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    DC Surrogate Rebirth Presents, JLA.

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          Space for Chapters AS WELL hehe xD

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            Phantom daily=Win.

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              Space for Chapters :P

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                This time, just don't tease me with Powergirl being bicurious and not following through. :P

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                  Jay Leno walks onto the stage, and the crowd claps for him.


                  Jay Leno: Thank you! Thank you!


                  Jay Leno smiles and claps along with the crowd as they calm down.


                  Jay Leno: YEAH! GO J-Oh we're done?


                  The crowd laughs.


                  Jay Leno: So, we have some huge news tonight!


                  The Crowd oooo's.


                  Jay Leno: And it's not our economy dropping again. That's lolled news.


                  The Crowd laughs slightly.


                  Jay Leno: It's about-


                  Suddenly, a bullet blows through Jay Leno's head. He falls off the stage, landing on the camera crew.


                  ????: BORING OLD DUDE IS DEAD!


                  A man swings from the rafters, shadowed by the lights turning off. He lands on the stage and claps for himself.


                  ????: GO DEADPOOL! YEA!


                  The crowd is panicking but enforcers keep them from leaving.


                  Deadpool: As Ol' JJ was saying. We have some news tonight!


                  The crowd is forced to oooo.


                  Deadpool: WE'RE BACK BISHES!!


                  Deadpool shoots off a confetti gun.


                  Deadpool:  So, your probably wondering why it's Prologue.


                  Deadpool points upwards to the Chapter Title.


                  Deadpool: Well, it all started about"¦ two days ago, when the writer was looking through some of his JLA stuff.


                  Deadpool shows a picture of Weskron, scrolling through the chapters of JLA.


                  Deadpool: Honestly, and I can agree with this, he thought it was a little rushed. So we have decided something.


                  Deadpool points to Bob, Agent of Hydra and he gets a dozen Hydra Agents to do a drum roll.


                  Deadpool: In honor of DC's New 52...


                  Deadpool shoots his revolver, killing a mime who was holding a crank down. The boy falls to the ground, dead, and the crank springs upward. A huge banner featuring Weskron, smiling, and holding a thumbs up with the symbol of Weskron Productions next to him, and across the bottom of the banner is the letters, Reboot.


                  Deadpool: We are rebooting DC: Surrogate!


                  Crowd Member: What the hell is DC: Surrogate?


                  Deadpool turns to him, flips out his pistol, and shoots him through the throat.


                  Deadpool: Any more questions?


                  The crowd shakes their heads.


                  Deadpool: GOOD!


                  Deadpool gestures for some Hydra Agents to roll the chalkboard out.


                  Deadpool: So, one thing we have to clear up"¦


                  Deadpool writes on the chalkboard and points to them every time he says them.


                  Deadpool: JLA. Weekly. Or anytime the writer finishes up the chapter.


                  Deadpool writes in letters below JLA.


                  Deadpool: Phantom. Any. Time. The. Writer. Finishes. Up. The Chapter. Which will mean"¦


                  Deadpool writes below the previous statement.


                  Deadpool: Phantom. Daily.


                  Deadpool writes another explanation.


                  Deadpool: Since, Phantom is a custom project, it will always be Weskron's main project. JLA will be for your enjoyment, since we got a lot of good feedback at the time when JLA was released like Phantom was. Weskron also enjoys writing DC. But we didn't like the old universe too much, so we are going to go the classic writer's route.


                  Deadpool writes in big letters on the chalkboard.


                  Deadpool: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!


                  Deadpool smiles under his mask, looking at the nodding crowd.


                  Deadpool: Now, for the next couple days, we will release two prequel chapters for each main character in the JLA. We will also write Phantom, but JLA will come first.


                  Deadpool writes under the big letters.


                  Deadpool: Your probably asking, what if we want more chapters of JLA? Well here is the explanation. We will be alternating weekends. One weekend will be dedicated to Phantom, the next one, JLA.


                  Deadpool gets the Agents to roll the chalkboard back behind the curtains.


                  Deadpool: I hope you enjoy our new reboot! I know I will!


                  Deadpool presses a detonator, and C4 charges all around the building start to count down.


                  Deadpool: Last one out is a rotten egg!


                  Deadpool teleports away and the C4 goes off, bringing the studio crumbling to the ground.


                  To Be Continued in the First Chapter of JLA: Rebirth"

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                    I don't mind, just don't do what I said above you. :P

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                      XD. I'll try xD. No promises xD.


                      So, any very minor villains you would like to request? xD

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                        Yes, promises! :P

                        Does Doomsday count? :P

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                          xD xD. Fine I promise xD.


                          The guy who killed Superman when everyone failed to do so? Yea he's minor :P xD xD


                          But any really minor villains? xD

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