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    Panic Knifing is Real !!!! I admit to having proof and no coordination !

      First let me say thanks to TrialStarDragon for posting in that Shotgun V2 Topic. I learned a LOT about timing the shotgun to get a better kill in ONE shot in most of the game. Before reading that I avoided all shotguns.


      Those that know my Gamertag "T" will be able to look in my share slot number 16 and see some pretty decent gameplay as well as a pretty accurate description of TrialStarDragons "distance scenario"


      At the very end you will see me throw a flash grenade that kills the guy I just put in second chance (whatever) and then ....


      I shoot another guy but hit the post

      He shoots me once

      Then I stab him.


      The panic part happened because my right hand pulled the trigger at the same time as I hit down on the right control stick.


      So we MIGHT want to re-figure how many times that panic knifing does happen


      BTW . The fact that I never knew how to use a shotgun in the game until reading his posts should also prove that he and I are NOT the same person

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          Re: Panic Knifing is Real !!!! I admit to having proof and no coordination !

          I don't see how reading one persons post on a forum factors in how you can now suddenly use a shotgun, I don't get that part.


          Anyhow... Woosh.

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            Re: Panic Knifing is Real !!!! I admit to having proof and no coordination !

            Duh! Of course it happens. Especially if your controller is coverd in jelly.

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              Re: Panic Knifing is Real !!!! I admit to having proof and no coordination !

              I switched to tactical, and I don't think I've gotten a panic knife since. Lots of cool drop shots, but my knifing has gone downhill, not that it was ever a strength of mine. Been playing Combat Training in Black Ops to practice hitting that B button, but its tough when someone is in your face to get to it quick enough.

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                Re: Panic Knifing is Real !!!! I admit to having proof and no coordination !

                panic knifing? you got caught up and pressed the wrong button and got lucky. that would be considered a panic knife i guess, but people call just about every knife a panic knife. i love the knife, good option when you know you wont have time to shoot someone, excellent option catching people going through doorways and around corners. alot of people that complain have there layout as tactical so they can drop shot easier, if you choose to give up the knife for laying on your stomach that would be on you. i cant count the times a knife saved my life probably just as many times as i made the wrong decision to try and knife and fail miserably and get owned.

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                  Re: Panic Knifing is Real !!!! I admit to having proof and no coordination !

                  Every gun in the game has this sweetspot where it does better than at any other range when used. Once you find it for each weapon and then keep your engagments in that range as often as is controllable to do so it is easier to get kills with any weapon even the so called weak or UP weapons in any class.


                  For each person that sweetspot will be a little different, maybe a little closer maybe a littler further out depending upon their accuracy and reflexes.


                  The problem for some is the sweetspot for some is not what it was in past games so they feel the gun is broken or does not work as it should. When really it is just them not wanting to relearn using the weapon again. They instead assume and expect it to be the same every game when really it should not be exactly the same each time.


                  There is meant to be a bit of randomness and chaos within how the weapons work they are not meant to act exactly the same every time used under every situation against every person, that is not how battle really works.


                  You can not calculate out the perfect game play for every lobby or game mode for every match, nor should you be able to, it is about being able to adapt and change as the map and situation warrants it. Yet it feels as many that play this game do not understand that or want that in the game. they want 100% predictable gun play or static gun performance were it does the same every shot and that is just boring and not even worth playing at that point.


                  Part of the fun of the game is the random chance that you may not get the kill, that you may fail and die. if you were assured that your weapon would kill flawlessly at that range every time no matter what any other variables would be present it would be pointless to play the game anymore.

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