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      Id like to start off by pointing out that there is no general discussion about the game so I posted it here.


      How many of us would like to honestly see a Re-Release with on going support or atleast a sequel? to be honest 90% of the true fans which have been veterans since #1 want the ruturn of the World War II era not this 'Modern warfare' 'future'....bullshit.


      Go back to what your fans truely want to see but go bigger, better and become more involved with the true audience of the series. As a company it's sad to see you create once amazing games and neglect them so much, honestly it shows your true $ide within the gaming idustry and why you continue to create them.


      I continue to play the singple player to this day for it is simply unmatched to any other WWII game, the online proves to be a waste of time due to lack of support, features and overall neglect. 


      I suppose this was just a message to atleast try and reach out towards anyone who also feels the same way, to try and create a push towards creating one of the best in the series; have its amazing spark... beating again.

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          I hear you. 

          Everything changed with mw.  WaW was the last great Cod.  I was hoping for a sequal.  But we got black ops which I did really enjoy and still play.  The MW's are just horrible.


          There were so many really cool things with this game.  I loved hunting the death cards.  And the zombies have not been matched.  The originals were the best.


          Well I am glad to see that I am not the only guy that plays the single player missions over and over or atleast every once in a while.  They really are the best.

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