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    NEW UPDATE NOT OUT YET but this is what ive hered ? read

      1 of my mate got of the phone and they said about the update it was ment to be yesterday but we think it mite come out on the new maps


      when you get the update it will down load a worm in your system to check all your stats to see if you have been cheating then it will send a report back and if you have it will automaticaly take every thing off you all tittles emblems all your points and - 10.000 deaths as well kicking you out off what ever clan your in


      if it all checks ok and you have not cheated where your callsigns are 2 page you have clan emblems there aparently there was a mess up on there updates the yellow title is back to front with the blue 1 should be top .


      they are taken all the clan titles out of you callsigns and you will now only be able to wear them in clan so if you leave the clan you wont have the title in your callsigns its officail its going to hapen all the emblems you,ve earned you will keep thats what they said on the phone


      hope the infor was good enuf for all