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        129 is up now!


        Requestions? :P

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          Chameleon. :P

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            I have plans for him :P


            I mostly need villain and character requests. Please help with that :P

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              Volume 2.

              Chapter 7.


              Jethro sprints through the streets of New York.


              Jethro: Oh god"¦


              Jethro runs into an alley way.


              Jethro: Wh-Wh-Errgghhh!!


              Jethro grabs his head and slides down the wall, next to the dumpster.


              Jethro: What the hell is happening?


              Jethro buries his face into his knees, and tries to wrap his arms around them.


              Jethro: Eh?


              Jethro wrapped his left arm around his knee, but his right hand seems stuck against the wall.


              Jethro: The hell?


              Jethro looks at his hand.


              Jethro: Uhhhh"¦


              Jethro tries to pull his hand off.


              Jethro: GODDAMMIT!!


              Jethro pulls with all his strength, ripping off a chunk of the wall bigger than his hand.


              Jethro: What"¦ The hell"¦?


              Jethro tries to pull his hand off, but it won't budge.


              Jethro: Hmmm"¦


              Jethro grabs the wall, and slowly slips it off of his fingers. This reveals hooking talons on his fingers.


              Jethro: Uhhhh"¦


              Jethro looks at his talons.


              Jethro: Huh"¦


              Jethro stands up and looks at the wall.


              Jethro: Well"¦


              Jethro takes his taloned fingers and presses them against the wall. The talons sink into it.


              Jethro: Here goes nothing"¦


              Jethro pulls himself upwards.


              Jethro: I could barely do a push-up or pull-up before"¦ now it's freakin easy.


              Jethro puts his feet to the wall.


              Jethro: Eh?


              Jethro sees a hole in his shoes, where a talon is sticking out of each hole.


              Jethro: Greeaaaatt"¦ those were new.


              Jethro looks up.


              Jethro: Only one way to go"¦


              Jethro takes his hand out of the wall and onto the wall, but higher.


              Jethro: Up.


              Jethro starts to climb, slowly but surely.


              Jethro: Oh"¦


              Jethro continues to climb.


              Jethro: My"¦


              Jethro grabs the ledge of the building with both hands, lifts himself into the air, and handsprings to his feet.


              Jethro: God"¦


              Jethro looks at his taloned hands.


              Jethro: This"¦


              Jethro laughs.


              Jethro: This is crazy.


              Jethro looks over the ledge.


              Jethro: Now how do I get down"¦?


              Jethro curses to himself.


              Jethro: Well"¦


              Jethro gets in a ready-stance.


              Jethro: Let's see what else I can do eh?


              Jethro sprints to the end of the rooftop.


              Jethro: YEEEEEYAAAAHHH!!


              Jethro leaps off of the rooftop.


              Jethro: This might have not been such a good idea.


              Jethro starts to plummet to the busy street.


              Jethro: GYAAAHH!


              Jethro flips into the air until he comes to a stop, his front facing the street. Suddenly, Jethro starts to glide.


              Jethro: Woaaaaahhhh"¦


              Jethro glides into an alley way.


              Jethro: Oh god"¦ I'm a mutant aren't I?


              Jethro grits his teeth and closes his eyes.


              Jethro: I have seen what they do to mutants in this country"¦ where do I go? Where!?!


              Jethro shivers and then thinks for a minute.


              Jethro: I know"¦


              Jethro takes off running.


              To Be Continued"

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                How about Stegron and The Lizard

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                  Lizard definitely, but Stegron... maybe not for a while :P

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                    He's a Stag, Steggy is. :P

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                      Volume 2.

                      Chapter 8.


                      Jethro runs through the yard of a mansion.


                      Jethro: Hhhh"¦ hhh"¦ h"¦ hh..


                      Jethro jumps up into the air, landing on the wall. He tries to climb up, but suddenly, when he accidentally touches himself, his talons retract.


                      Jethro: Oh"¦ crap.


                      Jethro falls to the bushes.


                      Jethro: Owwwwwww"¦


                      Jethro gets out of the bushes and dusts himself off.


