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    Terminal proving why bringing back old maps is NOT a good idea.

         Before I begin, spare your hate... I am just expressing my opinion based on the observations I have made. If you have something constructive, I'd love to hear it.


         I'll start by saying that I have always been against bringing back old maps. I have been an avid fan and player of the CoD series from CoD 1 and 2, even though I got a later start Online in W@W after going through a few years with no Online access. I did go back and play COD4, and have since played for countless days on each title. There were things I loved and hated about each, I won't go into specifics here as its not the point of my post. I bought every DLC and have played just about every MP map released for the CoD series, if not all of them. There have been maps I enjoyed playing, and other maps that I would be quick to vote down in a lobby.


         My reasons for being against bringing back old maps are simple. First off, we've played all of those maps hundreds if not thousands of times. As much as I like the CoD games, part of the reason I look forward to a new title each Fall is to get new maps, new guns, new mechanics, new experiences. I don't want to go backward, I want something new and innovative. My second reason is that bringing back old maps brings back people's old habits. They play the exact same way they did in the original title. Go back to the same exact spots. Know from the start where the spawns and objectives will be. It makes for bad matches and bad gameplay. My last reason is this. The old maps were designed for the game they were made for. Terminal was designed for MW2 perks, weapons, and killstreaks, not with MW3 in mind. It was designed for the non stop tubing action in MW2, not with Trophy systems in mind.  Old maps never play as well in a new setting, and while they can be fun to play depending on the lobby you are in, it would be more fun playing on a new map we've never seen before and learning its nuances with everyone else.


         A match I was in tonight perfectly illustrated my point. Joined a team full of randoms in HC TDM as my party hadn't gotten on yet, and we spawned at the bottom in the lower level of the terminal. The next ten minutes were sheer frustration for us, as  the other team sat in the security area for the entire game. Anyone sticking their head around a corner or near a door was sniped or tubed instantly. Granted, some of my teammates were foolishly pushing ahead and getting repeatedly killed, but even someone more cautious as I was would get killed if I made any attempt at advancement. While I was able to push ahead on the far left flank, there are just too many points where players can just remain static all game. We tried tubes, nades, and rockets, but they used Trophy systems. To their credit, it was a good team effort in holding us off the entire match, but the map allowed them to do so quite easily. While people complain about MW3 maps, one advantage they have over MW2 maps is they offer multiple routes on a majority of the maps. There are few maps where a team can sit on one side with impunity without the other team being able to find a route to break up the camping. MW2 maps were largely death traps where a team or player could pretty much sit in one spot the entire game without being taken out. The map just doesn't fit with the different game mechanics, and the only thing that keeps it moderately playable is that MW3 isn't a far cry from what MW2 was. I've had some fun, exciting matches, but the majority have been camping snoozefests, or tubing silliness, and the frequency its been showing up in lobbies has me quite tired of playing it already.


         I can understand peoples' sentimental feelings for old maps, but my answer to that is always go back and play those maps in the game they were designed for. As for the Devs, if you are going to bring back an old map, update it for the changing gamers and the new game. Treyarch, for example, doesn't bring back old maps. They heard a call for Cliffside, and instead of giving us a retread of that Map re-designed it into Hazard. For the release of the new title, they are bringing back Nuketown, but re-imagining it. (Obviously can't speak on the merits or faults as we know nothing about it other than that its not going to be the same exact map). They could have released Terminal with some changes to the basic layout. They could have changed the spawns. They could have moved the objectives. But no, its the same exact thing. And, in my opinion, that just doesn't cut it.

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