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    COD has it problems but...

      Sure COD has its problems. All online multiplayer games have issues today.


      Multiplayer to us older gamers(Im 31) back in the day was sitting next to your friend playing Mario Bros waiting for him to die so you could take your turn or playing Contra simultaneously.


      Today playing true multiplayer is done online. This believe it or not is still very new and a work in progress. Think just 5 years ago many people didn't even have a broadband connection.


      Imagine how hard it is to prgram a game to work on a grand scale. COD has a huge player base all over the world. Maybe in the next 10-15 years they will have online games playing flawlessly just like your oponents are in your living room playing on your console with you.


      Kids these days want everthing and they want it now. Im not making excuses for the developers. This was just a thought. Muliplayer today is still awesome compared to what I had as kid. So the question is: is it really as bad as we make it out to be?

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          Re: COD has it problems but...

               No, its not bad at all. The people complaining are most likely kids in their early teens. Kids these days are spoiled like crazy. All you ever hear is "waa, waa, waa" . Everyone only focuses on the problems with the game. Its a shame.

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