                      Jethro: Now how do I get those things out aga-


                      Suddenly, the talons come out once more.


                      Jethro: Okay"¦ that works.


                      Jethro shrugs and jumps onto the wall.


                      Jethro: Hooooo"¦ still gotta get used to this whole"¦ climbing up walls thing.


                      Jethro is able to scale the wall, and get to a window.


                      Jethro: BRIAN!


                      Jethro bangs on the window.


                      Jethro: BRIAN!


                      A teenager comes to the window. He has short, brown hair, is quite muscular, and has piercing blue eyes. Almost glowing. He is wearing a t-shirt that looks like a flag, and jeans. He opens up the window.


                      Teenager: What? Are stairs too good for cousin Jethro?


                      The Teenager speaks with a heavy British accent.


                      Teenager: Ah my man, what's up?


                      Jethro quickly retracts his talons and grabs the Teenager's hand. The Teenager helps him inside.


                      Teenager: Uhhh"¦


                      The Teenager points at the holes in his shoes.


                      Teenager: What's up with the holes"¦?


                      Jethro: Jethro: Were you at the"¦ field trip Brian?


                      The Teenager, named Brian, shakes his head.


                      Brian: But I heard how you beat the hell out of Ray!


                      Brian raises his hand for a high-five, but Jethro just sits down on a chair in his bedroom.


                      Jethro: This is not a good thing Brian.


                      Brian shrugs and lies on his bed.


                      Brian: Why exactly?


                      Jethro looks at his hands.


                      Jethro: Okay, I'm going to show you something"¦ but you have to promise not to tell anybody.


                      Brian: Uhhh"¦


                      Jethro: Promise me!!


                      Brian: I guess.


                      Jethro: This is not a joke man!


                      Brian: Okay! Okay!! I get it, just don't take off your underpants okay?


                      Jethro: Okay"¦


                      Jethro takes a deep breath.


                      Jethro: Here goes"¦


                      Brian: What is it alrea-"¦Oh"¦


                      Jethro has jumped to the wall and then stuck on the ceiling, using his talons.


                      Brian: Uhhhh"¦


                      Brian tries to say something but almost falls.


                      Jethro: WOAH!


                      Jethro, in one jump, is on the bed, grabbing Brian.


                      Jethro: I gotcha.


                      Brian: ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS!??!


                      Jethro: With"¦?


                      Brian: YOU CAN STICK TO WALLS!


                      Jethro: Yeah"¦


                      Brian: THAT'S AMAZING MAN!


                      Jethro: Sure"¦ I guess"¦


                      Brian: What could you possibly say that for?


                      Jethro: Of course you would say it's awesome.


                      Brian: Yeah, cause it is!


                      Jethro: No"¦ it isn't"¦ I just lost the only chance I had at a semi-normal life.


                      Brian: You have superpowers!! I don't care if you want a normal life! THIS IS AMAZING!


                      Jethro: No"¦


                      Jethro's eyes start to well up with tears.


                      Jethro: Save this superheroing stuff for the people who like to save people from fires and LIKE to get punched in the face by super powered villains"¦


                      Jethro wipes the tears away.


                      Jethro: I just want normal.


                      Brian: Normal?


                      Brian laughs.


                      Brian: We are the opposite of normal, Jethro.


                      Jethro rolls his eyes.


                      Brian: We are freakin British guys that transferred here when we were kids! We have a higher grade score than most people! I mean your parents even d-"¦I"¦ I meant"¦


                      Jethro thins his eyes.


                      Jethro: Jerk.


                      Brian: I didn't mean it like that Jethro!


                      Jethro: It doesn't matter.


                      Jethro walks to the window.


                      Jethro: I just needed to tell someone about this"¦


                      Brian: Hey Jet"¦


                      Jethro: Yeah?


                      Brian: Stay cool"¦ alright?


                      Jethro: Yeah"¦


                      Jethro jumps from the window.


                      Jethro: I'll stay cool.


                      Jethro stands up and sprints away from the mansion.


                      To Be Continued"

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                        Talons are a plus.

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                          Gotta love the talons :P


                          But that means he can only use his hands to stick to walls :P

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