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    L86 users, what are your setups?

      Which proficencies, attachments and perks do you use?


      This is my main class I use when I'm using the L86:


      Proficiency - Speed

      Attachment - Grip

      Lethal: Claymore

      Tactical: Trophy System

      Perks - Extreme Conditioning Pro, Quickdraw Pro, SitRep Pro

      Strike package - Specialist: Sleight of Hand Pro, Scavenger Pro, Blind Eye Pro


      Do I waste Extreme Conditioning Pro by having the Speed proficiency?  Thinking of using Kick proficiency (thought that would be pointless with the Grip attachment but apparently not) and Sleight of Hand Pro, and perhaps Stalker Pro instead of SitRep Pro.  What do you guys use?

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          Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

          If you have Grip, adding Kick doesn't really do anything. You can test this in a private match; the bullet spread is the same.


          I use Grip and Silencer, or Thermal and Silencer. The Thermal basically reduces recoil to zero when using it.

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            Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

            That is a horrible setup.


            LMGs aren't exactly meant for "run n gun" playstyles.


            LMGs are more support than anything. My setup for all my LMGs is the following


            L86 w/Silenced & Grip



            Portable Radar

            Blind Eye Pro

            Assassin Pro

            Marksman Pro


            Care Package, Pradator and Cobra


            This setup will piss people off simply because it's support/anti air and efficient.


            Btw, Grip + Kick is useless. The addition of kick does nothing to LMGs equiped with grips.


            All LMGs are three bullet kills at any range with or without a silencer. (with the exception of the M60 which is a two bullet kill at close range) Silencer + Grip only makes sense, you don't lose power and you stay off the radar.

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                Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                Hmm I have done well with my current setup but I'll look into yours.  I'm only after levelling up sniper rifles so this would be something extra to keep me happy.  Didn't think about using Marksman Pro though as I've only used it for the MSR, except when I was unlocking the Pro version I used the Type 95 and MK14 with Breath proficiency.  I'm not a total fan of care packages due to players using stealthy perks and/or silencer attempting to hijack my crate.  If I do have it I'll use SitRep Pro in tier 3 just as a precaution.  Always nice to see them rushing out in the open after seeing an opportunity to hijack only for me to shoot them.


                I found the MK46 handy for running and gunning more in maps like Carbon and Bootleg but I stopped using that in my classes though I'll pick it up if I run short of ammo.  I could never run and gun with the PKP Pecheneg as I picked that up from the floor during the first week the game was released and I quickly put it back down.  I didn't know it was an LMG at the time since I didn't stop to think - too close to the corridor (Lockdown).

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                Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                My favourite LMG class:


                LMG (attachments depend on gun)

                Launcher (usually Javelin or XM25)


                Blind Eye Pro

                Hardline Pro

                Stalker Pro


                Portable Radar


                Usually Assault, Pred, Reaper, AC-130 if I'm ambitious or something like UAV, sentry, Chopper.


                Using speed+grip is a good choice on most LMG's. Attachments with Suppressor+Grip is also a pretty good combo. Some people prefer optics on things like the M60 but the LSW has pretty clear sights and there are much better attachments.

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                  Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                  yeah id suggest to sit back with the lmg, its not a  run and gun kinda gun..


                  id say go with  silencer/grip

                  or silencer and thermal


                  and run


                  blindeye pro

                  assassin pro

                  stalker pro


                  assault streaks

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                    Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                    blind eye pro is a must with lmgs imo you can make mince meat of air support helping the team out .

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                        Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                        Yeah, I don't get the whole run and gun LMG thing.  I always use mine as anti-air.


                        L86 with grip and red dot or grip and extended mags



                        Blind Eye Pro

                        Assassin Pro

                        Stalker Pro


                        Seriously, the best use for an LMG is anti-air.  All it takes is one LMG user per team, and the other team simply isn't going to get anything out of air support.

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                          Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                          I like not using Blind Eye Pro because I have a Trophy System so when I'm near other people and an enemy Predator Missile is called in, I place it down and often I destroy them saving other team mates instead, sicne they won't usually get me if I were running Blind Eye Pro.  I do have Blind Eye Pro in my M60E4 class though.  I called that in recently when an enemy Osprey Gunner came along but I got lucky with the spawn and took it down with one Stinger rocket.  I don't think it even dropped a single crate award either.


                          There was a thread where someone said they used Grip and Kick but it appeared to have got deleted so I couldn't ask the person if it really benefited them as I never took note of their username.


