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    Black Ops 2 Zombies Perk Ideas

      I've been thinking and I've come up with a few ideas for what Black Ops 2 Zombies could have:




      • Perk-a-Cola+ - Basically, the Perk-a-Cola+ bottles are normally dispensed through the regular perk machines, but there is a 25% chance you'll get a PaC+ Bottle. You'll be able to tell if you do by the bottle glowing when it is dispensed and the symbol of the perk will be glowing the colour of what it is rather than being dull.. It does cost the same as normal perks though. Here's what they'd do for you:

                -Quick Revive+ - Revive teammates 5 times faster (Normal QR = 3 times faster).

                -Juggernog+     - Take 14 hits from a zombie (Normal Juggernog only takes 7 hits).

                -Speed Cola+   - Reload your gun 5 times faster (Normal SC does it 3 times faster).

                -Double Tap+    - Fire your weapon 4 times faster (Normal DT does it 2 times faster.)

                -Stamin-Up+     - Run for 3 times longer than normal (Normal SU does it 2 times longer).

                -PHD Flopper+  - Drop a bigger nuke when Dolphin Diving.

                - Deadshot+      - No change

                -Mule Kick+      - Lets you have 4 guns (Normal MK lets you have 3 guns).


      • New Perks? - I have thought of 4 new Perk ideas, and this is what I came up with:

                -Caffiene Kick  - Makes you aim down the sights of your gun faster. Also makes you go back down to hip firing more quickly (Cost: 2000p)

                -Morphene Hit  - Makes your weapon useful for a change. Shoot your downed teammates to revive them. (Cost: 3000p)

                -Cheap Vodka  - Allows you to open doors, buy guns, use the box etc for half the price. (Cost: 4000p)

                -Helium Pump  - Makes you jump 3 times higher than normal. (Cost: 2500p)


      Let me know what you think about it in the comments!