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    [ Wii U ]  The switch to hd : is it positive?





      When i was posting at that other thread about the differences in the game thanks to the console, i was thinking : is the switch to hd positive? or negative?



      If you look at the stats, we have less campers, less blending in with the location ( soldiers and area look the same in hd ) harder killstreaks to get and the easy killstreaks are not on the wii.


      So is it actaully positive that we are gonna change to a hd console to? Because we are gonna lose a console with less campers less killstreaks and some other stuff.


      What do you all think? I think that it is negative, we are probally getting elite and we will need to pay for other stuff to unlock in the wii U... map packs...stuff like that.


      Is it positive? ( the change to hd )




      Ty for reading, and post what you think.