                          I'm just wondering how good the thermal scope is too, as I've used an assault rifle with one on as a pickup, and I didn't get along with it.  May be it takes a little while getting used to I guess.


                          I'm seeing if I can quickly get gold camo on my L86 and someone who was on my friends' list wondered why I hadn't killed enough people (though I never died when he asked).  It's knackering playing games on end and sprinting as much as possible with an LMG, though I expect it to be.  I swear I'm obliged to pelt round the maps like Sonic The Hedgehog and try and kill everyone as fast as possible because twice I've been blocked in by "rushers" (one temporarily, one was permanent but I quit since I couldn't tell enemies to come and find us and I was the highest scorer on my side) while I appeared stationary.  I do that when deciding to take different routes looking at the mini-map and/or back button to see where all the action is.

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                          Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                          Since LMGs with Blind Eye can destroy aerial kill streaks faster than switching to a launcher and locking on, instead of using a launcher as a secondary, I suggest using a machine pistol so you have a backup weapon if you get caught reloading (since LMGs have long reload times and running Blind Eye means you don't have SoH outside of Specialist).


                          I'm not saying LMG + Launcher + Blind Eye is a bad idea. It's not. But if you run that combo, try using your LMG to take out air support instead, and if you like it, then consider using a machine pistol as a secondary. Especially the MP9 or Scorpion since they give you a longer sprint duration which can help an LMG user get around a little faster.

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                            Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                            If you don't use a silencer on an LMG then you're missing out on it's party piece.


                            For me the set ups I use are the same for all the LMG's


                            Prof: Kick

                            Attachment: Silencer (using Attchments, grip and silencer is pretty much the same thing so swap them for good EXP)

                            Perk 1: Blind Eye

                            Perk 2: either Assassin or Hardline, Quick Draw can be useful though.

                            Perk 3: Stalker (Outstanding perk for LMG's)


                            Portable radar can be fun to use at times but I generally go with C4 and stun grenades on every class.


                            You can rush with the LMG's but you'll almost always be at a weapon disadvantage, I prefer to stand back a bit and work out where the enemy is going, then try to cut them off or intercept them, hopefully from nice cover.

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                                Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                                Im not a 100% LMG guy, but I love having a class for it for certain games, especially fun is to destroy QS'ers!! They usually rage quit when being out-played by a gun they have no idea on how to use themselves. LMGs seems like the most un-used gun class.


                                I also like the L86 with silencer and kick. And LMG's benefit a lot from lying down to pick people off, the recoil is minimal.


                                Perk 1 I usually run Blind Eye pro as well, so as I miss out of sleight of hand I run the MP9 with holographic sights as backup gun to counter slow reload, i think its the best machine pistol (at least for my play style).


                                Perk 2 is usually Quickdraw Pro, for the fast recovery time of equipment since I very often use the throphy system on objective based games. Being in the drop zone or defending a flag, partly in cover while mowing down people with LMG is rather fun.


                                Perk 3 I think should be Marksman (for stationary use) or Stalker Pro, even tough I try to more stationary with LMG its nice to have the fast strafing. (I usually run SMG or Shotgun class I'm used to run a lot, but slowing down on the LMG usually pays off, hence the choice of Marksman or Stalker). My other classes usually have steady aim pro, mostly for increased weapon readiness after sprint, but here I try not to use it, just to force myself to slow down.


                                I think several of you guys think the same, i.e slow down a bit with LMG's and use the perks that support a slower playstyle. I often dont play the L86 to maximum weapon ranks, but if I get "Speed" I usually dont choose it for the same reasons as above, I will then by no doubt play a more run'n'gun playstyle, and there are better weapons for that.

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                                Re: L86 users, what are your setups?

                                I like using LMGs with Kick and silencers for reasons stated above.


                                I would  never use marathon with a LMG since they take so long to bring up.  You really need to take it slow and not sprint hardly at all.


                                Perks I found as best with LMG is Blind Eye (since you are slow) Quickdraw, and Sit Rep/Steady Aim.


                                If you have quickdraw pro and do not want to use Blind Eye, try equipping trophy system so you can stop the inevitable predator/reaper missiles.  Also helpful when capping objectives.


                                As secondary, run stingers.


                                Lethal grenade I use C4 or semtex and not a claymore, esp if you have quickdraw.


                                Just take it slow, and when they have a UAV up, be ready for people to walk across your sights and blow them away.

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