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      no this is not a troll thread. Let me start out by saying i am a regular Infection player. Whenever i am playing solo or dont want to join a party this is my game mode. I have a good 2500-3000 infection games played to date as well. So i understand and accept getting killed with a throwing knife. There are plenty of lucky shots, WTF moments and general that cant happen! all the time. I am also one of the last people in here to say take out the TK. I like having it in the game and makes it more interesting.


      So here is my issue and it has only started to come up this past week...BTW i have over 100 games of infection this week alone. The TK is not missing its target at all. There have been cases where i know i was not in the crosshairs of the knife and well off to the side of the other players screen. I have watched game ending kill cams this week where the throwing knife has either bent or magically corrected itself to get on target. I have watched over a dozen games in theater and have seen how it was not even possible for the player to hit me, but yet it has.


      I  did not come here to whine like a schoolkid beacuse i got TK'd in more than half my games this week. Some were deserved but many were not. I know of no hacks in this game, but have heard of aimbot hacks. I know they did exsist in MW2 and previous titles. but the questions are this: Are there aimbot hacks going around in MW3? and if so is it possible to have that same aimbot work for throwing knives.


      I can chalk it up to a really bad luck week in infection. Just being bad at the game with dumb luck or am i oblivious to something going on that shouldnt?