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      Has anyone unlocked it? I was supposed to because I killed this person 17 times in a match and he had the highest score the entire match.. He had 7.6k score at the end and I had 38 kills at the end and it was on kill confirmed.. So is it team death match only or is supposed to be the person on the opposite team with the most kills and not highest score?

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          Do a search, this topic was just discussed and has been several times on the forums

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            Yep, I've unlocked it.


            No idea when or how, in the first month maybe. Someone messaged me asking me what it was and I had no idea! Had to look it up after the game. Sounds like you should have too.


            If you get into a lobby and you and another guy are the best, you usually end up on different teams, and spend the whole game smashing each other (and get grudge match accolades). Think thats how I got mine.


            Edit: Seems like a hard one to get, for the effort you would think the emblem might be a bit more exciting.....like a big set of gold balls maybe.....


            Edit: I can't get "misery needs company" (cook a nade and kill an enemey and yourself at the same time). Performed the deed many times. Can't get it.

            Maybe there is an issue with unlocking some of them for individuals?

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