopter, and growls.


      Banner's VA (in an angry tone): Well I've had enough. They want his power? Fine, I'll let them have it. I'll let them have it all. Until they can't take anymore!


      The Hulk leaps into the air, clearing up to 60 feet in seconds like a cannonball, latches onto the helicopter, and roars. He then reaches over, grabs a rotor blade, and rips it off. As the helicopter plummets, the Hulk thrusts the rotor blade like a sword into the cockpit and leaps off. He lands and the helicopter crashes behind him, resulting in an explosion as the Hulk grimaces at the camera.


      [Title Screen]


      THE INCREDIBLE HULK: ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION 2 slams onto the screen.


      [Coming soon (or a release date or whatever)]



      Thoughts? As I said, I had some fun writing this. After some thoughts on Hulk in the Avengers, the idea and scene just sort of popped in my head, and I figured I'd write it down and in script/pitch form. And in retrospect, this should have gone in fan creations.

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          I don't tend to think of Bruce being quite so vengeful, but it sounds like a cool pitch!  I wouldn't be surprised to see a new Hulk game get made eventually.

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            Thanks. The theme I was going for was that this takes place many years after Ultimate Destruction 1, and they're still hunting him, and to make matters worse, he's framed for a terrorist act that he didn't commit, which makes Ross pretty much take away whatever Bruce had left, including Rick Jones and Samson. And Betty, don't even get me started on Betty. And Jennifer is also on a short government leash, and is being forced to hunt her cousin.


            So I think that with the story I've thought up, it makes sense for Bruce to be vengeful and embrace the power of the Hulk in order to clear his name and maybe get the military off his back once and for all, since we're talking a Hulk with power levels that rival Planet Hulk/WWH, but also a military now provided for by an equally pissed off Tony Stark, who's transcended even the Bleeding Edge armor by now. So it'd be an epic clash of the titans. A force of nature vs a force of an entire nation.


            And yeah, it would be really nice if there was another Hulk game, especially if it were made by Radical.

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              I think that actually sounds like a good plot for a future Hulk movie.