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    I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?



      I am not attempting to accuse every scoper, as I know that some of you are very good ( I have a few friends who are excellent, legit, quick scopers). I saw something very weird this weekend in full-force...




      I was in a few games seeing this: People running around with snipers and killing people with a little more ease than usual. One game was a clan and they were all quickscoping and posted some pretty nice scores.  I have seen people do this, but I swear I was watching a few people who seemed to have very good accuracy (maybe too good?) . They were out in the open and barely stopping to take their shots... to the point of them seriously questioning their legitimacy.


      I know their are no "auto-aim" hacks on the PS# (as of yet), but these people were acting as ifi there was. A friend was telling me how it was possible to "rig" your TV so you do not really have to aim. Back in MW2 I saw a few people who would tape their TVs so if they put someone in a circle or whatever they knew that when they zoomed in they would be right on target. Most of the community laughed at them people so it slowed down (and it ruined the TV!). But after my friend was telling me this, I thought "I wonder if people are still doing this"


      Some people are very good at scoping. To those who are, bravo. But after seeing some gamers run into a room and clear out a few people and never (well barely ever) missing... it got me thinking.  Has anyone see this before: Blu(e) Tack


      Seems pretty cheap to me. (not posting a youtube link as I do not condone it, but one can easily find it)


      Again, I doubt most players are doing this, but after what I saw this weekend... Can someone who is very good at quickscoping chime in?  I think my question to you is: As a quickscoper, are you seeing some weird over the top scoping going on that even makes you think: "hmmm!?"


      Any post that is simply a trolling "you got butt-hurt" exercise will be ignored as even in the match I described above, we did win (but please feel free to post them if you think it is required)

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          Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

          legit cheapscopers hahaha that one made me laugh,  but i agree it seems that cheapscoping has become very easy to pull off without hardlys any effort what so ever

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            Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

            Actually that could be a great idea for learning how to QS.  Never thought of it but it's simple and probably really effective.  Sure it's cheap but you've got to appreciate the inginuity.

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                Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                True, I never thought of it that way.  But when one learn's how to do it, do they take off the "dot"


                It is like people who would hack their receivers to get free TV. They called it "testing" e.g. you were testing if the hacked box actually worked.  The problem is, people would "test" indefinitely...

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                Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                I leave games where I stand no chance at all, very fast. Qsing me out in the open, yeahj no way.


                It's not only snipers. ever gun Insta-kills you without a chance in these fair lobbies.


                I call it Lagvantage. People qsing are generally easy kills, unless they are fast and keep some distance.

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                    Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                    Yeah I would agree, but these people were right in your face. Like during a DZ game, they would run right into the enemy controlled DZ:


                    Shoot - dead, take a step to the right

                    Shoort - dead, take a step to the right

                    Shoot - dead, take a step to the left

                    They died.


                    Now someone good (and better yet with lag adavantage) one could do this fine. But it was not how many people they killed, it was how easy it was, and how fast they were shooting and not missing.


                    One guy no-scoped me (as an example) with such ease I had to watch the kill cam. I had the jump on him and turned and poof I was dead. This happens of course, but to me it looked like his sniper was exactly were it should have been. Very hard to describe what I am talking about, I guess oone had to see//experience this.


                    Note: I ahve seen people do some amazing stuff, even full clans of scopers doing well. But here and there, I am seeing some stuff that has everyone on the team saying: "How are these guys doing that" (even some half decent snipers).


                    Anyways, still looking for a quickscoper to chime and and say either:


                    - Yes I have seen this and this is what is going on (whatever it is is: me being a noob, me on the bad side of lag, yes people are tacking their screens, no people are not taking their screens, etc... with some sort of proof/personal experience of what they do)


                    again, unless you have seen what I am talking about, it is very hard to describe in words (and I am fully willing to accept it was just mega lag). Note: I am not talking about some guy popping out of nowhere and killing you (lag), I am talking about some person just walking around picking people off so fast and with monster accuracy that it is hard to believe anyone is that good.


                    just asking...

