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    Love the latest update!

      While everyone else, it seemed, was complaining about lag and glitchy game play I've been enjoying a basically problem free experience.

      Thanks to the new update, this is no longer true. Now, when I search, it says I can only find up to 10 games. That's special.

      And when I'm with a group, after about 2-3 matches it gives me party leader and tells me no one else in the party has the connection to be made the leader. I have to back out to give leader back to the others. That's special, too. I'm also liking whatever they did with the explosives. Hit a guy with an RPG and he walks through it but people farther from the explosion point die instead. Veeeerrrrryyyyy special.


      I defended this game with others. If the last 2 nights were anything to go by, I'm done with that.

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          Welcome to the game I've been playing since November.


          Those are by far, nothing new to me. lol. Sadly, those things are just slight annoyances now, that i've grown to know and love compared to all the other bullshi7 that happens in this game




          Has yours started doing that awesome thing where it kicks everyone out of the party saying the server is no longer available?

          Or where it freezes as soon as you click multiplayer while it tries to sign you into xbox live, even though you are already signed in?

          Or refuse to find a lobby that isn't already in progress and on the losing team?

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            The last patch has jacked me in an almost opposite way.  There are more matches available to me now and I have no problem getting into one.  But once I'm in, I have a considerable delay behind every single other player.  It's as if the compensation lag is turned on in full affect on me.

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              Hit a guy with a vest on with a SMAW, he didn't die.

              This is real life.

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                That comment about "doesn't have the connection to be party leader", I saw that last night for the first time ever trying to pass it to my friend who's on 50mb fibre optic, very strange.

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                    Been seeing that for quite a long time myself. In a lobby with 5 other guys and apparently I'm the only one with a strong enough connection to host.


                    Unless of course, we all back out, one of them starts a room and then invites us and then low and behold, it's magically strong enough.

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                        Yeah this is getting ridiculus we pay to play an amount of bugs ...


                        why ppl bother using an rpg to KILLSOMEONE that is annoying on game, if that person has an assasin pro with a BLAST shield connection ?? ... The result is a hitmarker and getting killed by himself with a knife or a dropshot or quicked scope ....


                        Welcome to Lag Warfare 3 the house of bad lines ...

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                      Ever since the last update I've been getting into really laggy games, or games where I'm 4-barring it up and get all the lag compensation. IW needs to go back to the CoD4 servers, those coders obviously knew what they were doing out of everyone else. Or IW, needs to stop sucking little baginas and code the game when the game was meant for 17+ (Mature). I thought TreyArch was bad, but this is just outrageous!