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    What is causing the new SUPER LAGG?

      This last week or so i have noticed a huge increase in lagg


      before someone says its my connection please STOP

      60Mb BB


      Ping 3ms



      I normally get around 1sec of noticable lagg as Activision favours our poorer members

      with its unbalanced lagg comp that punishes people with decent speeds.

      (i didnt my connection free out of a cereal box like the guys you see getting moabs all the time)


      This last week or so it my lagg has risen to 2-2.5 secs making the game unplayable (again)

      Does anyone know why the lagg has increased lately ??


      Testing black ops 2 perhaps?

      Terminalmap ?



      (Just tested black ops.. connection is still fine)

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          Re: What is causing the new SUPER LAGG?

          Everyone downloaded the last maps 2 months ago. So back then you had less of a chance of getting a good lobby.


          So they hated them and deleted them and joined the regular map crowd.


          Now the got the next set of new maps.


          Basically you are now stuck with the 10 percent to 15 percent of players across the world with the new maps. That lower percentage could be a total killer for you in the UK (?).


          Kind of like the green M&M theory. You are most likely stuck with only green M&Ms.


          You know that the game hasnt changed so its not that.


          Its either the above reason, or something wrong .... ... ......... temporarily. It cant be anything on IWs side if it doesnt affect everyone. Or all it really comes down to is MS doing the matchmaking.


          About three or 4 weeks ago I got a N based router and turned it up to full 300 and the game has been better for me since.



          But if you think its the game then praytell what could it be ?


          No offense of course in this post.

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            Re: What is causing the new SUPER LAGG?

            Wow, 3ms ping? Thats almost perfect, how far away are you testing that? I have no where near that and hardley have super laggy issues.


            I test my nearest point and I'm at 25 ms ping

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              Re: What is causing the new SUPER LAGG?

              I don't understand the lag either man, i just want to say that people with decent connections on this game actually get penalized because it lags you out and gives people with poor connection an advantage over you resulting in you dieing.


              This shouldn't be the case, i mean in black ops the connection most of the time was really good and connection was an issue in that game, if you got host then you would probably do really well but thats not the case in this game.


              I really enjoy playing this game but the connection just makes me want to snap the disc sometimes.

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