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                        Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                        holy crap I type a lot

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                          Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                          Well if I have lagvatage, I will hit every pop-shot going 50 plus. I have had these games on dome. They are rare though. The time it takes to get an accurate ohk shot off with qdraw is just 0.2 seconds, if you have latency / lagdisadvantage problems, you basically cannot beat / react in time to beat the ohk. It helps if you hold the hold bearth button while qsing.

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                              Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                              Fair Enough


                              I know that the biggest trick (aside from quickdraw) for quickscoping (well for any scoping really) is to get your target in your x-hairs before you scope in.  You do hve ot know where the enemy is and the "skill" is being able to aim properly (on target, and at the right part of the body, etc...)




                              If there was a way of guaranteeing that you are on target, one could scope (any kind) more easily. I am just wondering if this could be happening (e.g. some poeple doing it).


                              Maybe I am answering my own question...

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                          Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                          I consider myself a pretty good sniper. In this game that means Im able to quickly scope in or 'drag scope' as well as conventional sniping. I will usually post decent scores (My best being 52 kills with the MSR in a game of KC) with a sniper rifle and always stay positive. Put it this way, I RARELY find another sniper that gives me a good game... Until the other day.


                          I usually check the in-game leaderboards and noticed that one 'restarter' had incredible stats, (17 KD). At this point I was very keen to play against him as curiosity got the best of me. He ended up on the other team and, low and behold I killed him twice before he pulled the plug and ended the game (he was host). I decided to call him out as a dashboarding booster. He replied with rage and insisted we do a 1v1 snipe only. I usually dont waste my time with these kinds of things but I gladly accepted as I knew I could hold my own against most players, especially with a sniper.


                          Let me just say, I have NEVER faced someone as good as this guy. We did a private match of free for all on Dome and he ended up picking me off before I could even get a chance. His accuracy that game was something ridiculous like 80% and he ended up beating me 30-13. I dont know if it was cause the radar was always on and he had just gotten that good at QS'ing, but he definitely was the best I have ever faced. I honestly dont think regular 2-3KD players stand a chance against this guy using a fully auto.


                          Whether there was something fishy going on, I honestly dont know. He still missed a couple of shots but over all he was ridiculously accurate and I hardly stood a chance as I would die as soon as he appeared on my screen.


                          For what its worth, check out his ELITE, his PSN is Kozmic-spartanx. I wish I knew what his real PSN was that he had been playing on all along before making the restarter account as it would have been easier to judge his innocence then, To answer your initial question, no I dont use the tape technique you have mentioned and have actually never heard of anyone who does.

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                              Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                              I can imagine that someone could rise and be that good.. I mean somebody does have to best at something right?


                              I have not played with or against you so I will take your word that you are good a scoping: so it does make me think that people who are good would not manipulate their TVs, or (knowingly) associate with anyone who does.


                              but... Does it not make you think that something is weird when someone is THAT good? I mean it must be possible just with hand-eye coordination...but THAT good?


                              Thanks for your input.

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                                  Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                  Man, being dead honest, I have no idea how someone is, or ever got that good, but hey, ive been proven wrong so I never really thought much of it afterwards. I was hoping the guy would keep me on his friend list as I would have loved to face him again, but he deleted me shortly after the game. Overall, I think its near impossible to tell 100% if someone is legit or not. I have seen MK14's fire faster than ACR's, but some people just have incredibly fast trigger fingers as Ive seen before. Its really hard to judge in this game when coupling in lag and all the rest of the factors.

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                                  Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                  What you've found good sir is a stat booster.  It may seem like this guy is other worldly but as soon as you killed him in that public match, he dashed.  If things don't go exactly his way, then it's PS button, sign out for him. 


                                  Truly shows you the level of his skills right there.  Anyone can have a good game every once and a while, but to do it consistently is beastly.  That guy is not. 

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                                  Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                  Don't get confused, the PS3 has several usb downloadable aimbot hacks readily available out there. The group I play with had a chick in it, who admitted openly to several members that she uses an aim bot hack on her PS3, said every shot she gets was a head shot, and that she had half the head shot challenges done for her weapons.

