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    Avengers Alliance on FB


      Hello all thought I would start a discussion about my new favorite game. Would have thought Hawk would put this one up but since he didn't I am going to do it. Hopefully this will be a place we can discuss the game, friend up with each other to help each other, give advice on hero selection, research, uniforms, what to buy, what not to buy, PVP and more. I love the game and am sure many of you do as well.

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          My first question or thoughts is which heroes do you like to play with an why?'


          Of course I love IM and his unibeam is really powerful especially after you get focus. Also like War Machine and Ms. Marvel.


          Does anyone have Thor is he good? I noticed that both Cap and Panther look like they could be really good! They both have lots of bonus buffs when you enact certain powers and with Cap you always go first, but they cost 90 so it will be a while before I can buy them. Spider Man is tough I fought him in PVP and his spidey sense makes him hard to hit and then he can protect his teammates and dodge a lot of shots. If you loaded him up with defense and evade he could be possibly be the ultimate character in this game.

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            Haha, I didn't know I was supposed to make a thread.  You messed up the title though, ya got the initials right, but it's Avengers Alliance.


            Right now I'm at level 66, a stones throw away from 67.  My characters are Hawkeye at level 10 with default costume, Infiltrator movie costume, and blaster Heroic Age costume so I'll switch between different costumes for different fights to get the most outta him.  I have him loaded up with mostly attack shards since he's normally a bit weak and a few defense.  Mockingbird also at level 10 and she's pretty powerful with the Mocking Blow attack which does extra damage with enemies inflicted by status effects.  Her twins strikes attack grants combo set up and Pole Vault does dizzy which makes it so she doesn't have to rely on others to set up the Mocking Blow.  Her ability to switch between classes depending on who you fight is pretty awesome too and makes her versitile.


            I also have Captain America at level 8 and plan to start training him for level 9 later tonight after I get a few more thousand silver.  I don't have any other costumes for him yet, but he's really good.  The stat bonus he gives for Inspiring leader is awesome and the first strike is pretty handy too.  His shield throw move also has a status affect called Lock-On which gives damage bonuses for ranged attacks so he teams up pretty well with Hawkeye.  I got Thor last week, I think, and already have him up to level 7.  Super powerful with the Might of Mjolnir, though it takes a few rounds to build him up to full strength and once you do the hammer throw you lose all your Might.  Might and Enraged combined together is friggin insane though.  Thor absolutely destroys the enemy.


            Other characters I have are Iron Fist, Daredevil, Ms Marvel, She Hulk, Black Widow, and War Machine.  I don't find Daredevil too be that good, Iron Fist is a much better scrapper for his healing ability and Iron Fist.  I didn't like Widow too much until I got her Flying Kick, which has got some decent power.  And to be fair to Tasha, I don't have the greatest isos on her.  Infiltrators in general come off as the weakest class though.  I wanna get Wolverine and get the Brown and Tan Infiltrator costume.  She Hulk and War Machine I like.  Shulkie with her speed burst and raw power and War Machine is pretty strong everywhere.  I don't have his level 9 power unlocked yet though, since I mostly use Cap for my big strong tactician and team him with Clint.  Poor Ms Marvel is only at level four and I haven't used her much, haha.

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              I'm thinking I'm finally gonna start playing the game soon.  Anything I should know going in, HQ experts of Avengers Alliance?

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                The first chapter is pretty self-explainatory so ya don't have to worry.  You'll need allies to pilot your jet though so ya can friend me and I'm sure Iron won't mind helping out.

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                  Sure, sounds good.  Do you wanna send me your name (or at least your Facebook name) on a PM?  Or anyone that wants to be friends to help each other out in the game, since Facebook friends can send gifts to help each other out, right?

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                    Hey Rogue, I'm Eric Niewohner so just friend me on FB. You will need to have allies so you can have enough shield points so you can level up your heroes and also so you can man your planes without needing gold. It is also nice because each day you can view their city and get silver, shield points, energy and challenge points for PVP. So friend Hawk and I and we will be happy to help you out.


                    Hey Hawk thanks for the rundown on the characters, I want Cap and Thor but will have to build up my command points to get them. I am resisting spending actual money for gold, lol. So I will just have to get to five stars on my previous missions to earn those points. As far as gifts go can you send me lots of energy because I hate when I have to wait to play because I run out of energy. So if you can gift me that I will gift it back so you can play more too.


                    I changed the name, thanks Hawk.

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                      Awesome, thanks Iron!  I just sent the friend request, so if you got a friend request... well, now you know who it is.  That's kinda cool that you can see how your friends are doing in the game.


                      Do you have to put a credit card or anything on your account even if you aren't going to end up paying for anything?  I've never played a Facebook game like this, so I don't really know.

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                        Okay got two requests so I friended both I think the other one was Shadowdoggy, lol. Anyway we are no officially friends because Facebook says so, lol.


                        No you don't need to put a credit card on the account although the game is pretty fun and at times you want to be able to get more than what the points you have earned can get you, so be warned, lol. Happy you are getting into the game and happy to help.

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                          Well, if the internet says it, it must be true, right? haha


                          So, I just started now today (just at the end of mission 2, where you gotta staff a new jet, and figured I'd wait to get some Hero HQ support instead of spending all my gold! haha), as Iron knows, based on all the gifts he's sent.  So, I'm guessing there's a point where it finally tells you to stop sending gifts, right?  Because I basically started sending random gifts for a while, waiting to see if it'd finally tell me I couldn't send any more, though I didn't really get to that point.

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