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    The sad story of a fallen community.




      Isnt it pathetic, that you cant play one match in mw3 without akimbo warriors or haxing nubs?

      And the legit people that do good, are called hackers?

      The hackers took over the game, not a patch can fix this.

      Codeleakers geckocodes and other code forums will just post new codes, i think hate this is the time to really call the game hacked to sh*t.

      If there is a patch in the making, i say that they can better stop it, since it will only stop the hackers for like a week or 2 days.

      The poor balancing of the game only made it easier for people to abuse stuff, so probs to that.


      Now about black ops.


      This game was so much fun, never experienced a hacker since the start of mw3. Now the cool hacker people ( sarcasm ) are there to, and with much people and annoying copy and paste codes.


      In general, both black ops and mw3 are just destroyed, thanks hackers.


      This forum, well this place just became boring, its all the same and there is no news here, so why is this forum here when it doesnt get updated by the wii admin? Thats supposed to still live.


      This is probally the last time that im saying this on this forum, since this will be my last post.

      But thank you for reading, and thank you forummites, i had a good time when it was fun.



      Silenshotnl  aka  [ A i ] SilenT