                                  I've played against her before and could never figure out how she always got head shots over and over on me, especially when she'd just come around a corner and BAM headshot...then her admission. I have stopped playing with her over this as have several others, and she has been reported, but there's still a few who do and yup, she still uses it. She's utter garbage without it.

                                  I may not have a real high KDR, but its my KDR (kdr1.07), i've earned it fair and square with no help from hacking, glitching, lagging, or aimbot assists. But rest assure yes, there are aimbot hacks for the PS3.

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                                    Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                    Hes not a hacker he just played kill confirmed and got a really good score and stopped playing so his kd would be so high

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                                      Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                      You never know. They're could be an aimbot hack as new hacks appear on youtube on a daily basis. But they could be completely legit and discovered eachother on youtube and got together as a clan. Who knows?


                                      I simply a "hardscoper" Simply because I don't like to miss my shots. I do it quick enough to not die. But I'm not quickscoping. I panic quickscope when an enemy catches me off gaurd from turning a coorner appear 2 feet in front of me. But it's a lose-lose situation on my part because people get pissed when I do it. But if I panic knifed them instead, then they're still pissed.


                                      If it wasn't for the Overkill Perk, then I wouldn't snipe at all in this game. This game isn't great for sniping like previous Call of Duty games. World at War was perfect for playing a snipers role. I'm not talking about quickscoping. I'm talking about finding a spot to dig in and snipe your face off. I hope Call of Duty, whether it's made by Infinity Ward or Treyarch, makes another game where they can factor in the sniper's role again. And LMG's

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                                        Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?



                                        There was video of some young guys selling a thing that held a laser pointer in place dead center of your crosshairs.  It was here on the forums.


                                        I took one of my kids jelly sticky things and took a tiny chunk of it and  stuck it dead center of my crosshairs after watching the video (I aint pointing a laser at my tv for hours on end) and I will be honest man it did absolutely nothing for snipers and very little for other guns.  The fire pattern is so random within the crosshairs that the red dot on my tv was worthless.  It fell off after a game or two and the vaccum ate it.   


                                        It did help some with hip firing from high accuracy weapons while using steady aim as it essentially gives you a rds from the hip.


                                        In private match you can hip fire into the concrete walls and the pattern is all over the place.


                                        I think it has to be someghing else, possibly just really good players or some type of hack.


                                        I wouldnt consider someone putting a small dot on their TV  a hack or considered modifying their tv's either.  I mean if thats the case people using kontrol freaks are modifying their controllers for an advantage as well.  I mean if putting a dot on your tv is the key to being good then shame on the rest of us for not doing it.....  All of us could do that which makes it fair IMO.

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                                            Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                            Thanks for this...


                                            Question: Considering that when you hip fire the bullets shoot randomly in the cross-hairs, Iw ould expect that having a "dot" on your screen would not provide much help.




                                            If there was a dot on your screen, and you placed that dot on a target then zoomed in with a sniper and fireed just as you zoomed in...


                                            Fine: posting a video: (searched for glue tack mw3)


                                            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHV70z5Iqcs (this one no so good but...)



                                            and another:



                                            Again... I am not accusing anyone just because they quickscoped me. But sometimes I see people destroying their enemies while quickscoping and I just wonder: "wow, either they are stupid good, or they are using some cheap method to aim straight on you all the time"


                                            Interesting discussion.. closing it.

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                                                Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                                Notice the "sway" illusion:


                                                Your cross-hairs are always in the middle of your screen.  The sway is the background moving, and not your gun. I guess if one practices putting a target in the middle of the screen before zooming in, you can scope.


                                                I wonder if this is the "skill" everyone talks about

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                                              Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                              Good post rlbl,


                                              I experienced quickscopers with none of these issues mentioned. But during the clan ops I noticed more (or maybe more players were online).


                                              And I say if you can QS then go for it, they are the least of my concerns. I love seeing them miss, shot miss again and then lunge at me..

