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    My rose bush is bullet-proof.

      OK, one thing that has haunted COD for a while is this.

      I can shoot through THAT concrete wall-but that rose bush stops my bullets.

      I can climb on THAT grey barrel-but not the one over there.

      I think we need a bit of logic operating here.

      If its within the map parameters and its fragile you should be able to shoot through it. The bullet-proof blinds upstairs in GRID used to frustrate the hell out of me!

      The bush in the center of BOOTLEG withstands a M60.

      There's random 4ft walls my big, strong soldier can't get over. Really?



      Can they TRY to make it logical and consistent? If you don't want us climbing on a tank hulk-cover it in fire! Don't want us shooting through a bush-make it a crate with steel bindings. We can see through the slats, but not enough to pull off a shot. Have it make sense!


      I don't think this is a lot to ask, do you?