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                                                Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                                Sometimes that just how the game works. I played a S&D match on Seatown and final kill was a quickscope. The crosshair wasn't even close to the guys head, the bullet tracer clearly hit the ground, but the guy walked away with a headshot


                                                Everyone in the lobby agreed that he shouldn't have gotten the kill. Quickscoping can have such horrible hit detection

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                                                  Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                                  Hi rlbl,


                                                  Nice post again. Enyoy reading your threads.


                                                  I know nobody will probably believe me but I've never been quickscoped by anyone yet. Not even on all other COD's. I've been playing them all since 2010.


                                                  I must be just lucky or not get into lobbies with quickscopers. I'm glad aswell cos i've watched a few vids of people doing it etc, and it doesn't look to be much fun getting killed by one. I know their out there just strange i've never bumped into any of them. Hope I never do aswell, lol.


                                                  I know I have'nt contributed much to the discussion but as I've said I enjoy reading your threads, aswell as some of the regulars on here, ie, lsjar11 and ghamorra, and a few others I can't remember at moment.

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                                                    Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                                    I would say I'm pretty competent with a sniper rifle and I'm decent enough at quickscoping that when not hampered by the effects of lag compensation, I'll connect with a decent percentage of my shots.  It took a good few months to get there, with some terrible FFA performances, and a crushing of my W/L ratio and KDR, but nowadays I'm pretty much always positive by a decent margin. 


                                                    Anyway, when I was starting out trying to quickscope I went on youtube and searched for as many vids with tips and advice on quickscoping and also sniping in general, since it had never been one of my strong weapon classes.  I did come across a vid showing people putting makeshift red dots on the screen to improve their accuracy, so I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try.  I actually found it to be more of a distraction than anything else and quickly decided it wasn't for me, because I was focusing more on the dot than the target. 


                                                    One of the things that I find difficult is centring the target before ADSing, particularly because I don't have great control and dexterity in my thumbs, so I find that I have much more success with dragscoping, which though quite fast and efficient in most situations, isn't as quick as a pop-shot.  I would say I'm average to above-average with pop-shots, as are most of the decent snipers I come across (the ones posting positive scores).  However, every once in a while I'll come across someone who seems to just be able to hit them almost every time and it's a tough proposition to deal with someone with such a high degree of control and accuracy on high sensitivity.  That isn't easy to do with such consistency.


                                                    That being said, when I see 2-3 guys being taken out by a sniper standing in the open I really have to question whether it's a case of the sniper being really good, or the other players just being really bad.  I've never had a situation where I've even had a 2 on 1 with a sniper in the open and he's been able to take both of us out unless one of us has foolishly stood right behind the other.  Even when you see those montage clips where the guy gets 4-5 man feeds, most of them have just been running forward like headless chickens, or looking the other way, Very rarely have I seen the sniper actually under fire.

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                                                        Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                                        There should be more "helpful posts" allowed (I will like this)


                                                        I would have thought the dot could be a distraction, but I can imagine some people being ok with putting in on your target and going for that "po(o)p sho(o)t*"


                                                        *sigh* this answer is more correct than Ramboner's (sorry buddy... I am going to mark this as correct and like your's)


                                                        * see what I did there?

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                                                        Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                                        I've seen these, they really only help full blown retards to be honest.


                                                        All it does is mark the exact center of your crosshairs, but you should know where they ate to begin with. If you've played enough CoD and used snipers enough they really don't do much at all

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                                                          Re: I am curious about some Qscopers, are you doing this?

                                                          Whether there are hacks, aimbots, sticky plasters on the tv it doesn't matter to me.  I am so fed up with quickscopers on small maps like Dome that everytime I get killed by one I simply backout, regardless of how good or bad I, or the team, may be doing at the time.  Part of me has  a little sympathy for the sniper, there are limited map opportunities in MW3 to snipe properly, but people who have no interest in sniping properly are the ones who bug me.  It has got to the point where I just dont want to be involved in their little games. 


                                                          I have my fingers crossed that Treyarch will come up with a solution to all this, such as sniper free lobbies, but I'm not holding my breath.  This issue and lag are two reasons I wont be buying BO2 until I know for sure what the game is like.  If I had known MW3 would have as many quickscopers as there are I would never have bought it, but it's too late now.

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